5 Prophecy Mistakes To Avoid

5 Prophecy Approaches to Avoid Even When Prophecy Is Too Hard In response to many questions over the years I decided to write an article rounding up the top futile approaches to knowing the future which have sucked us all in. For example many resort to Bible codes, Christian “words” (of knowledge), self-proclaimed “prophets”, (Youtube) … Read more

Netanyahu Address of Congress – End Time Sign?

The “blood moons” hype lives on, and, of course, metamorphoses as it goes…bringing Prime Minister Netanyahu now into the story. I would not be paying any attention to it except, invented prophecy theories like this worry people. As such and as always, several have asked me about a WND article quoting the “blood moon man” … Read more

Efrain Rodriguez – Asteroid Prophecy 2014?

You are probably arriving here because you heard of Efrain Rodriguez’s prophecy of an asteroid striking Puerto Rico and causing a tsunami to strike America by the end of 2014. Is he right that this can happen before the rapture and tribulation and can it happen before 2014 ends? See my review here: http://www.escapeallthesethings.com/efrain-rodriguez-prophecy.htm