Did Nephilim Build the Pyramids?

Cherie wrote:

Tim, I have really enjoyed reading your many articles! I have learned so much! I have a question regarding the Pyramids, I have heard that the Pyramids in Egypt were possibly created by the SONS OF GOD fallen angels children (from being with earthly women) and they learned about heaven from the fallen angels and built the Pyramids to show them what Heaven would be like. That the measurements of the Pyramids are the exact measurements that GOD gives in the Bible. What information do you have regarding this, is there already something on you site I may have missed.

I think you may be referring to the same theory put forth in Patrick Heron’s book about the Nephilim and Pyramids. I have not read his book and listening to him on an interview I heard a misunderstanding of the true nature of the nephilim that cast doubts on his research and conclusions.

Not having read his book or researched much into the pyramids, I do not know why he concludes that, but I have heard there are proven methods that mere men could have built them without help from giants… Herodotus reported on exactly that in the 5th century BCE. Check out these other pyramid construction theories as well.

As I have more information on this topic it will be posted here: Nephilim In Prophecy

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  1. Wormwood is another way of describing the Roman Catholic Church.The star represents a church like the seven stars in the right hand of the Lord in the intro. to Rev. For more mysteries of the universe revealed please send me an email. elandoki@yahoo.com

  2. Well, actually Revelation says those stars are angels, not churches (it’s the candlesticks that are churches):

    The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches. Revelation 1:20 (KJV)

    But really that’s of no consequence since it’s in a different context completely. There it explicitly redefines the stars to not be stars. However, here without that explicit redefinition, proper exegesis demands we understand the star to be a star, which fits the context so well there is no reason to redefine it to be a church.

    Or else, how does a church burn like a torch, fall upon the earth and make the fresh waters bitter so that people die unless you continue with unauthorized poetic license to turn it all into an allegory? It’s unaurthorized and turns the Book of Revelation into a completely subjective useless fairy tale.

  3. Hey guys…

    I’ve listened to Patrick Heron an aweful lot and I don’t think he’s got everything right either, but he makes some really great points.

    I honestly don’t buy into that tier thing in the link posted. A huge part of the problem wasn’t just building the pyramids, it was moving the stone from whereever they were cut/quarried from to the constuction site. Keep in mind, you’re moving it across sand. Did you ever see what happens when you walk on the beach? If 100-200 pounds sinks in sand, imagine what it would be like to transport multi-ton blocks around in it.

    I really dig the site.

  4. Didn’t the Egyptians have hundreds of thousands of hebrew slaves? is it possible that they were responsible for building part or all of the pyramids? Anything can be done with enough “desposable” man power. Excuse the term it was only depicting the egyption view of slaves at that time.
    And if it was’t the Hebrew slaves then is it not possible that they captured enough of any race to do their dirty work for them? Wouldn’t tht be ironic though? If they were built by jews?

  5. Dear Tim
    Here i sit waiting for the day when mass panic will spread through out my land, People killing each other for a tin of beans. the horror of watching hordes of people screaming shouting wailing, while society breaks down and people are reduced to worse then animals. No law and order anarchy rules, so there is rape murder torture, and here we have all these so called prophets shouting “WE TOLD YA” Told us what ! sheepish ambigous stories and warnings on vauge websites and conspiracy theory radio shows that lost there reputation by airing hundreds of nutters saying hug a tree or in there last life they were a crystal called running bear!!???!!! Told us What TIM ? That we live a life were we did not ask to come (or we were unaware,same difference) in a world so twisted bent and perverse and thats the pastors, a world so full of lies cruelty in which a person is so powerless, yet were told repent repent. and i do repent tim i repent everyday i beg mercy and i beg forgiveness i accept Jesus or is his name yesuah now which is vouge Tim ? Do i have to buy a piece of green cloth to get prosperity and blessings ? Do i have to put up the bad hair do and false humility of benny hinn to get healed, and how many private jets does creflo dollar and his co-horts need exactly ? Joyce Meyer in a plastic face competition with micheal jackson ? i could go on for hours listing the problem you have, we have , with all this noise and chatter who do we believe in ? why should we believe in you ? Your just a name i happened to fall across on a website. As a see it Tim Jesus went in the taverns went in the sand-hidren to the brothels to the money lenders, and made himself heard, as well as living the lfe ! What i am i saying ? Simply this we have a fantastic Tv show in the UK called revelation TV Howard Condor and his wife Lesley, brilliant people brilliant show and programmes (apart from hinn, meyer, etc) But useless as a chocolate fireguard, why cos its on a nothing sky channel hid away from the main media and finacial on the brink month by month ! It needs to be on the BBC or ITV it needs to fight argue and do anything to get on the main stream. Howard needs to become a Prime minister ! and you Tim need to go for the Presidentship or Chuck Missler. if you look good in a suit self disaplined, enjoying good health then stop tweaking the message thats God Job i feel your Job is to get to the highest place you physically can to scream it out loud and clear ! no ifs buts maybes ! and live it. I am a confused very frightened follower a sheep that needs a good shepherd. Thanks for letting me get that of my chest ! God Bless

    Steve North Wales UK

  6. Steve,

    You’re confusing the divinely ordained and provided for calling and missions of Jesus and his apostles with those of us who are simply trying to understand what they all said and wrote with no promise of supernatural provision to go along with no special calling (beyond to know God now).

