America’s Fall: Why Does “Nobody” Buy the Merchants’ Goods “Anymore” After?

This post is about an interesting question in regards to my article Will America Crash Economically or Recover? — Bible’s Bittersweet Answer. (Note: If after reading the above article you still doubt Mystery Babylon the Great refers to America, check out 60 proofs America is Babylon.

Many people believe America is doomed to suffer an economic collapse worse than the Great Depression. They point to several reasons to support this view. A popular one cited is the shift of domestic manufacturing overseas. America once had a great manufacturing base. For example, it was a key factor in winning World War II. With the loss of that base, people assume America must go downhill. Sound familiar?

Here’s the question off that premise:

Reader Question: Loss of Manufacturing Base to Asia Reason For All the Merchant Ships?

This is an observation I have had for quite some time concerning your take on America’s financial status in the global community. When referring to the many ship captains and their vessels sitting out of port on the day of Mystery Babylon’s destruction and lamenting her destruction (Rev 18:17,18,19) – I believe you use this picture to explain away a great economic collapse which predicates the “single day destruction.”

My question to you is, due to the fact that America has forfeited her manufacturing base to Asia, wouldn’t it make sense for there to be many ship captains awaiting port of call regardless of America’s financial status? That is, whether markets are “up or down,” we need lots of ships on a daily cycle to maintain food, fuel and dry goods. Therefore, couldn’t Mystery Babylon’s destruction occur AFTER a major hit on our economy or at best, occur at a time of financial malaise?

Inquiring minds just gotta know!

My Answer: America’s Diversified, Top Wealth-Producing Economy

Maybe it’s time to shift our paradigm about the importance of a “manufacturing base?” Despite the importance people like to place on manufacturing, we’re still the world’s economic leader after supposedly losing the mantle of being the manufacturing leader. Why? We have a diversified high-tech information and manufacturing economy now. We’re still the wealthiest nation.

Remember, the merchant ships only come because we have “wealth seeking goods” as the economists say. And not just a little like a financial malaise would demand, but so many goods are bought here that these merchants are made rich by their trade with America the Babylon. As Revelation 18 plainly says, this prosperous trade scenario continues until the day America is burned with fire which is why sea-faring merchants are off the coast witnessing the burning and weeping for the great loss.

Why do they cry so badly? It’s not a small loss or even a partial loss. It’s a complete loss of their business…

“Nobody Buys Their Merchandise Anymore”??

Revelation says NOBODY buys their goods anymore (Rev 18:11). They’re not just out of business with America but with everyone. How come? If only America is destroyed why does this stop everyone from buying from the merchants?

I just understood how to explain this mysterious verse last year. When America is destroyed, the dollar is no longer a backed currency. Just imagine what would happen if the world’s reserve currency became worthless everywhere suddenly? It would bring global economic collapse beyond anything we’ve seen. Talk about pulling the rug out from under everyone. It would spell the end of prosperous commerce like we are accustomed to today (until the Beast rises and restores it – Mt 24:38-39)

Therefore, it well be doubly good for people to “move forth from the land of Babylon” not just for the fiery destruction but for the global pandemonium that will ensue. I’ve been thinking for a long time Elijah will warn people to flee Babylon and all nations at the same time since America’s fall is so catastrophic to the world and Wormwood is coming so soon after. Imagine people trying to travel to flee Babylon in a global meltdown? It will be tough for those who wait because they adopted a “wait and see” approach the Elijah’s warning.

Follow-up Comment:

That would make sense being that most of the world is capitalizing on “Mystery Babylon’s” buying power. If one feeds the neighbors big bad dog they shouldn’t be surprised to end up missing a hand or a few fingers. The “ripple effect” would indeed be catastrophic. Thanks for your timely response Timotheus!

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  1. just found your site, really like it. Seems that most bible prophecy prechers seem to forget to put there theroies into context of reality.
    My thought on the colapse of America. Coul it not happen that a finacial colapse could occur fist and while America is realing in the confusion, they get are attaced by another country like Russia, leaving the merchants of the world out of port. saying who will biy our goods. Just a thought


    • Sure, anything is possible. Instead of asking “could” something happen, I like to ask what is probable and fits the details the best…

      With how Rev 18 describes America just as it is today, the financial center and engine of the world, it’s hard to make sense of a “financial collapse” happens before that. Why would the merchant ships still be coming? Why would they be WEEPING when they see America is gone if it was already “financially collapsed?” They wouldn’t.

      By the way, this idea of a “financial collapse” is kind of fanciful. America is not an Eastern European nation. Even the Great Depression did not “collapse” the economy. You have to militarily destroy America to collapse it’s economy, just as Rev 18 depicts.

  2. some other things that do not make sence, the world is dependent on America, for economic survival. China economy would complletly colaspe, they could not survive withot export to the us.and so would russa ther economy is dependent on oil export to China and other nation in this part of the world. It would be economic suicide for these two nation to attack there biggest client. so I am not sure I buy a nucular attack theroy. I have lived in China for five years and I can tell ya the only interst china has is to grow there economy and prosper and do business in America, The people here are peaceful and I have never heard talk about war with America, people here view America as the greatest place on the planet

    • You’re absolutely right about it being counterproductive for them to destroy America under normal circumstances. What you’re not factoring in is that Wormwood is coming and will smash the world. If they know this it makes sense to get your strike in on America before everyone goes back to zero. And from the evidence I see, that’s exactly when America falls: in the first half of the 70th week, before the tribulation, before Wormwood when the global economy is still going (after Wormwood it’s over for everyone).

