Newsletter: Blood Moons of Jesus Return in 2015? Biltz Theory Debunked

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Blood Moons of Jesus Return in 2015? Biltz Theory Debunked.

Recap of First Half of 2008 – Second Half Plans

“Life is what happens while we’re busy making other plans” a wise man said. That would be an accurate description of the first half of this year for me. I had hoped to use my recent retirement from Bible software programming to focus on writing more newsletters, books and even a DVD. But the sneaky suspicion in the back of my head that I’d be doing other things turned out to be more correct.

I have ended up spending a lot more time with my family including my children’s education. I’ve even gone to some school meetings and functions that I never would have had time for before, and found myself enjoying the interactions (OK, full disclosure: one of them was a day at the amusement park.) Probably more than anything, the lack of productivity is from having to learn to adjust to a completely fluid schedule. Previously I had regular work that I fit everything else around. Now I have the family needs and fit in time for writing around that. I have not been striking a true balance as you can tell from the lack of newsletters. I’m realizing this and getting better at it but at the same time have learned a lot from the new experiences. I am also learning how to work smarter in handling my many emails and inquiries and create some set time for writing. We’ll see how it goes. Anyway, I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow in new areas this way.

Next Book Planned – Price: Free!

One exciting development in recent months is my decision to postpone developing a DVD version of my book Know the Future and focus on writing my next book which I plan to put on my website for free. The reason is that I see a chance to fill a great need that nobody else has, a need I have become more acutely aware of from observing the reaction of those who read my book groundbreaking prophecy book Know the Future.

In the process of showing people finally how to understand prophecy literally, it’s necessary in my book to set straight any non-prophecy subjects that they depend on. For example, the 5th seal martyrs resting under the altar cannot be understood until we learn what exactly happens to our spirits when we die according to the Bible. This of course creates a domino effect with other doctrines not addressed in my book that Christians are mistaught. Readers are prompted at last to properly question what they were taught at church and to check everything against the Bible like a good Berean (Act 17:11). Also they are so excited about finally understanding Bible prophecy, that they are inspired to get started reading the entire Bible for themselves (which sadly only a minority of Christians ever do, leaving them ill-equipped to question what they are taught). This too naturally brings all kinds of questions up and I get to see them in my email inbox or on the reader’s private forums.

What I want to do is gather and review these questions and organize the key areas of Bible topics into a new book. My goal is to write the book that I wish I could have read when I decided to join a church believing it would please God and teach me the Bible. Having that book would have saved me a decade of church attendance and thousands of dollars of “tithes” only to find out in the end that churches mainly indoctrinate you in religious traditions with a little Bible basis mixed in (and have no authority to receive tithes). (I know that’s a provocative statement for those still attending church who have not figured this out yet, but I have a feeling that if you reflect on it, you will notice that for years you’ve been noticing disturbing problems with church or discrepancies between what they teach and what you read in the Bible. Most simply put these problems out of their minds because they have no answer for them nor see any alternative to church. Others leave for home church as this book details.)

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great experience at my church and still believe church has its place. But if your goal is to learn fully what God really wants of his servants and how to fulfill that, take it from me, there’s no substitute for reading the Bible directly yourself and learning to think critically on what you read. Since that’s such a difficult and intimidating endeavor (which is why most of us look to a paid professional pastor to figure it out for us), it would be invaluable to have a comprehensive book written by a someone who has already gone through church and years of Bible truth seeking. If that person is also able to tell it like it is because he has no denomination or church board to worry about firing him, then you could literally save decades of dead ends.

Yes, this is a big goal and it’s going to take me many months, but it excites me to think of helping the millions of Bible truth seekers still in churches only because they have not figured out yet that it’s not going to teach them what they expect. Since having an explosive book like this available for free is the best way for it to spread virally, my plan is to put it in its entirety on my site (plus make softcover editions people always request available for a low price). The extra traffic and new readership it brings should improve sales of my current book enough to cover my time investment so I can justify giving it away. If you have any comments or suggestions on this project or ideas for future newsletters, just reply to this email and send them my way.

