Time to Flee America?

Over the years of my involvement in Bible prophecy, I have met many people who were worried by rumors about bad things coming in America. Usually this comes from hearing conspiracy theories or prophecy-based predictions. For some, it makes them so anxious that they are seriously considering a move out of America. For example, one person wrote me:

Tim this President believes he is a King. There are things going on that are very frightening. There are whispers of martial law between now and June. Everyday is a new outrage. They are trying to take our guns. He is turning against Israel. He has enemies lists and kill list supposedly for terrorist, but DHS has named conservatives terrorists now. They passed the NDAA which says Americans can now be detained indefinitely. Those of us that pay attention are mocked and called alarmists. It is not good.

Some perspective helps greatly here. What few who write me realize is that these kind of rumors and speculation are actually nothing new. Rumors like this swirl around every president. I’ve watched it since the ’90s. And they always comes to naught. Why? Because they were based on many unlikely scenarios and unsafe assumptions.

The question is not what is conceptually possible assuming so many variables and conditions line up, but what is really probable or likely. The best predictor of the future is the past, not what a few fringe voices on the web say is going to happen. People have an abysmal track record when it comes to predicting the future. What makes us think that anonymous nobodies on the Internet would be the exception?

Thus, to factor these fringe theories into your life choices makes little sense. It would be like not going outside because you think you can slip and fall (a possibility) or  be hit by lightening (possible) when really neither is probable or good reason to change what you do.

When we look at it that way we see that most likely Obama will exit the presidency normally with the US intact and no major problems just as all forty-something presidents before him did. Even if they take our guns away, America’s threat is not its own government through martial law, etc. but in prophecy it is enemies from the north.


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