Antichrist In Power on 06/06/06?


Just read your article on the False Prophet and Antichrist and why they are thrown into the lake of fire before the Millenium. Very interesting. I noticed you mentioned the fact that they could be hybrids, which perked my interest because I was at a prophecy club meeting the other day and listened to a fella named Bill Schnoebelen talk.

Mr. Schoebelen was in the Illuminati and supposedly they already have the antichrist picked out. He was supposedly born in 1966 and was supposed to come on the scene in 1996 but for whatever reason he didn’t. The reason I mention this is because Bill said that what he was told is that this “antichrist” must come to power or by 06/06/06 or by the end of 2006 or he would start to “decompose”. The reason he would start to decompose or whatever is because he is a hybrid from a fallen angel. I thought this was pretty wild and outer limits type stuff but after reading your article now it kinda makes a little more sense.

I don’t know if any of this stuff is true or even relevant but felt compelled to share it with you.


Yes Bill Schoebelen has some great information, we have a few of his tapes in fact.

But the thing to remember is that not everything he learned from the dark side is as accurate as the Bible. The Bible says that the Antichrist comes to power at the Abomination of Desolation, for 42 months or 3½ years of Great Tribulation. It’s impossible for that to happen this year as there are a number of prerequisites we’re still waiting for, such as (in no particular order):

  • The 6th seal – 4th trumpet (Wormwood must arrive first)
  • The antichrist cuts off the sacrifices at the Temple Mount but here are as yet no sacrifices yet started for him to stop, let alone a temple or an altar
  • The Middle East Conflict between Israel and her neighbors spoken in Isaiah 17; 29, Psalm 83, Zech 12, et. al. This for sure a pretrib ( pre-antichrist) event

Once you know the framework of Revelation and sequence of events it’s easy to discern the many false ideas repeated even by good teachers like Bill Schoebelen (and admittedly I surely have some errors of my own that I have yet to examine and ferret out, which is why I enjoy receiving questions like yours that continually cause me to reconsider my ideas). The Illuminati have many plans but only the plans that fit the outline in Bible prophecy will come to pass.

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  1. I’m glad that someone else knows that Pope Benedict XVI is more tham likely the false prophet mentioned in Revelation. But did you know that Bavarian Premier Edmund Stoiber is the leader of the beast power? He is the one who will rule the world and enforce the mark of the beast during the tribulation. The odd thing is is that the Pope and Stoiber are from Bavaria in Germany and they are tighter than you might think. Bavaria is the most conservative and Fervently religious part of Germany. Hitler was from there too. But Stoiber is going to be far worse than Hitler. Study this article and you’ll see what I mean:

  2. Are you aware that “the Sanhedrin” that offers the sacrifices
    has been ressurected? It happened late in 2005 so the sacrifices could begin any day now. We are certainly very close to the return of Jesus.

  3. would not the year, which has past, of 06-06-0006, be the year of the antichrist birth? this is the sixth year, but then again, if bc years matter, no one will really know what sixth year we are talking about. Time itself is relative. It was humans themselves whom started a numerical calander, so to me, there really is no accurate starting point. Man has been around for some time, and depending on how one feels about evolution, hominads have been around for at least 7 million years.

  4. If u read revelations , u will discover that the beast and false prophet r thrown into the lake of fire AFTER the millenium.The books r opened in rev. ch20 and all r judged according to those books.The antimessiah will have the spirit and power of satan and satan is locked away for a thousand years (millenium)after which he is released to tempt the nations.Also, u should note that the “man of sin” who becomes the antimessiah, after he is dead and raises again, will not b from germany or bavaria but from the region of Mosul/Iraq bc this is historically the place of the tower of Babel-and the “seat/throne of satan” as it is mentioned in revelation as well.

    • Whoops, you may need to read it again yourself since you obviously are remembering it incorrectly. The Beast and False Prophet are thrown in BEFORE the Millennium in Revelation 19. This precedes the Millennium in Revelation 20.

      As for your theory of an Islamic Antichrist, I do not find it in the literal text. Instead I find affirmations that the Beast will come from the northwest of Israel, not east.

  5. Mark Anthony Manendo is the antichrist . he was born on oct 2 1966

    he acts like such a saint in front of the cameras

    he claims to help homeless , battered women, & animals,

    he supports FGM especially if parents consent to it (female genitalia mutilation)

    he supports women that surrender their babies to remain anonymous

    he supports satanic rituals and beastiality in Louisiana

    he burned his neighbors trailor down that had 5 dogs in it

    he tortured a poodle

    he aided and abetted the men that abducted and tortured me

    he has the news stations and police and political office in the palm of his hand

    he stalks intimidates and threatens victims and witnesses

    mark manendo is mark of the beast


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