2 thoughts on “2014 in Prophecy: Why Jesus Won’t Be Coming This Year”

  1. Even the elect shall be deceived.

    The Jesuits have deceived many people into thinking:
    There is a 7-year tribulation.
    The antichrist shall stand in the temple and commit the abomination of desolation.
    And many other things, such as Israel being a sign of the end of the age, a chip which you must take in your right hand to buy or sell.

    Also, where does it say in Psalms 83 does it talk about a war that must take place before Jesus’ return, and where does it say in Isaiah 17 that Damascus is going to be laid waste before Jesus’ return – this was fulfilled thousands of years ago.

    These things have already been fulfilled.

    Jesus could come at any minute or in 1000 years time.

    Please have a look at this website, do some research about the Jesuits/Illuminati/Freemasons/Ben Netanyahu?Israel and end time deceptions, and pray for discernment.



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