06-06-06, June 6th, 2006 = 666

Tammy, a reader of my book Planet X in Bible Prophecy, asked:


I am a Elem school teacher in OK. I teach 6th grade Science. I had a student ask me today what I thought was going to happen on this date 06-06-06? He asked me if it was the devils #, I said “Yes”. I told him I couldn’t answer his question, but I knew who we could ask. We are asking you. Do you have any info about the coming storm around this date?

First, 666 is actually not the devil’s number, but the number of the Beast of Revelation 13 who receives his power, throne and authority from Satan (Rev 13:2). This Satanic help enables him to rule the coming one world government / NWO for 3½ years / 42 months / 1260 days. But more specifically, it says that 666 is only associated with the this man once you calculate it from his name.

Count the Number of the Beast?

For Western Gentile English speakers, this is a foreign concept. However, to the Hebrew John who wrote the Book of Revelation, this instruction would have been readily understandable. Not having Roman numerals for numbers, Ancient Hebrew has a different value assigned to each letter for representing numbers. Thus, by adding up the individual letter values of any Hebrew word, you could “count its number” or find its numeric representation. See here for details: Antichrist Identified

So, since this is explicitly given as the number of the name of a man, not the number of a date on any calendar, we should not be afraid of the date 06-06-06 or otherwise watch and expect anything on it except maybe extra Halloween Eve-type mischief from people trying to fulfill a misapplied prophecy. In all probability that day will come and go without event. If you haven’t noticed, it always seems that the unpublicized dates are the days that big things happen on (like 9-11, for example), whereas every time someone puts a specific date to watch and it spreads across the Internet so everyone is watching it, nothing happens. In fact, it seems to almost guarantee nothing will happen on that day if everyone is watching it, like a kettle on the stove =).

The True Biblical Prophetic Watch Day Is…

In conclusion, we should not pay attention to 666 appearing in any context other than the result of the calculation of some prince’s name (Dan 9:26). Moreover, that person had better also already literally fit the other face value criteria given in Revelation 13 to identify the Antichrist since focusing on 666 and ignoring the rest of the prophecy of the Beast is sure to lead you to misapply the prophecy as well.

06-06-06 is a counterfeit of the true prophetic day we should be watching. There are seven prophetic feast days given in Leviticus 23. Jesus fulfilled two completely of them in his ministry and through a partial fulfillment showed us how the next one would be fulfilled. In 2006, this day occurred only 2 days before 06-06-06, on 06-04-06. It was the Day of Pentecost. Click here to find out what disaster is predicted to happen on a soon future Feast of Pentecost

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  1. Wow good article, i always thought for some reason 666 was the number of the devil… grrr i need to pay more attention to this stuff, your right the bible only says its the number of a mans name calcutated to help us identify the Anti-Christ.

  2. hi, since reading your articles not only have i understood the bible better but i see all the prophecys in a different light. at least i’m able to understand them as god meant them not just mans interpretation. thank you so much for this help at a time in my life when i really need to be ready. bless you. susan

  3. Thank you for saying so, Susan. Sounds like my site is fulfilling its purpose, to help people like yourself have better understand and discernment of this advanced subject. I remember all too well what it was like to feel confused by Bible prophecy and to be unsure of who had the right interpretation.

  4. I’ve heard a lot of versions about the Antichrist and they all seem possible if you accept nothing but the authors facts and reasoning. I admit I don’t have it all figured out. I keep an open mind. I don’t want to be a false prophet. Lately I’ve run into the Historicist view of 666 and the Antichrist. It blew my mind! I’m not saying they are right but I believe any sincere seeker of knowledge about 666 and the Antichrist should take the Historicist view into consideration and weigh it against what others say. However, I’m not sure about what they are saying about the 10 toes of the statue in Daniel 2:31-45 in our times. Some say it is future and other say it has been fulfilled. 666 is a prophecy you want to be careful with. You don’t want to be take by the spirit of false prophecy and become joined in judgement with them. The Apostles and early church fathers seem to be pointing at an agency that already existed in their time. Historicist make a very good argument for starting there and expanding into the future.