      The Wormwood factor changes everything in prophecy on so many levels, it’s real shame more people do not know about it. But the pretrib view has no need to explain Wormwood or much of anything else in Revelation after chapter four where they believe the rapture is conveyed by John hearing a voice in heaven telling him to come up there. 🙁

  3. To to point out another fact about China, if you know there history they have never attacked another nation. They have been attacked and defended themselves, but have never out right attacked another nation. I know what U may be thinking, look at how brutal China has been to its own people, yes that is true but that is part of there past. Just like American history with the black people. china is a nation undergoing change and transformation and is a nation that has done more to aliviate poverty than any othet nation on the planets, just some thoughts

  4. Is this what wood worn is
    Wormwood” is a STAR in Revelation 8:11. It will cause a third part of all spring water on earth to turn bitter and many people will die from drinking it. I believe this is a prophecy that is yet to come in the last 7 years (Daniel’s 70th Week). It is one of the natural disasters in the 7 Trumpets that will usher in the rise of the Antichrist to World power very quickly.

    The Bible called it a star and it fits perfectly with the leaked out news about Planet X! PX is a brown dwarf that is believed to be our sun’s companion star. In the Universe majority of star systems is binary… where there are 2 stars… and our solar system is one of them!

    Read more:

  5. It is also a fact that when a catstophic event occurs most nation pull together, earh quakes, tornados, neigbor house burns. catarophic events pull people together not divide them. An issue like woodworm would be something that would involve the whole world.

  6. Don,t get me wrong, I am not saying you are right or wrong. When I came to China 5 years ago. I had many prejidest developt from my home country, Canada. Canada, has for the longest time been opposing China on human rights issues even more so than the USA. But as I see it after five years in China, they are not an agressive people. America history is rooted in brutality, blacks were once enslaved, so why cannot China change and they are going through a trasfermation. Building wepons reaaly means little because the USa builds new weapons all the time, but you would not say they are going to attack another nation.
    What about the havest of the earth in the end times, China has barly been touched witht he gospel. The way I see things the next big event will trigger a new error of spiritual bith, that will trigger the havest the great gathering of souls. That will last four 7 years, remember Joseph in the bible the great havest of wheat, the havest lasted 7 years then the faman came on the land that lasted seven years. Does this harvest not have to happen first. This is a type, God always seems to like to make types to forshadow his furture plan. please do nt get me wrong , I only seek truth

  7. China interest in Russia is oil and the is it. With out oil China economy would sink. Russia Could be an agrssor no doubt but China I cannot see.

  8. The merchants of the world will no longer trade with the USA because it will be destroyed in one hour. I read your article on how you think John Price is wrong. With all that is going on in the world and now with Russia in the middle East, who in the world is going to believe that everything is going to be OK? Well, that is what the government wants you to think anyhow. Fleeing the USA is the best thing that anyone can do right now. Russia will destroy the USA in a sudden and deadly attack. This will pave the way to a new world order without the USA on the way. Regardless of what John Price says, this is Bible prophecy. If you stay here nothing will save you as fire will rain and the land will be desolated. The few survivors will end up eating eachother for dinner. The government’s elite will probably make it in the under bunkers. Very soon Israel will attack Iran in order to destroy their underground arsenal and this will trigger another attack on Israel. The USA will abandon Israel and Russia will smell blood. By the way, these events are not even part of the tribulation and if you are waiting for the rapture, you are going to be desillusioned. We are going to have to endure the tribulation.

  9. Pablo asked, “With all that is going on in the world…who in the world is going to believe that everything is going to be OK? ”

    Everyone who checks history will. History shows things are always happening in the ME. Russia is often in the news. Wars have always been with us and rumors of wars. That’s why Jesus said these things will come but don’t be troubled “as the end is not yet.” He said the real sign to expect is something unique and unprecedented:

    Every generation as looked to such subjective arbitrary end signs and predicted “we won’t go on much longer now” and been wrong every time. Because they did not understand or pay attention to Jesus’ words above.

    Also it matters not what anyone wants us to think. When the end time sign is upon us, God will wake up the church with truth that will cut through the lies. Those who want to step out in faith to be saved will be able to. Those who shrink back and don’t believe or don’t want to make the sacrifices that salvation will require will not. See

  10. Tim, I once thought that way until I learn how to see with spiritual eyes.

    Rev. 17:5And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. 6And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

    First, this is a mystery, which means hidden. Hidden from who? Carnal minded men.

    25At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.kjv

    1cor.2:6-8 talks about spiritual wisdom and how it reveal True understanding.

    That being said, spiritually this woman is guilty of spiritual adultry. She joins herself to the beast–antichrist. This says that she has rejected her spiritual husband for another.

    She is a great harlot! She is drunken with blood of all the prophets and the saints. She’s that great city where our Lord was crucified. Jesus said to Jersalem that all of the blood of the prophets are in her. Even the blood of Jesus is on Jerusalem. The Bridegroom voice was heard there. Jeremiah 16 explains how Israel was adorned as a queen the wife of God. She forsook all that and played the Harlot. This is a hard saying to many Christians today because they fail to understanding this. Israel as a whole does not accept Christ as the Messiah. She will instead join with a false Messiah the antichrist. She rejected Christ when He walked among her and they crucified Him. The purpose of the 70 weeks of Daniel is to bring Israel to the knowledge of the true Christ. See the reason for the 70 weeks. They are determined upon Daniels people–the Jews. The job of the two witnesses is to minister to the Jews about Christ.

    Christians are gone to the wedding supper at this time.

    The great Harlot is Israel, the great city.


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