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  1. I find this very interesting. An author I heard recently on the radio, Ronald Weinland, was discussing how some of the signs of the End-Time will be the “Seven Thunders of Revelation,” which are supposed to be seven types of events leading up to the opening of the seventh seal. Some of these include increasing terrorism, earthquakes, plagues, and the revelation that the author is one of the Two Witnesses. He also says that six of the seven seals of Revelation have already been opened. His book is pretty wild, it’s online here: http://www.the-end.com

  2. Whoops, if he’s saying the sixth seal has happened then he’s obviously not taking the Bible literally enough. Carefully read Revelation 6:12ff yourself and notice that people are responding literally crying out for help as you would expect to the global devastation. If that global chaos has happened already then I don’t know how we missed it. My book explains how the 6th seal must be yet future and how such an astonishing event can literally happen and be followed by the 7th seal and first four trumpets other literal events.

  3. What do you know about Ronald Weinland? Is there a possibility that he is one of the Two Witnesses. He seems to have a lot of the truths but he calls the Messiah Jesus(zeus is god)instead of his real name of Yahu’shuah. This is throwing me off. I read your book and trust your wisdom and knowledge. Peace be with you, Brother McHyde

  4. I get asked about this guy all the time (high time to put up an article on it). But in my book anyone who claims to be Two Witnesses is definitely not. Not because they use Jesus, which is English convention. I just don’t remember any prophets in the Bible going around shooting their mouth off before their ministry starts with miracles and signs. The Two Witnesses will let their miracle-working actions speak for them I expect, just like the prophets of old in the Bible. Glad you liked the book, and don’t forget to go on the private forums where questions like this are already discussed.

  5. You can download a free chart of nearly 100 characteristics of end-time Babylon, to help you draw your own conclusion to the question, “Who or what is Babylon?. The characteristics are grouped in categories (geo-political, socio-economic, cultural, etc.), with
    scripture references. It is 9 pages, available as a free download. You will find it very interesting and provocative to see all the references stacked together!

  6. This is nonsense you people need to grow up and start resorting to science instead of non-fiction hope that you resort to because of fear. There is no prophet, the world is going to end at some point, everyone dies, there is no blindly predicting the future the best guess we have is with science. As a citizen of the world we need to focus on global peace and saving our planet not this fictional nonsense

  7. Normally I wouldn’t get upset, but this last post really bothers me. So all I will say is, yea, leats turn to sience, the same thing that has given us “medicines” that “cure” us by completely destroying our natural immune systems thereby making us reliant on more medication, which in turn destroys more of our body until we meet a premature end, or become vegitables plugged into a machine that science made that would not need to be invented in the first place had we not taken the medication. Obviously science is a confused mess of unproven theories, (Because science itself defines a theory as something that can never be proven correct only proven wrong) which leaves those reliant on science with all the knowledge in the world about absolutely nothing at all since none of it can be proven.

    One of us is stupid……….Looks like you just forgot which one……..Have a nice day and God Bless.

    One question for Tim. I have been doing a lot of research into Masons and the like because a few of my co-workers are members. My dad used to be one when I was a kid and left because apparently my family has a bloodline that passes through at least 2 members of royalty. The point is they asked him to join a rank that not even most masons knew existed. Needless to say very very satanic and blatant abominations were practiced at this next rank and only got worse as higher ranked members discussed these things with my dad. Being a man who loves God, he obviously left. My question is, base on my research, they actually pull their rituals from some books and scrolls that seem to be dated around the same time as the bible only it seems to be accounts of things from the other side of the tracks, the evil side. This being the case they use this as an actual religion in which they talk with Lucifer, and they use that name very specifically, who tells them what steps to take for his adgenda. Could this ifluence Catholisism even further in the future and become the one world religion? It seems they play a HUGE part in the plans for the Anti-Christ. In fact they have been trying to rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount for Hudreds of years knowing that it will set the stage for the Anti-Christ. This is information I’ve received from my Dad and from my research.

    Could this be the way the temple is built? Could this end up being the One-World Religion and people actually recognize WHO the Anti-Christ REALLY is but they just blatantly follow him because he offers help from Wormwood and they just give in KNOWING who he is at that time? I just value your opinion and would like to know what you think as well.

    God Bless

  8. The One World Religion will be worship of the Beast through his mark. Catholicism will endorse it apparently since the last pope will be the False Prophet. The temple may be built partly from their efforts…then again the Jews have their own religious radicals who have been preparing the temple prefab with furniture for decades. In my book I talk about how indeed the Beast will come to power through saving everyone from Wormwood’s effects. He has the food and security they desparately will want. The people at the top just like in Masonry will know he really is not the creator God, but the rest will fall for the strong delusion. Hope that answers your question.

  9. What is your email address? I wrote in detail about Revelation 18 and the connection to the United States a few years ago. I did a google search at the time and could not find anyone with the same revelation. Many of my insights are not included in your comments showing the much deeper connection to this nation. I would like to share them so others can judge for themselves.

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