ISIS, Ebola, Ukraine: Is This What the End Looks Like?

It has been a busy September for answering readers’ questions. The news of ISIS (Islamic State) and Ebola and not to mention Ukraine and Gaza worries many of my readers.

It is scary, disturbing stuff. But does it mean the end is nigh? Is this what the end looks like?

As usual, I’m here to reassure you from the Bible why all these are just bad news and not bad signs.


Q. Ebola – “Is this the ‘pestilence’ spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24:7?”

A. Jesus did speak of pestilence coming at the end. However, we can be sure it has nothing to do with the current Ebola outbreak or any other isolated plague like that. Here’s why:

The pestilence Jesus predicted is coupled with “famines” and “earthquakes” in “every place” (Mt 24:7 Hebrew). When you study it out, it matches a parallel prophecy of global cataclysm predicted in Revelation 6 – 8 to be caused by the undiscovered rogue dwarf planet named Wormwood.

Thus, Ebola is not a fulfillment of Jesus’ prophecy anymore than the 1912 Spanish Flu pandemic or black death of the Middle Ages was.

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Q. ISIS – “Are they going to take over America or the World or produce the Antichrist?”

A. Experts agree that ISIS (or ISIL as Obama mysteriously prefers) is not an existential threat to the US. It’s also not found in Bible prophecy.

It may be scary to hear what they are doing and how they are advancing in Iraq and Syria, but we must put it in perspective.
These are Islamic countries where they can recruit as they go and conquer the destabilized swaths of land there. This is not a formula that is going to work the same in non-Islamic countries.
While it’s not like they are going to take over the world, they may pull off some successful terror acts like al-Qaeda did.

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Q. Ukraine, Gaza….”Is WWIII Next?”

A.  As tricky to understand as Matthew 24 is, Jesus’ words are very clear about at least one thing. On the topic of wars and rumors of wars, he said “these things must come, but see that you not be troubled for the end is not yet” (Mt 24:6).

Yet, what do so many Christians do when they see these wars? They get troubled. They wonder if these wars are a sign of the end. If they will lead to WWIII?

But they are not. Wars have been with us since Jesus left and will continue until he comes to reign. There is nothing unique about wars. They cannot serve as an end time sign, just as Jesus said. Take Jesus’ advice and “see that you are not troubled.”

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3 thoughts on “ISIS, Ebola, Ukraine: Is This What the End Looks Like?”

  1. You need to get up to speed on the difference between ISIS and ISIL. I listen to talk radio and they, Glenn Beck, Buck Sexton, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have been explaining what the difference is. Obama knows what ISIL is. His administration has been helping to form it.

  2. Wormwood is not a planet, it is a star! it burns like a torch, because it is knowledge, a great knowledge that changes the earth, nuclear energy does just that, it is the knowledge of the SUN! Nuclear fission is the way in which the SUN works…it is the knowledge that was stolen from the sun, by the prince of the power of the air…this is why the sun becomes dark as sackcloth, because it makes all the waters bitter and kills with great destruction…Wormwood means bitter, and men who thought that nuclear energy was great for humankind is finding out it is the bane of humankind, it has destroyed so much already, with Fukishima destroying all of the pacific ocean, because the waters have become too bitter and has made the STAR fish become extinct…. you need to interpret the bible right….In this year of the Shemittah, the next great day will bring even worse economic destruction if you do not forgive all debts, and give generously to everyone. Remember on the 7th year, all land is to lay fallow and rest, all debt is forgiven, all indentured servents or slaves freed, and all taxes halted….if that was done here in the US God would show mercy and not Judgement…..come quickly Lord Jesus.

    • No, Wormwood is not a star for many reasons. Take it from someone who used to believe the same as you but eventually had to face details that contradict that interpretation:
      1. The Greek word interpreted star (aster) means any space body other than the Sun
      2. A star could not fall to earth or even approach earth without ending all life. Ever hear of a supernova? Think that.
      3. A planet passing at Earth’s Roche limit would break up turn into asteroids and meteors. These would burn up “like a torch” just like meteorites and asteroids do (see the 1st and 2nd trumpets describing this very thing).

      This not a Sabbath year. The Rabbis have that part of the biblical calendar wrong just as they do so much else in their Jewish calendar. See for the historical evidence for the right year.

      Yes, I need to interpret the Bible right and I keep auto-correcting as mentioned above…Now it’s your turn. =)


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