Iran and Ahmadinejad in Bible Prophecy

Jan 31, 2007 · Posted in Middle East, Prophecy

Check out this new article about the latest End Times Bible prophecy discoveries showing that Ahmadinejad and Iran will fail against Israel in the next prophecy to be fulfilled.

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2 Responses

  1. Jeffrey A. Manty Says:

    I encourage you to check out my web-site and book if you want to learn how Allah the god of Islam, is one and the same as the coming beast of the book of Daniel, and Revelations. My book Prophecy Code – A New Revelation for the Last Days, names not only the beast, but it also delivers the names of the 10 countries for which he’ll rule, including the year he signs a peace pact with Israel. I do this via the Hebrew language, biblical numeric, and the prophecy of the Seventy ‘sevens’ from the book of Daniel.

  2. John Says:

    Ok it is a lie that ahmedinejad said we want to wipe israel and america off the map. That was incorrectly translated by al-jazeera actually-what he said was the zionist regime must be removed from the face of the earth. People that are educated, and even muslims know not all jews are zionists-zionism is a secular movement funded by the rothschilds and rockefellers-the global elite powerplayers. The jews are not the chosen ones, and are ashkenazi’s-descedants from eastern europe and the khazar empire. Jews lost all their genealogical records in 70AD when the second temple was destroyed according to the bible. Israel is a genocidal state, an apartheid state, and jews run most of the worlds media. Do your own research-the jews are not gods people CHRISTIANS are, and christian zionism is disgusting.

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