6 thoughts on “Comet Elenin: Earthquakes? Disaster? Wormwood?”

  1. One observation about the Elenin comet. If a major earthquake is triggered due to the increased gravity of an alignment, then the fact that the feast of tabernacles is happening offers special blessing to those who observe it. You see if you are in your lightly built Suka or tabernacle, an earthquake would not be as dangerous in a collapse as being inside a more substantial structure.

    Is this Wormwood? I’m not smart enough to know. People have been predicting the end of the world since the first century ad. Newton found himself in the same situation going to seminary ahead of 1666 with the Great London fire and the bubonic plague.

    I think I am smart enough to see it once it has happened though. I believe that is the point of prophecy. Once it is fulfilled, you can see that the Bible is the word of God. You can see that God is in control and we are not.

  2. Wormwood is also called Marduk. He is the ONE that the people call The LORD (Lucifer). This ‘guy’ rules the sons of the clay-made Adam and Eve. To prevent that the Homo Sapiens destroys this world, Mother Nature designed a mechanism which is called NATURAL SELECTION. Only those who understand that we are all ONE BODY will survive the coming Apocalypse = natural selection. We are on the end of the so-called Great Year (Kalpa) and the genetic material to produce the 6th Rootrace will be selected. Only about 10% of the present worldpopulation will enter into the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (Shamballa/Paradise/Agartha). If you were able to disconnect 50% of your being from your animal functions (EGO) you will pass this massacre. The chosen ones will be saved by this natural mechanism – the others will burn. There are only TWO kind of people: Those who will live and those who will die. Be prepared, this will be a bumpy ride.

  3. Hi Tim and all,

    my wife and I have just joined you and we were wanting to put out there some interesting info regarding these megaquakes and their apparent 188-189 day cycle in relation to Planet X – and/or HAARP technolgy (it’s on the net – have any of you seen it?). According to calculations the next proposed big one will hit around the 22nd of March 2012 (next week). What is interesting is that my wife woke up the other morning with what I believe is a bit of a revelation from the Holy Spirit. She said that there is approximately 189 + 1/4 days between each major quake and that this adds up to 6 months + 6 days + 6 hours! Is this a coincidence??? We would value your thoughts.

    Blessings in the Name of Jeshua HaMaschiach

    • I sure do not think Wormwood is anywhere near enough yet to cause earthquakes because when it is, we’ll see the 6th seal and we’ll be in the 70th week. I think it is a coincidence as our minds have a way of making connections and seeing patterns that seem significant.


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