2012 Movie & Bible Prophecy: “Striking” Similarities Article

I went out to see the 2012 movie last week and was so impressed (as a prophecy fan) that I had to write about it. I’ve crafted a new article on website to highlight some similarities between what the movie shows and Bible prophecy. Of course, the 2012 date is complete fiction but this does not stop the movie from having some real value to truth seekers. Check out the new article here on The 2012 Movie and Bible prophecy.

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11 thoughts on “2012 Movie & Bible Prophecy: “Striking” Similarities Article”

  1. I’ve heard about a new study on DVD on Bible prophecies about the future by Dr. Tim LaHaye. He did those Left Behind books, anyways they are supposed to be really great.

  2. I think the movie is produced to profiteer off the need of the blind people of the public who are biblically illiterate and hungry for someone to tell them what is to come.

    Unfortunately the hollywood movie industry has an agenda to hide the truth in every way possible behind a pagan mirage of superstition, sensuality, wantonness and sensationalism. They want to profiteer from the fear of the masses, but what is new. They know it is far easier to sell a lie than to give the truth away.

    There is nothing new under the sun.

    • Ralph: that may be so and if we are going to wait for 100% truthful movies then we’d never go to a single one.

      But I think it is a waste of time to second guess their motives. Who cares? They produced a very well-crafted flick on a very good theme to get people considering their own lives and mortality. It has great potential to interest people in the Bible as well. Christians are going to it and wondering if the Bible fits it. Anything that gets people finally reading the Bible is not all bad in my book.

      Billy: Ditto for LaHaye’s books promoting a pretrib rapture based on allegory, not literal rapture verses. They are full of errors and lies, but they have been a phenomenon that gets people interested in prophecy and the Bible again, so I am glad he wrote them. If you want the truth, try reading my site http://www.EscapeAllTheseThings.com and searching out the post tribulation/pre-wrath rapture position.

  3. I went to see the 2012 movie. After the movie was over I started thinking about how the images reminded me of scripture I had read in Revelation concerning the seals and trumpets. I started reading those passages over again as well as doing research online. I came across several secular sites talking about Planet X which was of great interest to me because I had never heard of that theory. I wondered if that theory could relate to the end time prophecies and I continued to study, read and pray. One day I came across your site which I do not believe was by coincidence. I finished your book in 2 days and have found a renewed desire for studying the end time prophecies. So I justed wanted to say that I agree with you that even movies that have a false concept of the end times can still develop a desire for biblical things. I also wanted to thank you for the great work you have put into studying the prophecies of the Bible. Myself and others will greatly benefit from your inspiring dedication to understanding the scriptures.

    • You’re welcome and thanks for reading and commenting. People report all the time how the book renews their interest in reading the Bible and seeking God. It’s very flattering to have had a part in changing so many lives for the better.

  4. I don’t agree 2012 is obviously a government created (Code Year) it will be a well-timed secular inspired disaster ushering in the end of this country as we now know it, and the birth of that satanically inspired “New World order”

    Fact, no government in its right mind would spend countless trillions? that’s right! Not billions NO, trillions on underground bunkers if they didn’t already know that a man-made disaster at a predetermined date and time was already in the works. like—(911)

    Very possible 2012 scenario

    Imagine for a moment the sequences leading up to this event. You are a super wealthy billionaire going about your daily business, making millions when somebody hands you a special envelope. Inside is a predetermined date and time. The date & time obviously in an around the year 2012. Without hesitation you quickly open and read it. You have just received a warning confirmation telling you to get too the special VIP shelter immediately before plan [A] (false flag attack) goes into effect. So you hop the first plane (Learjet) taking along your family and pets. You arrive at your final destination in a limousine “an airport in Dallas” Next a special underground train system takes you and your family to a recently finished luxurious underground shelter. Next a corporate owned and operated computer system (not based in this country) programed decades earlier transmits the go code. This code closely corresponds with that previously calculated end count jazz.

    My best guess is that 2012 will by no means be a horrific event from outer space or some earthquake like the one that hit Haiti a couple weeks ago. “NO” but a well-timed economic collapse perpetrated by our own government. That’s right the same out of control government that deliberately orchestrated the attacks on 911 then cover-up all the incriminating evidence by cleverly destroying it.

    Note: “that also includes those 4 practically indestructible flight data recorder’s (black boxes) too”

    We (the little people) will now face that horrendous chaos while these big shots now wait in the “temporary safety” of those underground bunkers. “God knows where they are”

    Actually doesn’t really matter what type of disaster they have planned for that particular date & time,the sad fact is? our country as we now know it, “will not survive…”

    Think about it??? while you still can? Time changes all things…

  5. Just watched this movie. Not bad. Very suspenseful at parts and interesting overall. But the characters didn’t react or their reaction wasn’t shown in response to a few situations which made no sense (not the situation their lack or reaction). But I recommend it.

  6. I just want to comment on two matters that was mentioned in your site.

    1. “Wormwood”. I believe it to be not a physical planetary body but a spiritual one, as it only struck a third of the world’s water situation and not of the whole earth (that can only be done if it was a physical object).

    2. ‘The flooding of the whole earth’ that you also mentioned in your site saying that it is to be very unlikely, ‘Biblically speaking’ as you said.

    The Lord in Mt.24:37-39, said something to this very effect, about the ‘The flooding of the whole earth’, “As it was in the days of Noah, SO IT WILL BE at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the Ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away. THIS IS HOW IT WILL BE at the coming of the Son of Man.”
    The Lord actually emphasized the importance of it mentioning it twice,
    first in v.37 “As it was in the days of Noah, SO IT WILL BE at the coming of the Son of Man.” and,
    then in v.39 “…until the flood came and took them all away, THIS IS HOW IT WILL BE at the coming of the Son of Man.”.
    This tells me that -Flooding of the Whole World- will be a very real happening.

    Many blessings.


  7. The only conclusion that I came down to when I saw the 2012 movie, was that if you don’t have the MONEY or the CONNECTIONS, your’e LOST! JESUS doesnt work with that formula. HIS is by FAITH.

  8. I have a great message for all prophecy teachers and believers. Be prepared as a bride to groom with finest dress in which no stain, I repeat no stain is there. Repent before the lord and teach the same to others about not sinning because every disasters comes to earth is a wrath of God from now. look Jesus is the true way to heaven. Nobody is able to save you, not your knowledge. Kindly take the message in your heart. Do not try to misjudge biblical prophecy as it is written for the false prophesier that they will be put in hell for the eternity. My commandment is to you about love each other. Always preach about not sinning and it is urgent need of this time, not prophecies teaching and others. you would get fame and enough money by displaying people what they want to hear of study of. But if you go to fulfill the will of God, it would be like a pain on cross but a victory like Resurrection then…

    • You seem to believe that Bible prophecy should not be studied and discussed at all and those who do are a “false prophesier.”

      But prophecy is an important part of the Bible which Daniel says that “the wise” would understand in the end times (Dan 12:4,9-10).

      Jesus taught repentance, love and prophecy about the end times. Why not study all of them?


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