Will Elijah Know Who He Is?

Hi Tim,

I am a big fan of yours! How would the modern-day Elijah know himself to be Elijah? Would he have powers and be able to accurately prophecy?


Well, you must be a fan because you’re one of my best customers (and I appreciate your support).

I think it’s pretty safe to say, that when the real prophet Elijah comes he will know himself to be the promised Elijah of the end times because God will tell him. He is a prophet after all! Note that John the Baptist, knew who was here in John 1:23:

John 1:22-23 (HCSB) — 22 “Who are you, then?” they asked. “We need to give an answer to those who sent us. What can you tell us about yourself?” 23 He said, “I am a voice of one crying out in the wilderness: Make straight the way of the Lord—just as Isaiah the prophet said.”

Since he was a forerunner of the final Elijah, I believe the same pattern will be followed.

And, yes, he will have powers and be able to accurately prophesy as I believe I said in my book (at least I believe I did, but I’m beginning to doubt I said it clearly since you said you read my book on Elijah twice yet don’t seem to know this).


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  1. Hi, I have several comments having recently started reading up on this stuff… prompted by the current happenings in the middle east. several things have struck me in what i have read:
    1 – the time line needs to be looked at relative to the theory of time…is time linear?… unless i am mistaken, we are not yet at the beginning of the final 3.5yrs, or even the final 7, and yet at the same time it is happening all around us right now. i shall try to explain this as revelations is pretty explict in the first major catastrophe… and earthquake the sends the kings to hide in caves.. this of course could be a nuclear bomb and then ties in with the cups (see below) . the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning would be a way to describe this.
    2 – the first seals broken clearly describe an enormous volcano that has an enormous fall out resulting in many deaths.
    3 – seal 5 and 6 indicate an asteroid causing havoc and then a plague that lasts for 5 months which could well be a fall out from the asteroid (if indeed that is what is being described – now is this also a cups tie in?) and seal seven, which occurs after the marking of the chosen (does this mean they experience this plague), is what seems to be yet another earthquake.
    4 – it is clear at this point we have reached the final 3.5yrs and the messiah is BORN… from the description i would say literally not figuratively. (right on the heals of the witnesses death or perhaps more likely at the same time)
    5 – it is at this point that the beast appears and goes after the mother and causes perhaps a big flood to get her to her? it says he comes from water… perhaps this will be a tidal wave? anyway, at the same time the false prophet appears and creates an idol that talks… i would suggest this person infact creates something and says that he has found the voice of god and he is delivering it to the people… it would make sense that it is then this talking idol starts to impose the mark on people. (could this be the creation of the home computor)
    6 – at this point the chosen are mentioned again as been given the secret… could it be that the mark is more to do with insight hence the forehead? that at this point the chosen 144k recognise what is happening? that the devils mark is one that blinds insight (a binding spell if you like), and a method for measuring this ability is found to determine who has accepted it or not?…. this would make far more sense to me than a visible mark. when i think further on this and tie it in to the buying and selling…with this insight the chosen automatically live outside of the mainstream of materialism… you can’t be both, and there will be effort to keep the chosen out of that mainstream.
    7 – the warning is sent out to people about the danger followed by the harvest. there seems to be a huge surplus of wine in relation to this… meaning? perhaps this is just a marker of time.
    8 – the cups – my personal synopsis being that they describe man’s self distruction through plague, pollution of sea, murder , drought, ending with perhaps an eclipse and yet and another earthquake and 100lb hail stones… could it be that this has been written backwards… that it starts with the hail (bombs) then earthquake (nuclear bomb), that would certainly cause the murder, plague sores, darkness, scorching etc? not to mention the fall of cities. personally i think this is very likely. and is this where there is a tie in here with the seals? it is possible if you are thinking in 3D
    9 – it is at this point that the “kings” turn on the prostitute and kill her very publicly. clearly she is the scape goat. note: that it is a clear political move this… the ordinary people with the prositute dead will be free to believe only in the guises of the beast and be under his full control, for where else are the blind going to turn. therefore it is necessary for this perhaps to happen earlier (again thinking in cube fashion)

    ok… so this is as far as i have got… yes we could be living in those times… but i think you have to see the book of revelations is a very 3d way (a bit like the dotty pictures) to fully understand it first and then to map it to current events….for a more logical person, a study on the theory of time may be of help…ie consider time can fold back on itself and perhaps create reflections (cups to seals, or visa versa), then apply this to the book of revelations.
    what is clear in the book is that we can’t escape our fate. the chosen have the insight purely because they do not lie… most importantly to themselves… and so it is likely that they will not even know who they are, because they just are. the ones who are saved, are saved for an unspecified reason and if lieing is the clue to this end of times, then telling the reason would not help any one.
    good luck to you all!!!!

  2. That was a Good description of how this Elijah would appear in modern times. As far as HE knowing who he is, John The Baptist knew who he was and this man is to fo;;ow in similar footsteps only on a grander scale.

    This particular prophet would need some pretty intense training from God Himself to accomplish such a Mission. So I imagine this Elijah would have some one on one time with God before it all began.

    It would be too much to spring on an unsuspecting man.

  3. He’s pobably driving around right now in that beat up car you described and could be found shopping in a Wal Mart.

    Can you imagine what this guy must be thinking each day knowing what lies ahead for him? Man, talk about anticipation!

    Then one day he will pop out of no where.

    How the heck would a guy like this spend his life waiting for this ? It must be weird knowing and not being able to say anything. Maybe very lonely…

  4. What would he say to his boss when the day arrived to answer God’s call?…”Could I have an extended vacation this year?…I’ve got a ton of things I need to help a friend with”….

    One thing is for sure…He doesn’t work where I work…He would never get the time off he needed.

    He’s probably some Government employee who can take a month off with pay.

  5. Yes, Elijah is a public servant. G-d speaks to him, albeit a bit obliquely, mentioning that they are best friends, that he has a special job for him, that the AC is in pursuit, until poor “Elijah” thinks he’s going mad. There’s mysterious fires going up all around and lots of inexplicable accidents happening to Elijah’s detractors. Suddenly, things begin to make sense, like why Elijah arrives mid-Seder, he’s a bit of a late comer, but loves a party and a few glasses of wine.

  6. Elijah has already come: “And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come.”
    ??Matthew? ?11:14? ?NIV??. Today, there are many who have the spirit of Elijah…
    John the Baptist was example of Elijah in the spirit, that’s why Jesus said,”And if you are willing to accept it, he is the Elijah who was to come.” Today, you see believers moving in the Spirit of Elijah everyday around world…

    That is why Jesus said to his disciples: “You are my witnesses”(Acts 1:8). “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”” The Holy Spirit power! Is the same Spirit of Elijah…etc.

    God bless


  7. Hi Tim,

    No, you’re not seeing it in a spiritual perspective…. what I’m saying is, a man who is born again is in the Spirit of Elijah. You’re right about “Mal 3:4-5 telling us it’s a prophet(man).”

    Now, what man today has that characteristics of Mal 3:4-5, one that is not afraid to speak-up, what is true… Your earlier question was, ” Will Elijah Know Who He is?” But, the question to you, Will You Know Who He Is?

    Elijah is already here…

    God bless


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