    God bless you in your search for truth,

    This is the Historicist website:


  5. I would like to know your reference to anyone relating to the beast as anything but an organization or institution that is Roman in nature. The interpreters I’ve read have always made the beast the Roman empire as is consistent with the Bible in Daniel. It’s the same beast in Revelation. As we know, there are many offices in a large empire. The Roman empire was taken over by the Roman church according to history. Interpreters say that even today the Roman Catholic Church is organized like the Roman empire. Some believe the Roman empire is still alive in the Roman Catholic Church. Thus, the beast is alive.

    I don’t think the Historicist is say every prophecy about revelation and the whole Bible is fulfilled. I was focused on 666. I would like to see your references on some of the things you say the support. All Historicist don’t say the same about every issue and neither does every futurist as yourself. Being a Historicist doesn’t restrict one from considering there are prophecies yet to be fulfilled. The main body of Historicist as I see, are saying a good part of Revelation concerning the Antichrist fulfilled in history. By their description of the Beast, the Beast yet lives and may be until the Ten Toes destroy it. Sone see the European Union as a fulfillment of the Ten Toes. Some Historicist say it has come and gone. We shall see as it plays out.

    To believe the Papacy is the Antichrist would not conflict with it being, also, the False Prophet. The False Prophet is better seen as a collective of Popes. He is considered to be both in place of Christ and a prophet of lies by interpreters. That would make him the leader of the Beast. This Roman Catholic Church Beast is considered by interpreters to be Mystery Babylon. They believe it is the Roman Empire cloaked as the Roman Catholic Church(http://www.historicist.com/articles3/papalsignature.htm). Therefore, they could not be saying all is fulfilled. I have seen one speculate that the Mark of the beast is fulfilled in a limited world view as in the Roman World or everything under the control of the Roman Empire headed by the Roman Catholic Church. I’m having trouble reconciling that. I’m not surprised if the False Prophet is a collective of all the False Prophets. However, I think it may be specifically associate with church history as Historicist say.

    3 1/2 years or 1260 years. Hey, there may be holes or is it about two different things. Newton is an Historicist and point to 3 1/2 years as this: http://www.historicist.com/newton/newtonprophecy.htm
    Newton is wrong about the time of Christ’s return as many have been. I don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.

    For more than a century before the Revolution developed, a line of expositors of the Protestant Historical School not only had predicted from the prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse the approaching end of the 1260 years of the ecclesiastic supremacy of the Papacy, but had set forth France as the probable instrument, and infidelity as the possible means of the coming overthrow.
    Here is where it’s found: http://www.historicist.com/articles2/froom.htm

    Quote from Historicist site: “as the angel told Daniel, the saints were to be given for a time and times and the dividing of time, in other words, for three years and a half, or 1260 days, the very period during which the holy city was to be trodden under foot of the Gentiles. Now just as the angel foretold, so it came to pass. The saints “were given” into the hands of Boniface III, at the beginning of the seventh century, A.D. 606 by the “Roman Emperor” Phocas. Boniface flattered the unprincipled Phocas, who had murdered his master Mauritius, and usurped his throne; and in requital for his flatteries, Phocas conferred upon him, by his imperial decree, the dignity of Universal Bishop, and head of the whole Church of God. Then, for the first time, were the saints given into the bands of the little horn; then did the holy city begin visibly and manifestly to be trodden under foot of the Gentiles. Some have fixed on an earlier period, as the time when the Pope was constituted head of the Church. Dr Keith, for instance, is of opinion, that took place in 533, and appeals to an epistle of the Emperor Justinian in proof of the fact, in which he styles him “head of all the holy churches.”” http://www.historicist.com/redrepublic/c3.htm

    I’m nowhere near as knowledgable as Isaac Newton are any Historicist but they have a position that is so profound it is shocking. They support their position with facts and not speculations of possible future candidate for the Antichrist. Prince Charles may come to be the leader of the One World Government. Many say there will be several confederations and the Ten Toes of the statue in Daniel is just one of them.

