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  1. Dear Tim, Hello brother, How have you been doing? Tim I know that you are interested in other countries afairs. Let me ask you a question. Why not get invovled with what God has to say about America? You know we are in the Holy scriptures as babylon the great. You know by reading about babylon the great that God himself judges this occultic babylonian nation by fire one day for turning her back on his son. And finally, you know that the obama administration warned that alqueda will try to attack the US in six months which is God’s judgment of fire.This next 911 is a major nuclear attack Tim which the obama administration’s been warning about. Do your home work and warn others before its to late!!!!!!!! ITS THIS TIME!!!!!!

  2. I agree with Earl. Also, if the US is Mystery Babylon the great, then that makes the original settlers (anglo saxsons means Issac’s sons) and their off spring which is now in the land, the Israelites(the true descendants of Abraham). The wheat and the tares now live together. The destruction by fire in the land is the removal of the tares (sons of the devil) from among the ones that truely follow the living God and His son Jesus Christ. The only way to warn the people is to tell them to repent of their wickedness and to follow what the word of the Lord says to us through His Word (the bible). The Holy Spirit will lead us into all truth but, the way in which to receive the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom is through ACTS 2:38, MARK 16:16, 2 PETER 3:21, JOHN 3:3&5. That is what they need warning on or else they will perish in the fire that will rain down on the wicked. Anyone who does not have the spirit of God is against God and considered wicked. The word holds the truth and one of the biggest problems that people have is that they are not reading it for themselves. We need the mind of Christ and the only way to keep that up is through prayer and reading of the word, BUT first people need the HOLY SPIRIT. People need to wake up to the truth and stop believing what everyone else tells you. The bible says to trust no man. Do your own research and studying. Dont leave it up to others. When you have your time with the LORD you can not pass the buck and say that the preacher did not teach me that. You are responsible for your own salvation. The bible says that we need to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. The hour is late and the LORD is coming and HE is sending HIS angels to gather the tares to bundle and burn them. We need the word of God spoken in truth!!

  3. Iraq especially doesn’t seem very close to being able to make a pact with other countries. I’m glad you wrote this because I thought you wrote a nuclear event in Iran was going to be the first event to watch for, not Syria. For some reason I thought damascus was part of Iran.

  4. Hello Tim,

    I found a website that has some very interesting things to say about end time events somethings in it I had never heard preached before and I thought I had heard it all, I would like to get your thoughts on the scriptures given as showing that the first 31/2 yrs of the 7 yr tribulation already happen almost 2000 yrs ago. and your thoughts on the other things too.
    Here is the URL


    Thank you in advance for your thoughts on these.

    • It’s not new to me. I used to believe that idea of the 70th week being half fulfilled in Jesus’ day. The problem is you can’t break up the 70th week because it is spanned by a 7 year pact made by the Antichrist with “the many”. Several things that are placed in the end times are listed there and none are fulfilled yet.

  5. Tim,

    In Your article, you state that Iran has to have a nuclear arsenal before a war with Israel would happen. But the experts I have heard say because of Israel’s size it would only take one nuke to wipe it out. If that is the case as soon as Iran gets a nuke, which I believe is less than a year away, a war will happen soon than later if someone doesn’t take out Iran’s nuclear facilities. Your thoughts?

    • Would you go to war with a nuclear power using one nuke that could be intercepted, exploded or otherwise fail?

      I’ve heard them say “less than a year away” for almost ten years now. Nuff said.

  6. You forget that there is a Muslim Nation that has a nuclear Arsenal already. PAKISTAN. Watch the events takeing place there. This could lead to a treaty with Iran to place the weapons (not a few)at their disposal. Especially if the Taliban group can take control. They are Shitte and just as bab as Iran.

    • Pakistan is not mentioned in the prophecies as attacking Israel. Iran getting nuclear weapons from Pakistan or anyone is a big leap. If Iran thought they could do it that way, they would not be risking all the sanctions they are suffering from now because of their nuclear program.

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