    When the time comes God promises to send another Elijah-style prophet in the end times to make these things known to all his servants everywhere. Those with faith will hear, respond and obey the difficult instructions that will go. If you want to understand what’s coming and what the instructions are early, as I did, then that is possible with wisdom and diligence. My book can save you much time on that and you won’t be disappointed with its literal verifiable methodology. Or you can study on your own as I did or wait for the prophet. Feel free to email me for more information or see here for my story: http://www.escapeallthesethings.com/planet-x-nibiru-wormwood.htm


  7. Tim,im not Christian but i believe in Jesus and im not a racist.I worship my Guru’s. Tim, i think you are very intelligent person.I heard the end of the world will end in about 800 or 8000 years according to Egypt’s pyramid but ‘im not sure’.Do you know anything about Egypt’s pyramid’s end of the world calculation? Maybe EARTH will end in DEC 2012 but is there any connection with planet MARS?

  8. hey guys… i just want to let yah know that some things are not ment for us to understand as of yet..i question all those theories .. and im always searching for truth..

    One pastor said to me once that if we try to argue or work out theories to much(of whos right or wrong) ….we have missed the whole purpose 4 being on this earth…we are all called to preach(proclaim,act out,minster) the gospel(the love of God,his sacrifice,the promise) ..if a child cant understand it then its not worth it..
    we should alow the holy spirit to do his work and not get in the way..,,dont get me wrong but im sure that we will get the truth//and answers to all our questions soon..
    but let us focus on living truthfully for Jesus and show the world his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven…

    all i hope is that when the hour comes when Christ returns or before i die …im at peace him(Good relationship..doing his work)…

    God bless

    • Troy, I would fire that pastor who told you that! We cannot be a light to others and effectively share the gospel if we do not constantly improve our thinking ability and knowledge of the Bible. To do this we must consider and pursue all theories out there. We can be more effective in sharing the Gospel if we have wisdom and depth from study.

  9. is the antichrist a Jew?:
    In Ezekiel 21:25-27 we read: “and thou, profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day is come, when iniquity shall have an end, Thus saith the Lord God; Remove the diadem, and take off the crown: this shall not be the same: exalt him that is low, and abase him that is high. I will overturn, overturn, overturn it: and it shall be no more until he comes whose right it is, and I will give it him”

  10. It’s an ordinary angel that delivers the word of God to his servants. It’s not Christ if that’s what you mean. Christ was the word who was not made flesh until around 3BC.

  11. Tim,

    I have been reading your articles lately on my lunch breaks at work, (And admitedly sometimes during work), and I must say that it’s refreshing to have someplace to look when I wish to research these type of things. Although I do not have enough money to purchase your book, you post notes and articles on your blog that allow me to learn your thoughts on each subject as I read. It’s impossible to find a church that even teaches about ANY of revelation in depth let alone one that will talk about it without condeming everyone in the congregation to eternal shame while doing it. Normally this topic is avoided like the plague. They feel that if it is not brought up, then it will not happen. In the back of their minds I feel they protest that thought with the rational thought that if it was writen in the bible, it’s not imaginary. I wanted to say thank you for giving me someplace I can learn about these particular topics.

    God Bless

  12. Hello Tim

    Just stumbled on your site.
    It’s obvious that the Nephilim built the pyramids as it’s not something we are able to do in modern times. The nephilim mixed their DNA with all types of animals that were on the earth at the time, there were many races of nephilim as there were a lot of fallen angels. Anubis nephilim dog good at guarding, Cecrops nephilim whale, mermaids. The nephilim bloodline is still running today and some say it runs through the royal families, freemasons and illuminati and governments. The symbolism on tv nowadays is rife, programs like the x factor, harrys potty and loads of kiddies programs are secretly programming all our minds to the dark side. As it says in the Bible seek knowledge. We celebrate christmas but it’s pagan solstice ritual, easter worshipping the god esher. Remember the Sabbath and to keep it holy, saturday is the Sabbath, sunday is a day of worship to the sun god.


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