Psalm 83: When?

Richard Spendiff wrote:

The ten nations of Psalm 83 are the ten kings that have not yet received power but shall reign one hour with the beast. They are the ten toes of the statue of Daniel chapter 2.

It’s great that you notice Psalm 83 is an unfulfilled prophecy. Few people have. I was lucky that I had a very wise pastor who pointed it out to me in my early 20s as a prophecy that seems to fit the 10 nations of the Beast’s kingdom.

I went for a while still believing this was the case until I began to study prophecy on my own daily with a foundation in the Torah. Then I noticed something: Psalm 83 does not fit Armageddon when the Beast and his army of all nations assembles to fight the returning Jesus at Jerusalem. Psalm 83 shows Israel repelling its enemies whereas Zechariah 14 = Revelation 19 shows the Beast armies (including “even Judah”) overcoming Jerusalem and putting half there into exile (apparently the Jewish half).

Psalm 83 is Pretrib, not Post-trib

Instead Psalm 83 fits a pretrib event when the sons of Ishmael and other surrounding nations one last time try to wipe Israel off the map, also described in Zechariah 12, Isaiah 17, 29, et. al. They will fail, but not without bringing a needed sea-change in Israel which I believe will herald in Elijah the Prophet of Malachi 4 who will gather God’s servants to safety before the 6th seal.

This Middle East war seems to be brewing now with Iran’s nuclear aspirations and is the next major prophecy expected in my timeline, especially now that Gaza has been given back to enemies so it can be judged with Damascus as Amos 1 = Isaiah 17 portrays