Tim Teaching in Jacksonville, FL Oct 5th-12th (Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot)

I am excited to announce that I will be teaching again in the States (I still live in Costa Rica). An elder who has brought several other teachers in to the Jacksonville area saw my first speaking engagement listed at www.TheProphecyConference.com and decided to invite me up for their annual Feast of Tabernacles celebration (see their site www.thevineone.org).

Speaking of St Louis, I had a great time at that conference. The highlight for me was not my talk, but meeting and listening to the other attendees. Those conversations lead to a few new insights as always, which I will be sharing in FL. My presentation was not a highlight because I wished I had more time to cover my book than just the alloted 90 minutes. I ended up cramming too much into it (rookie mistake). Now in Jacksonville I will get my wish to do it over and this time with more time (Sukkot lasts eight days from Oct 5th to Oct 12th and I’m the only brought-in teacher planned).

Thrilling, Practical & Life-Changing Information

Why should you consider coming to this event? Because it has the potential to be change your life. Unlike the merely intellectually stimulating or entertaining talks given at church or even similar conferences, my focus is on practical insights and true wisdom. I will help you master the Bible so you can follow it directly (not men or religion) and help you improve your daily walk with God.

The result for you if you apply this wisdom are direct blessings from God. I say this from personal experience. This wisdom enabled me to find peace, happiness, joy and even retirement from my Bible software programming career at the early age of 40. My goal is to help attendees to have Biblical prosperity in all aspects of their life as well, just as the Bible heroes did.

Of course, at this event you’ll also learn what Bible prophecy (Revelation, Daniel, the Olivet Discourse, etc.) says is coming like few do. God promised this would be possible in the End times (Dan 12:9-10). This information is also very practical because it will give you strong discernment against all the deceptions being spread so readily today.

I can promise all of this because I will be teaching from my first book Know the Future which readers over the past five years have described as eye-opening and life-changing. Not only that, but I also will be digging into my notes from my forthcoming second book on what church should have taught us but didn’t, to be released in 2010. Just like my first book, I am writing the kind of book I wish was available to me when I was a new believer searching for solid answers nobody seemed to have.

Tentative Outline Of Teaching

To get all this done, I am planning to teach for six days of approximately 1 hour teachings, not including Q&A and open discussion after each hour of teaching. As well, my wife Katrina will be there and handling some topics, at least in the Q&A. She has a gift for encouragement with the everyday issues we all face and has used it to help many people over the years going through marriage or personal struggles. As a result she has rare wisdom for helping people get unstuck in their walk with God and their walk with themselves. With her there you are all in for a treat.

Here is the outline of days with topics (unlike the Ten Commandments, this is not written in stone):

  1. Planet X in Bible Prophecy: The Key Breakthrough — Video on Wormwood (The biggest prophecy you never heard) – Prophetic Feasts / Literal Interpretation – 6th seal – 4th Trumpet – 360 day year/30 day month return
  2. The Revelation Roadmap: The Complete Timeline of Bible prophecy (Elijah, Middle East War, Wormwood, etc.) Timing: 6000 Years of Men’s Governments Possibilities: 70th Week in Prophecy – Sabbath Year Cycles – Only 13 Years Left?
  3. Mystery of Disunity: Why so many churches and such division? Who are the 144,000 and the Woman Elijah’s Coming
  4. — 6. “What do we do in the meantime?” (The Catrina Story): The Bible Heroes – Why can’t you be like them? Parable of the Sower (Mt 13) and how it applies today. The Laodicean Church Attributes (Rev 3:14-21): Breaking it down Priorities – Making TIME for God – Are We “Seeking First the Kingdom”? (Mt 6:33) / Jesus and the Rich Ruler and the lesson of sacrifice – Riches in Heaven vs. America Dream Habits of Hundredfolders What to expect when you make changes – Dealing with friends/family reaction to your changes

For more details on how to sign up and what the accommodations will be, visit www.thevineone.org.

Not Sure what the Feast of Tabernacles is about? Read my post on understanding what the Feast of Tabernacles is about and why people celebrate.

We hope to see you there!