Breakthrough on 2012

If you have been waiting for my prophecy insights newsletter to begin regular updates since the day you subscribed (probably months ago), then good news….the wait is over.
In This Issue of the Newsletter
1. What Happened to all the Newsletters in 2007?
2. 2012 Doomsday and Bible Prophecy (New Article)
3. Know the Future Softcover and Volume Discounts

Recap of 2007 and Plans for 2008
by Tim McHyde of

So, what happened to all the newsletters you signed up for? More than a few have asked me about this, wanting to be sure there was not something wrong with their email or sign up. The answer is that my many planned newsletters never made it out of my head and into your inbox for lack of time. It’s not just that I had major deadlines with my Bible software programming client of nine years last year. On top of that my website and forums began to increase in traffic and sales, including of my new softcover edition which went through two printings in 2007. I went from biking to the post office a couple times per week to having to go every weekday (which has had the additional benefit of insuring I get enough exercise). So I was effectively working two jobs in 2007.

But as they say, it’s a good problem to have. Anytime you start a business in your spare time and weekends, you hope that it grows to the point that it can replace your regular income. But as it does, you have a period of too much work until you can transition out of your job. I’m just about there, having given notice with my client who are now looking for a programmer replacement. Since I take days to put each together each newsletter to ensure that they are worth your time, I ended up putting none out. I apologize for that and thank you for waiting patiently as I know how it feels to not be able to discern all the predictions and prophecies out there.

The good news is with programming work nearly behind me, you will be able to hear from me regularly. I plan regularly put out this newsletter, create a DVD version of Know the Future and, of course, more books. There is even a possibility of getting on TV soon.

And just as those of you know from reading Know the Future, all of this output will serve to make plain the rare literal teaching of the Bible on a range of subjects that you’ve probably been unable to find solid answers on. Some examples:

* Is the USA or its dollar or economy ready to fall? Find out why not.
* Is a Middle East War near?
* How can you tell a real prophet of God today according to the Bible?
* Which covenants are active today, Old or New? and who is under them? (The answer will surprise you…)
* Is there any need to worry about 2012? (See below for this new article)

Stay tuned so you don’t miss out on these coming articles that will help you get past your confusion over what the Bible says and be able to use that Biblical knowledge to discern the truth.

2. New Article: 2012 Doomsday and Bible Prophecy
2012 is speculated to be the end of the world based on the Mayan Calendar and other sources. If you are worried or unsure about it, then some (un)common sense along with a literal Bible prophecy breakthrough can help. Find out what kind of year 2012 will be: normal or prophetic

One thing that will never end is speculation about the future. (That last sentence being a case in point, I suppose). Although, to my knowledge no specific dated predictions has ever succeeded, dates continue to be set and people continue to be fascinated and even concerned about them as they approach. (David Booth’s dream of the 1979 airline disaster premonition is one notable documented case that makes me qualify prediction with the word “dated”.)

The most popular doomsday date approaching is 2012. Countless sites offer evidences from various sources including Bible Code, Peak Oil, Numerology, Remote Viewing, Elliot Wave, etc. as evidence of something earth-shaking due that year. Most famously 2012 is the year when the so-called Long Count b’ak’tun cycle of the Mayan Calendar ends (on December 21 or possibly December 23). While it’s unclear what the end of that period meant to the Mayas, many interpret the period end as The End, perhaps of civilization as we know it due to a major catastrophe, such as the passage of Planet X.
Continue reading this article here: 2012 doomsday?
3. Softcover Volume Discounts
To some of you it may be news that my Know the Future e-book is now available in softcover format (picture here: price is only slightly more than the e-book price which makes it a better choice than printing the e-book on your desktop printer with the cost of toner and paper. Details here:

Not only that, but the softcover is available at a discount in volume. Check out this new volume discount order page to see how much:

6 thoughts on “Breakthrough on 2012”

  1. i typed in isaiah 17 in a google search and got your website. I’m fascinated. Please include me in your mailings. Thanks, Bob

  2. December of 2012 is the end of the Mayan calender, yes. It signifies a new astrological age, as the Earth tilts (LIKE IT HAS IN IT’S CYCLES FOR MILLIONS OF YEARS) on it’s axis. (This is why the Pyramids in Egypt line up with a constellation we’ve never seen) This in no way signifies an End. Mankind has pointed out an anti-Christ, or a reason for there to be an end of the world every generation since we termed “God”. Yes we termed it, we created the word, we created the being.

    No rapture, No end. The Bible was written by man, just like this website. Man makes mistakes, we in no way have any power like God. We cannot possibly hold the powers that coin a date for any end. We all die, that is the end, not Iran. Not Bush, not Obama. Please stop putting the fear in people so they buy these books, and look at these ads. Just remember, man wrote the Bible, man wrote Harry Potter, man wrote Lord of the Rings.

    “Not the angels in Heaven shall know the hour of the day, but only the Father”. Use that in your prophecies sometime.

    I would love to discuss this further (you have my e-mail, please contact me, no other websites contact me back. I have never, ever discussed this.), you people have had a very close family member of mine on medication because of your prophecies, would God have wanted you to put someone in depression? To where they are too scared to even attend church?

    I’m not being rude (and I’m very sorry if that’s how it came out like), but I watched a relative afraid to walk out their door, because of these websites, seeing a professional to cure an addiction, I just want an intelligent conversations to see how these prophetic rituals are deprived–And why it is so important for you to post about them.

    (I will say, I was impressed, of all the websites I’ve been, this is the only one with a community base, and a double sided argument, which is a big thing for any Christian website.)

    Thank you,


  3. All I know is that I work at a big Pharmaceutical company in Clayton NC and I endroce Barack Obama with all my energy. I would love for all my friends and colleagues to re-elect Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA

  4. tim,i would like to give you a quote from brad pitt about an asteroid but unable to locate an email address for you. please let me know. ahavah, diana


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