Pope Francis and One World Religion Fears

Pope’s First Visit to Israel

With Pope Francis’ visit to the Holy Land, conspiracy theory rumors are emerging. The one I keep getting asked about: “Is the Pope ready anytime soon to call for one world religion?” For example:

Mr. Tim, I was wondering what you thought of the Pope visiting Israel. Some people say he’s forming a one world religion, everyone seems to look up at him, and he’s visiting Israel now about a month after the first blood moon. Is this significant? Please help me with this question.

Here’s my reply to these concerns:

Blood Moons?

First, regarding the “four blood moons,” I have to point out once again that they mean absolutely nothing prophetically as I explain in these articles:


“One World Religion?”

That out of the way, people already have their own preferences on what to believe or not believe such as atheism, budhism, hinduism, Islam, etc. We need to understand that nobody is going to accept a one world religion until its forced on them. Even if the most popular religious figure in the world, the pope, advocates for it.

Bible prophecy tells us that a one world religion is coming and what it will be. It will be worship of the Beast or Antichrist as God himself(Rev 13; 2Th 2:4). It also confirms it comes only when he takes over the world and the false prophet does signs convincing the world he is God to be worshiped. He only takes over the world once Wormwood comes and devastates everything.

Therefore, I would not worry about what the Pope does either in Israel or anywhere else today. While he may indeed be the last pope who becomes the False Prophet, he is not that in that role yet. He will not fill that role until the Beast rises to take over the world and makes him his prophet. Until then, his influence, although notable, is highly limited in comparison to what it will be when he convinces the world to worship the Beast through signs and wonders.

Hope that settles everyone’s mind on the Pope and his actions in Israel being a sign of the end. I encourage everyone to review once again the one sign of the end that Jesus gave and wait for only that and don’t fall for any other signs you hear about from sources other than Jesus.
4 Blood Moons of Tribulation 2014-2015? Mark Biltz Theory Debunked

How to Tell When An Event is God Speaking …or Just an Event

Here we are now past the first of the four 2014-2015 blood moon lunar eclipses that John Hagee and Mark Biltz have been promoting so much. Many wonder if “something” happened like was expected. Some blood moon proponents answer that Ukraine’s invasion and the persecution of the Jews there could be what the blood moons were warning about.

Yet doesn’t something always happen somewhere in the world, without any blood moons to accompany them? More specifically, Jesus predicted “wars and rumors of wars” (Mt 24:6) would continue until his coming. The Old Testament prophets predicted antisemitism for Israel after their exile (Dt 28:37; Jr 24:9; 44:8).

Are we really supposed to believe that the wars and antisemitism which happen all the time on their own are related to eclipses in the sky which also happen naturally on their own. Or that Ukraine would not have been invaded had the 2014-15 tetrad not been there to witness it?

When it’s put that way, doesn’t the tetrad theory seem kind of arbitrary and forced?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to tell you God does not use heavenly signs. He has (Star of Bethlehem) and he can again. However, the biblical pattern of how God communicates warnings to the general public shows God consistently using something less technical and esoteric then lights in the sky.

Read on to find out how God has always warned and instructed his people without requiring them to watch the sky or listen to speculation…