ObamaCare RFID Microchip 2013 – Latest “Mark of the Beast”

Perennial Mark of the Beast Anxieties

Another year, another “mark of the beast” (Rev 13:16-18) theory. Just as with date setting for Bible prophecies, speculation over the mark of the beast never ends. The last thing believers want is for the mark to sneak up on them causing a loss of their salvation for this supposed unpardonable sin.

As such, several people have asked me lately about ObamaCare’s mandatory RFID Microchip by March 23, 2013. Of course, microchips are probably the number one candidate for what the mark of the beast will be. Therefore, the news of a mandatory RFID chip on US citizens is too close for comfort to the mark of the beast to not cause great anxiety among prophecy-savvy believers who hear this rumor.

The only hitch is that, as you can readily verify at reputably sites like Snopes, it is a hoax that ObamaCare will require a RFID microchip by 2013. Unfortunately, nobody who has emailed me about this theory so far has accepted what reputable news sites say.

Bible Says Mark Not Forced or Before the Antichrist

No matter. The important thing is what the Bible says on this topic. There are three reasons a mandatory RFID does not fit the mark of the beast:

1. The mark is not going to be sneaked or forced on people like a brand on cattle. People must accept it knowingly and voluntarily (for ability to trade and get food) or if not, be put to death (Rev 20:4). This means that everyone who has the mark will have consented to it.

2. The mark of the beast does not appear in prophecy until the beast who it is named for comes to power with the False Prophet who requires it (Rev 13:11-16). This would be the Great Tribulation or last 3½ years of this age or when the Antichrist (Beast), False Prophet are ruling and deceiving the earth.

3. The mark does not come until a clear angel-sourced warning goes out to all the earth about not taking it (Rev 14:9). A clear unmistakable warning like this is only fair given how dire the consequences are for taking the mark.

For more on this and the torture that goes with the roll out of the mark, see The Mark of the Beast – If You See It, It’s Too Late


4 thoughts on “ObamaCare RFID Microchip 2013 – Latest “Mark of the Beast””

  1. How can we trust the chip that they implant? They can say it just has this and that in it. However, it could have more. I don’t trust it and I don’t want to be deceive and con’ed into something that could take away my life. The president, the government are full fledged deceivers. I wont do it. I don’t care. I don’t feel right about it, my gut gives me a thumbs down.

  2. Yes Tim. Just another of the Obama hate mongering far right-wingers propagating far-fetched fear to satisfy their inbuilt venom toward the President. It falls in the class of beliefs such as “Acorn stole the election for Obama” Sad…

  3. i read your meaning on the real mark of the beast and i’m confused is the mark of the beast sunday worship or the holidays because no matter what my parents will make me celebrate the holidays because there is no scripture proving christmas and easter and thanksgiving to be wrong? but there is alot proving sunday sunday worship to be wrong


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