Warning Family About America’s Fate

Jacqueline wrote in reference to my articles about America is Babylon where we learn America is predicted to be burned with fire, from which God’s people will be told to flee:

How can I tell my family and friends without them laughing at me that America is a sinful city? please help.

First, the command from heaven to God’s people to flee America in Revelation 18 and Jeremiah 51 is missing a timing element. No doubt a prophet must come to fill us in on when the optimal time “before she is judged” has come, as this command is incomplete and therefore not yet applicable.

Second, it is not your job to warn others about the prophecy or you would be equipped to prove it to them through signs as all of God’s (true, Hebraic) prophets have. It is a matter of faith that the Bible is true and that the identity of Mystery Babylon is the United States of America. You cannot prove this to others and it would be a waste of time to try to, especially if they are not asking you out a sincere desire to know.

What to do then? The Bible tells us to focus on purifying ourselves and then when others see our good works they will praise God (Mt 5:16) and perhaps ask us about the hope that lies within us (1Pe 3:15). Then we can tell them only what they asked for rather than use it as an excuse to try to convert them. This focus on getting our sinful selfish nature cleaned up is our real Great Commission, rather than going around talking about our beliefs with everyone who will listen. Notice the confirmation of this here in the prophecy of the Apostles until now, the end:

Daniel 11:35 (ESV) and some of the wise shall stumble, so that they may be refined, purified, and made white, until the time of the end, for it still awaits the appointed time.

To purify yourself study the entire Bible and find out what the righteous people praised therein did and copy it. Do not follow religious traditions in place of hearing and doing the word of God directly, just as people like Abraham, David and Jesus did.

For more information on this see my 2nd book on the 144000 and the Mystery Of Disunity

Mystery Babylon: City or Country Like America?

Marc wrote:

I have to say, your analysis of mystery babylon seems to be most acurate. I have to question, however, whether it will be the entire U.S. If you’ll note, it says “city”. Obviously, in my opinion, the beast is the U.N., which was basically started by the U.S, as well N.A.T.O. Isnt it amazing how clear GOD makes it? “feet of a bear” we all know who that is, leapord, which I believe to be Germany, the lion, I assume to be England, and how could China not play a role in it? They have the largest head count of millitary personnel in history. I thank you for what may be the answers to my question, as to where I should go, and take my prescious family with me, perhaps it is Israel, as you say. One question, if I may. I will certainly take your advice and read the book you mentioned, by Rick Coombes.

Once you read Rick’s book you’ll understand why all of America, not just Babylon, New York fits the entire prophecy found in Jeremiah 50-51 which speaks of a “land of Babylon” as well as the “city” falling. Here are some excerpts on this topic:

From page 14 of Volume 2

The final end-time Mystery Babylon is described in Jer. 50:12 as being THE LAST OF THE NATIONS. Revelation 17 & 18 tells us further that she is a Super-City/State/Nation or i.e. the Last of the Super-Powers, or the Last of the Super Nations of History. The usage of the word “city” is used to describe a nation not just a city only. Those who hold to the Rome concept would have to agree with this because. Rome had little power but for the other cities and nations in Italy…for which Rome was simply the Capital city. This verse clearly tells us that it is not the UN or N.W.O. or any other organization. It is a city/state/nation or what we today call a nation. At times the focus is on the chief city while at other times the focus is on the nation as a whole.

Page 15

The final end-time Mystery Babylon is: A LAND OF AGRICULTURE
Jeremiah 50:16… speaks of it having its planters (“sowers”) and harvesters of the crops. This again refers to a nation …and there is no organization to match this character trait.

Page 47

Jeremiah tells us in chapter 50: 32b… (Quoting the Lord’s own words)…”I will kindle a fire in his CITIES and it shall devour all round about him.”

