This War: Is God In Control or Just Evil?

Mark wrote:

IF there is a real god, he either is IN control or he IS NOT in control, right? If he IS in control, then he has everything just like he wants with wars, fighting, killing, torture, hate, etc., and all the negative things he made, so he is a big Ahole. If he IS NOT in control then he does not fit the description of a god and is not so nice, perfect, and all powerful and does not exist……..There is no in-between and neither of these descriptions is good, so he is only an imagination in your head………..Also, if we came from Adam and Eve, they had kids but then they had to have sex with each other to make more kids, and again, and again, so we are all decendants of inbreeds, right? yep inbreeds. so sorry

Hi Mark,

God is in control but has given us free will to choose how to live the life he gave us. He cannot give us free will then take it away everytime someone might do something hurtful or how would we ever learn it does not work for ourselves as freewill promises? That deaths and wars happen is solvable later becuase there is a resurrection and a time coming when God will rein things in to show the contrast of life under his government. But he could not “shove his religion down our throat” first before letting the need for his ways and government be historically demonstrated beyond any doubt. He will literally be saving the Earth from destruction when he steps in, proving our gift of life from him is incomplete without his instruction and government.

Inbreeding is only a problem after genetic mistakes crop up after many generations, which would not be the case in the first generations of offspring of something God had directly created.

If you want more insight on why God is allowing the world to go the way he is now, including all kinds of fractured warring Churches operating in his name, see my book Mystery Of Disunity.


4 thoughts on “This War: Is God In Control or Just Evil?”

  1. God has always allowed satan the opprotunity to tempt man. Satan by far is greater in power and knowledge than any man. After all he took on God. Would you a mere man attempt to challenge God, would you have the power or the knowledge to even attempt such a challenge. If God existed that is (which I believe he does). Don’t forget God made Angels before he made man. So here you got this Almost all powerful, almost all knowing angel you turns against God. Why? Because God gave free will to angels as well as man. Why did God give free will to both angels and men? Who knows, maybe its because he didn’t want to create robots. Lets face it I can program a computer to tell me every day or every minute for that matter, How great I am. Maybe I want to expand it to 10 million computers or 100 million, and maybe I want them to look like me so I make robotic computers with faces and such. I’m in control of them, I program them to say what ever I want. God could of easily of did that with humans and angels, but instead he chose to give them free will. He is still in control, yet his creation has the ability to choose (left, right, up, down, yes, no etc…) But humans and angels most important choice is weather to believe God and his teaching or to believe satan and his lies. For what it really comes down to is believing God who knows all or believing satan who knows almost all. It’s your choice choose wisely.

  2. Leonard,
    Excellent points. I agree with you that angels have free will too, they must; otherwise how could 1/3 of them choose to side with satan. satan chose to defy God our Father and Jesus (God our Savior).
    Pride, arrogance and ego got the best of him and now his die is cast. How terrible it would be to be satan of one of his demons. They must know full well what awaits them, yet their hatred for Gods creations is so great they cannot cease from trying to hurt, damage and corrupt it as much as possible. Sad, pathetic, doomed creatures. The same fate awaits mankind if we do not choose Jesus Christ as our Savior.
    Sometimes it is sure hard to give away “free”, yet we gladly “pay” for sin!
    Seek and accept Jesus Christ before it is to late for you who are still sitting on the “fence”. May God bless you all with wisdom and safety.


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