2 thoughts on “Petra in Prophecy”

  1. You are wrong about Petra. There are now about 5000 Jordanians who live there.
    Petra comprises about 100 sq.miles. I used to think two million could fit there, but I’m down to one million, tops. Of course, a lot of preparatory work has to be done first as
    restoration of a UN Heritage site. Actually, Israel conquers it first before a UN Russian
    army decimates Israel with nuclear bombs, & the jews are forced to retreat from it.
    Israel is not conquered, just destroyed. There are other Places of Safety that will be
    built besides Petra. The final Place of Safety is with GOD to help you endure the
    persecution of Satan. There is NO rapture! That is an invention of men who wanted to obtain a following. In Jesus, C.C. May 27, 2015.


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