Mystery Babylon: City or Country Like America?

Marc wrote:

I have to say, your analysis of mystery babylon seems to be most acurate. I have to question, however, whether it will be the entire U.S. If you’ll note, it says “city”. Obviously, in my opinion, the beast is the U.N., which was basically started by the U.S, as well N.A.T.O. Isnt it amazing how clear GOD makes it? “feet of a bear” we all know who that is, leapord, which I believe to be Germany, the lion, I assume to be England, and how could China not play a role in it? They have the largest head count of millitary personnel in history. I thank you for what may be the answers to my question, as to where I should go, and take my prescious family with me, perhaps it is Israel, as you say. One question, if I may. I will certainly take your advice and read the book you mentioned, by Rick Coombes.

Once you read Rick’s book you’ll understand why all of America, not just Babylon, New York fits the entire prophecy found in Jeremiah 50-51 which speaks of a “land of Babylon” as well as the “city” falling. Here are some excerpts on this topic:

From page 14 of Volume 2

The final end-time Mystery Babylon is described in Jer. 50:12 as being THE LAST OF THE NATIONS. Revelation 17 & 18 tells us further that she is a Super-City/State/Nation or i.e. the Last of the Super-Powers, or the Last of the Super Nations of History. The usage of the word “city” is used to describe a nation not just a city only. Those who hold to the Rome concept would have to agree with this because. Rome had little power but for the other cities and nations in Italy…for which Rome was simply the Capital city. This verse clearly tells us that it is not the UN or N.W.O. or any other organization. It is a city/state/nation or what we today call a nation. At times the focus is on the chief city while at other times the focus is on the nation as a whole.

Page 15

The final end-time Mystery Babylon is: A LAND OF AGRICULTURE
Jeremiah 50:16… speaks of it having its planters (“sowers”) and harvesters of the crops. This again refers to a nation …and there is no organization to match this character trait.

Page 47

Jeremiah tells us in chapter 50: 32b… (Quoting the Lord’s own words)…”I will kindle a fire in his CITIES and it shall devour all round about him.”

Jeremiah tells us in chapter 51:43 of the description of Babylon after the judgment… “Her CITIES are a desolation, a dry land, and a wilderness, a land where no man dwelleth…”

There is much more. If anyone wants to understand the secret identity of Mystery Babylon (which is why its called “mystery“) they will not be disappointed by Ricks two volumes of research on Mystery Babylon.

2 thoughts on “Mystery Babylon: City or Country Like America?”

  1. Mystery Babylon is the Catholic Church. She is the mother of harlots because the Catholic Church has given bith to numerous churches/daughters. They may have left their mother for a shor time but the daughters are returning to the fold. The daughters had a few disagreements with “mother” but the whole lot are harlots and are about to do some serious damage in this world! Pope Benedict XVI is using a strong arm to consolidate the Catholic Church into a powerful force in world politics. Particularly European Union politics. Forget about America being this Mystery Babylon. There won’t be an America, or Britain or Israel when Jesus returns and conquers the Catholic Church, the European Union and all other opposition. A German led European Union in cahoots with the Catholic Church are going to wipe out the Engish speaking nations and Israel. The Palestinians are going to defeat Israel this time because Israel turned it’s back on the Lord and has turned to men to solve their problems with the Arabs. They are even calling on Germany for help! The U.S. has kicked God out of its nation and for a short time The Lord is going to turn his back on the U.S. Britain has also turned its back on the Lord and is cozying up to Germany and the European Union. But Europe doesn’t want anything to do with Britain except to gain access to its nuclear weapons.
    Once they get those weapons, Britain is going to be kicked out of the EU or will voluntarily leave. Wait and see. I’m
    walking with The Lord so I have no worries but the world sure does.

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that the United States fits the description of Babylon better than any nation, corporation, denomination, government. If we are in the last of the last days, and a different Babylon is yet to surface, then we are not in the last of the last days. This does not seem likely.
    I believe all that the Word says is coming, will come in a way we won’t recognize, and is right at the door, though we don’t see it. We need from God eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that understands.

    If it is true that America is Babylon, then it is also true that we will be destroyed in one day. If Dumitru Duduman’s prophecy is truly from the Lord, then it is something to ponder. He says there will be an uprising of many in America against the government. As the government focuses on this domestic insurgency, enemy nations from ships will launch missiles against our nuclear storehouses and cause America to burn and be destroyed in one day.

    That would fit Babylon to a T.

    However God does not spell everything out to us because if we knew that, then we in our carnality would try to change God’s plan by jumping too soon on actions.

    I think the reason we don’t want to even consider that America is Babylon is we don’t realize how bad America really is.

    We will face very soon what we have not faced before: a real test to really confess Jesus Christ in the face of pressure we have not faced before.

    We need to really love Him more than we love our own lives. We are totally unprepared. We need to get truly serious with God and call on Him truly. It is right at the door, and we are too worldly and too blind spiritually, to see it, ripe to take the mark of the beast without a thought. God forbid.


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