    Here is something that was on the Historicist.com that support your position in large part: http://www.historicist.com/articles2/Prophecy%20Fulfilled%20or%20yet%20to%20come.htm
    I keep in mind that what is immediate to God is many of our years. A day with God is as a thousand years. No one will know the day or hour when Jesus returns.

    I take it all in. Even the information you’ve given on Prince Charles. I watch to see how things play out. If Prince Charles were to die, then speculation will be cast on his son. Time will tell who is a better predictor of how it will all come together. You are obviously well studied and give a commanding presentation of your view. I hope that neither you are the Historicist are leading anyone away from the truth. That is the essential thing.

    God bless,

  6. There are at least a dozen credible sources reporting on the strong occult ‘signatures’ stamped all over major world events recently, implying that events of global import are planned using certain patterns.

    If we combine the two important dates of June 5th and June 6th, together with recent world events, we obtain the following extremely significant occult triplications:

    222 days from the Muslim riots in Paris;
    333 days from the London Train Bombings;
    444 days from the second anniversary of the Iraq Invasion;
    555 days from November 28, 2004 (the 333rd day of the year, with 33 remaining);
    666 in the date pattern and the pattern until the end of the Mayan calendar;
    777 days from the foiled Sears Tower Attack.

    An important question to ask is “Why do perpetrators choose to stamp their occult signatures all over major world events, in a similar manner to that of serial killers?”

    For 2 reasons:

    1. They want to hide the truth from the masses, while communicating their success (in orchestrating a planned crisis) to the elite. Public radio broadcasts were used to transmit secret messages to resistance members in World War 2. Exactly the same method works now, albeit slightly more hi-tech.

    2. Our Global Leadership believes that a planned crisis may fail unless it is carried out ‘by the numbers’. The most venerated occult numbers are: 6, 11, 13, and multiples thereof, especially 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 and 26, 39, etc. A triplication of numbers is considered even more sacred to the occultist: 111, 222, 333, etc. The most familiar triplication is 666, the number often ascribed to ‘The Beast’, mentioned in the Bible. This number is often disguised as an 18, which is a 6+6+6 or 3×6. (See 666 and 888 for an explanation of the significance of these numbers in the Bible).

    The evidence FOR such signatures on major world events is overwhelming, and far too lengthy to cover in this short article (see “explanatory report” link above for more proof than you could ever need). Nevertheless, there is a natural reluctance to accepting what is blatantly obvious.

    See more analysis of the significance of June 6th, 2006 and what might be planned for this date at http://www.threeworldwars.com/warnings

  7. Too long to complete here. Go to: http://www.historicist.com/articles/historicism.htm Then go to:

    Historicism, Futurism, Preterism
    Lawrence R. Kellie

    This page will examine the history and meaning of the three principal methods of Biblical, more specifically prophetic, interpretation–Historicism, Futurism, and Preterism.

    The Historicist school of prophetic interpretation results in a progressive and continuous fulfillment of prophecy. This continuous fulfillment starts in Daniel’s time (circa 600 BC), continues through John the Revelator’s time (circa 100 A.D.), on to the Second Coming of Jesus. (Froom, v1, p23)

    This school of prophetic interpretation is not novel or new. Biblical scholars throughout the centuries, actually from 2 BC to the present, have ascribed to it. Daniel, John the Revelator, Hippolytus, Joachim, Wyclif, Luther, Knox, Newton, and Wesley (Froom, v1., p2) are examples of the prominent people who believed in and used historicist method of prophetic interpretation.

    Futurism, developed by Francisco Riberia (1537-1591), owes its existence to the Counter Reformation. During the Protestant Reformation, the reformers, using Historicism, concluded that the system, as best represented by the Pope, of the Roman Catholic Church was the Beast of Revelation 13. Shea states:

    Synopsis of Futurism
    Since the Antichrist is in the future, it could not be the Papacy.

