Energy and Security – No US Attack on Iran

Dec 10, 2006 · Posted in Emails, Middle East

Jeff Nyquist makes another case for why the US is unlikely to attack Iran as they did Iraq. This follows up his previous article about how the Iraq quagmire and Democratic control of congress makes a US-lead attack on Iran unlikely

Read Energy and Security at Jeff’s site.

The world stage keeps looking more like the scene of Isaiah 17 when Israel must fight off the Arab attack herself using the Samson Option. Still it’s years away thankfully because Iran does not yet have a full arsenal of missiles needed to fulfill Ahmadinejad’s apocalyptic dream.

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2 Responses

  1. rich garofano Says:

    i believe siria has wmd from irag. isreal says many russian convoys left bagdad for seria mos before this last war started. the blast that killed dozans of serian engeneers was a missle loaded with sarin gas. isreals samson option will reduce damascus to a heap resulting in russia and iran evadeing isreal

  2. Jim J. Says:

    The U.S. will not attack Iran for one simple, common sense reason; we’ll get our keesters kicked if we do. Not by Iran, of course, but by Iran’s friends Russia and China. We are simply not in any position to take those two on right now and everyone, including our own government and military, is painfully aware of that. Israel has this definite edge that we do not – God is on their side – and if they “keep the faith” they might just pull off what we can’t.

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