16 thoughts on “Why Jesus Won’t Come Back in 2012 (or Any Year Soon)”

  1. It is a dangerous thing to think to understand what the prophecies of scripture mean through scholarly study, as opposed to hearing the voice of God. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day thought they knew exactly what it would look like when the messiah first came, through their scholarly study, but they all missed him. Those who heard from God directly knew Jesus was the real messiah.

    Jesus is not coming back in 2012, but the first wave of revival is coming this year, and based on what I have been hearing, I don’t think it will be more than 20 years before He comes back again.

    • What you’re saying is you need to hear the voice of God to understand what someone who heard the voice of God wrote down or said. Kind of like the HS is a secret decoder ring of the HS? In that situation nobody can show to anyone else what the prophecies mean through scholarly reason because it’s on such a high level it makes sense to nobody else without the same spiritual revelation/decoder ring and if they have that spiritual revelation they just get it rather than reason it out from the text(?).

      Thankfully the prophecies are readily understandable by regular people with wisdom that Daniel promises would be available in the end times (Dan 12:4, 9-10). Notice that it says the “wise” would understand, not the spiritually anointed or hearers of God’s voice, etc. Remember, Daniel heard God’s voice yet even he himself did not understand his own prophecies because he lacked wisdom that would only be available in the end times. A few NT prophecies mention, “here is wisdom” as important for understanding what is written as well.

      So the correct approach is to read the text carefully like a scholar with wisdom, but not like a religious scholar like the Pharisees were: biased by doctrines and traditions of their sect that they had could not contradict or be ostracized.

      (P.S. it’s not dangerous to think anything!)

  2. Tim,
    Have you seen the latest at 119ministries.com. They are contemplating moving to costa Rica. And they have a new video that says Christ is coming back in 2016. Can you disect their reasoning? Do you know these Guys?


  3. I beleive you are gifted christain but how do you explain JOB1:7,2:2 on the meainig of to and fro if its not about transportation, as you mentioned in daniel 12

    • I would guess that in Job, the verb shut (for “go to and fro”) is in the context of the earth so it makes sense as movement, unlike Daniel 12 where there is no preposition with the verb but “and knowledge shall increase” indicating searching. Anyway, I did not come up with this myself, but found a reputable commentary that explained it. I kicked myself for not checking commentaries before deciding go to and fro meant new global travel. It does not fit the context of knowledge increasing or other uses of the verb where it obviously means searching.

  4. Thanks makes sense one more thing i am waiting for your 7 prophecy pit falls any idea when it will be out its 2 days late

  5. everyone has a different gift. some people have prophetic gifts, some have the gift of discernment. in these last days i believe that those with the gift of discernment have been telling us about the current world situation that we are in. they mention the financial crisis, the upcoming war, etc. some prophets predicted this situation years ago. some also predicted the current drought in the midwest. some have seen the fires that occured in the midwest. i think God is going to continue to give his sons and daughters dreams and visions in these last days.
    check out John Paul Jackson’s site. he had mentioned back in 2008 a lot of what is occuring in 2012. he doesn’t set any dates,etc.

  6. I am very confused when it comes to the bible. I prayed and ask God for wised.I want to know-When is the Sabbath day? I have always thought Sunday was,now I hear Saturdayis. Please help….

    • You’re not alone in confusion about what the Bible says. As I explain in my book, the Bible is by its own admission hard on purpose, written in parables to hide the mysteries of the Kingdom.

      Sabbath and Law issues are also confusing to readers as it seems to say they are forever and “the Sabbath was made for man” making you think it is something you should do. Then you hear the church say they changed it to Sunday by their authority, etc. and get anxious about getting the right day down for your salvation/obedience.

      But the 7th day (Saturday) Sabbath was only given to ancient Israel. They were given prophets, judges, priests, & Levites to show them what to do and how to do it. They were not left in confusion and doubt like we are today on these things. Yet they broke the Torah that required the Sabbath and many other things for which they were exiled. No longer do they have a prophet leading them and requiring these things like before. Likewise we today have no instruction for doing it (which is the right Sabbath) or how to do it which is fine because we were never told to keep it like they were.

      So you don’t have to worry which day is the Sabbath. It’s not for you or anyone today. When it returns as a command in the Millennium as Isaiah 66:23 says, people will be shown when it is exactly and how to do it and not have to post on the Internet hoping for help!

      As far as Sunday churches, they can choose whatever day for assembly/worship they wish. They really do not teach people to rest on that day like Israel’s Sabbath required. E.g., they don’t disfellowship members if they work on that day before or after church, etc.

      Does that make sense and ease your mind?


      Tim McHyde

  7. So you are telling me NOT to worry which day is the Sabbath because it’s not for me or anyone today. WHAT? You are joking right? Because the commandments say keep the Sabbath.I have NEVER in all my 38 years had someone tell me not to keep the commandments.

    • No, you misunderstood; may you go 38 years more not hearing that. I don’t tell people not to keep Sabbath. Keep Sabbath if you want =).

      But you shouldn’t feel like you have to keep a command given to someone else just because you can eavesdrop and read about it thousands of years later. You and I are not addressed by Exodus 16 or 20 or any of the other passages in the Law you seem to consider “the [universal] commandments.” The Sabbath and rest of the law was given to ancient Israel, not to us. Audience, audience, audience.

      Now, when Jesus said “if you want to enter into life, keep the commandments,” do you really think he was referring to Sabbath keeping? Think this through: that would make Sabbath keeping a salvation issue! A ritual that few people in know about nor would guess has anything to do with them. They’re damned if it is a salvation issue or part of “the commandments of God for all men.” It’s only part of “the commandments to Israel.” God does not have just one set of “the commandments.” It depends on who you talk about. Adam and Noah were commanded to have children. Noah had to build an ark in his “the commandments.” You’d agree I hope that building an ark and having kids are not universal salvation commandments.

      So which ones are? We don’t have to speculate and invent here; Jesus said which ones when asked! Check them again. Sabbath is not there. Only the moral instructions that he said fulfilled the Law and the Prophets are there. These are the same ones anyone can figure out without a Bible are pleasing to God as they are about justice and love to your fellow man. Which means unlike a Sabbath command, these ones people can learn about and do rather than be damned for never having heard them. From any society a human grows up in you can learn the core moral code Jesus described and not be damned.


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