    Summary of the Fallacies of Futurism
    * Futurism is designed to relieve pressure on Rome.
    * Futurism violates the principle of consistent prophetic symbolism.
    * Futurism makes prophetic time meaningless.
    * Futurism removes application from historical verification.
    * Futurism creates an arbitrary gap which is an unjustifiable device.
    * Futurism ignores the view of the early church.
    * Futurism cannot be correct if Preterism is correct. (Froom2:803-805.)

    Too long to complete here. Go to: http://www.historicist.com/articles/historicism.htm Then go to:

    I’m not saying they have all the answers, but I believe they should weigh in when you look at the meaning of 666.

  8. PD Graves,

    The very Historicist site you linked says historicists believe the papacy is the Antichrist. Also see here for a good summary of their beliefs http://www.historicism.net/ .

    For the record, I’m not Historicist, Futurist, or Preterist, as if those are the only choices. I am “alternative” and reject all popular schools as fundamentally flawed because they were formulated before the prophecies were unsealed, in other words, they were based on misinterpretations.

    As far as Historicists supporting their position with facts and not speculation, well so do I. They just interpret the text symbolically to fit their facts and I read the text plainly usually literally and find the facts that fit it.

    Charles name calculates to 666 to fulfill the plain face value meaning of the text. He has a heraldic achievement which also literally depcits what the plain face value meaning of the Beast from the Sea describes.

    I think the interpretation that explains the Bible without saying “it doesnt mean what it plainly says” as Historicism does, is always the right one when given a choice between that and a symbolic interpretation. Unfortunately, it has become acceptable to interpret Bible prophecy differently than the rest of the Bible and not realize it’s breaking Scripture to do it that way.

  9. Michael,

    It may be that 06/06/06 has occultic signficance to the NWO as you say. However, is this enough to expect “something big” to happen that day? Is that information predictively useful?

    I have watched many dates over the years predicted for these same “occultic significance” reasons and they have all failed. I suspect there are two reasons for this. 1) These occultic significances are highly subjective and prone to error of interpretation as to whether it’s a day meriting a disaster or what kind and where and 2) even it is accurately established as the NWO’s will it still does not mean that it is God’s will who is in control and will stop it if not.

    So, it’s better to go directly to God’s word which reveals His will of what He wants to happen and which we are told to use predictively (Rev 1:1). Then we can count on it happening and at the same time develop a richer understanding of God’s entire Word at the same time (rather than occult words).

  10. www in ancient hebrew is 666 or 616 in translation. Read “Revelation www is 666” the page is copied from a concordance.

  11. Tim is correct. God scripture is best read whole, no codes, gematria, or hidden meanings. However, do not be mislead by John’s 666 or 616 in Revelation. He was not hiding anything in code, Ancient Hebrew was the only language he knew that recognized the meaning of multiple w’s, they could be 6, 16, 66, 616, or 666. Of course he then wrote it, or his students wrote the eight longhand copies for the seven churches of asia. After all he was eighty or so. That would account for the 616 and 666 showing up. Both could be translated from www. John pronounced his knowledge of Hebrew by putting two Hebrew words in Revelation, Armaged’don and Ab’bodon………simple really.

  12. nice article i feel so much better i have been thinking what will happen that day. but is there anything in that bible thats says that there IS something happening because to tell you the truth am really scared.

  13. Sure, scary things are predicted for our future in the Bible, but none of them are this year. Perhaps the Middle East war prophesied in Psalm 83 will come due to Iran’s nuclear aspirations in the next few years, but that’s not even among the scary prophecies found in the Book of Revelation.

  14. 6/6/03 is the date of my cancer dx.God willin’, I will be seeing 3 yrs. of survivorship on that day.Today, I am
    GRATEFUL!!!!!The date is just a MAN-MADE time marker–whose calendar?/what religion?/how do I feel and operate today as one of God’s children.I am REASONABLY happy and peaceful and TRY and follow the Golden Rule every day.No
    fanaticism,no religious theatrics,no seclusion or avoidance or loneliness I am part of hte human race and pray —every day—to help keep SANITY in OUR lives by
    PRACTICING it!!! “It is in giving that we receive….”

    peace/namaste/carry on


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