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  1. the dome of the rock construction started in 685 finished 691 this structure over the holiest place on earth was cotrolled by the followers 0f the false prophet until the six day war .the temple returned to jewish hands.1967-685=1287 the desolation in daniels 1290 days is refering to this time.during the six year constuction “a islamic treasury was built over the east wall ;mohameds name and jesus name were used together inscribed on the domes wall.any of these things could of been done 3 yrs into construction1287+3=1290 .daniel goes on to say blessed is he who waits until 1335day 1335-1290=45 1967+45=2012 it took me awhile but study about the false prophet:the house of edom :belive me the more you study the more youll find!!!!!

  2. I am sorry to say to all of you who believe in jesus, he did not exist. there have been sixteen other crucified saviors before him with the same story of died on a cross, virgin birth, walking on water, 12 disciples, etc. These other men follow or began the greatest story ever sold. The entire bible is based on astrology even when jesus tells the disciples to go to man carrying a pitcher of water, this is the zodiac sign of Aquarius and you can go on and on. The son is actually the sun the crown of thorns are the sun rays the walking on water is the reflection of light on the water fron the sun rays. Study Ezekiel the 1st chapter and that should clarify who we think are the gods or elohim.

  3. This is the so-called “Jesus myth”, the theory that Jesus never lived and that his life is just an unoriginal story lifted from other false god myths. To believe this you have to use very selective sources of history without checking they are right and ignore other primary sources that say something different. Read this rebuttal of a movie that’s also teaching the Jesus myth and see if it doesn’t answer your concerns.


  4. I enjoyed the in depth information provided by you. wyane2012 is not correct. There are three ancient manuscripts describing Jesus Christ during the time of his ministry. They can be Googled at: The scientific search for the face of JesusFrank Adams. 2007 predictions by you is very interesting. One thing that strikes me odd about the daily sacrifice is that according to the old testament King James Version God himself did away with the daily sacrifice replacing it with knowledge and mercy. Given by a prophet to Israel it says this. “Thus saith the Lord. There shall no longer be the shedding of the blood of animals in all the land of Israel, for the Lord hateth the shedding of the blood of animals. This shall be the new daily sacrifice. That mercy abound and that the knowledge of God be spread.”

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