Jeremiah tells us in chapter 51:43 of the description of Babylon after the judgment… “Her CITIES are a desolation, a dry land, and a wilderness, a land where no man dwelleth…”

There is much more. If anyone wants to understand the secret identity of Mystery Babylon (which is why its called “mystery“) they will not be disappointed by Ricks two volumes of research on Mystery Babylon.

Mystery Babylon is Dual: The Beast’s Kingdom and America

Richard Spendiff wrote:

The main point I was making is that logically the beast cannot be mystery Babylon because then she would burn herself. Now, to be fair, if you make such whopping mistakes as this no one is going to take you seriously.


Two Mystery Babylons

I guess you overlooked that there must be two mystery babylons that fall as Revelation 18 says “babylon has fallen, FALLEN” (and God does not stutter but instead most prophecies are dual). Jeremiah 50-51 calls the first one to be destroyed “daughter babylon” and the “mother babylon” will remain afterwards and be “sore confounded” at seeing this happen to her daughter. America came out of Britain which Daniel 7’s eagle’s wings coming out of the lion also represents respectively. The plucking of wings is the destruction of daughter babylon America who rides the greater beast (holds it back from rising which America as policeman of the world has done for two world wars now, but will fail at World War III). The Lion in Daniel 7 then rises up, as Britain will also head up the NWO Beast government (which is where Prince Charles the leading Antichrist candidate of course is heir to the throne).

This explains why the Beast ruling the entire world is destroyed at Jesus coming in Revelation 19 but many other prophecies also say that Babylon falls at Jesus coming, or the Day of the Lord (Isaiah 13), and yet Babylon is also said to fall before the Mark of the global Beast is rolled out as Revelation 14 plainly says in the three angels messages. This first Babylon is America defeated by Russia and her allies, the second is the NWO under England, the lion, defeated by the glorified Messiah.

Don’t feel bad at making this mistake, I don’t take you any less seriously because this is easy to miss given the dual prophecy element. But I will confess that your put down of my position as a “whopping mistake” when we’re discussing a subject where there is little agreement does make you sound out of touch, and harder for me to take seriously. I see the same tone here as well, is this Richard Spendiff by any chance you?

America Falls Before or After Wormwood?

Lou asked

Does the turmoil and destruction caused by a planet x [wormwood] come before or after the ‘demise’ of America (babylon) thru war? It would appear that the destruction of 1/3 of the world by this planet would utterly disable most of the wolds technologies (fuel, food, and electrical energy production/distribution, etc) .. making it nearly impossible for nations to wage war against one another. Not to mention that much of the worlds harbors and ships would lay in destruction also.

We can know for sure from Revelation 14’s three angel’s messages that the fall of America the Babylon occurs right before the rise of the Beast at the 5th trumpet that places the mark on everyone. This is because the 2nd angel message announcing the fall of Babylon comes before the 3rd angel message warning not to take the mark (which is introduced at the start of the Great Tribulation).

Further, America’s fall must be after the 4th trumpet which is the final effect of Planet X/Wormwood because the first angel’s message warning people to repent happens right before Planet X/Wormwood passes at the 6th seal. Because Planet X happens so fast in the 6th seal through 4th trumpet, it’s doubtful that an enemy attack would happen before the 4th trumpet hits. So I place the fall of America between the 4th trumpet and 5th trumpet for this reason. It makes a lot of sense as you say with infrastructure out that America’s military relies on more than any other country for its advantage that this would be when Russia and her communist allies would strike.

If you doubt any nation will have the ability to wage war after Wormwood, then just note that the 6th trumpet speaks of a war between the Beast (essentially the revived Roman Empire with England/the lion at the helm – Dan 7:4 ) and enemies from the north and east (Dan 11:44 – China and Russia) will start a war with him. Also there is the final war of Armageddon after this making a total of at least three clear wars prophesied after Planet X. (A fourth would be the pretrib, pre-wormwood Arab-Israel war coming first).