Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine Rumors Dispelled

A reader asked:

I have heard about a mandatory H1N1 vaccine that the US is going to force us to take the vaccine or go to a concentration camp. Have you heard about this? It is supposedly going to start as soon as October 15, 2009. If you have heard anything or have any advise I would greatly appreciate your response.

There are always rumors like this about draconian laws coming or concentration camps for resistors. I’ve heard and watched these fables come and go for years.

You know what I’ve found? They never come to pass.

Why Unsubstantiated Rumors Should Be Ignored

I can think of three reasons why:

  1. Most often they were just unfounded or false rumors. There is a good reason mainstream news sites do not carry such stories. They cannot be verified. This of itself does not make them false, but most unverifiable stories do turn out this way.
  2. Perhaps a few rumors are based on actual plans of the enemy which failed as most plans men make up do.
  3. Finally some may have been real plans and had a real chance but they contradicted God’s master plan. Of course, God is sovereign and his plans never fail.

Discernment 101

In hindsight, most of the above may seem like common sense, even academic. But common sense is not always very common.

I confess it took me a few years to experience this pattern before I recognized it myself. We all have to learn most of our discernment the hard way, by experience. We must fall for a few con-men, erroneous ideas, false prophets, and false prophecies before we start to see that generally if it sounds too good to be true (or too bad to be true) it usually is. Or if too few people are saying something, it generally is false. (With the Bible this turns out to be the opposite:  most of what is popularly taught from the Bible is in error, due to how the Bible was written)

The next time you hear an extreme rumor like this, I hope you treat it as it deserves. As an unsubstantiated rumor.

5 thoughts on “Mandatory H1N1 Vaccine Rumors Dispelled”

  1. Rumors like this can be despelled on several web sites like,There are many end time new age scarey rumors that are flying around. Do your homework. As an avid conspiracy theorist, with 25 years of looking into everything from concentration camps to guillatines, (here in Indianapolis, there have been several rumors, of a train yard that is supposed to be a future concentration camp; and even photo’s published on the web, photo’s that were not exactly truthful, or current, I live here I know) so before you go balistic, or become fearful, do your due dilligence. While the internet has it’s evil side, it is a wealth of information previously unavailible in human history, you just have to be discerning of it.

  2. On the flipside, don’t automatically dismiss everything you see or hear either. Many people have forgotten that there was a mandatory vaccination requirement with an earlier “Swine Flu” (also described as H1N1) strand here in the United States back in 1976. That year then President Gerald Ford instituted the “National Influenza Immunization Program” and required every US citizen to receive the shot. However, as history shows everyone didn’t receive the shot (only 48 Million did) because the program was halted shortly after being started due to public outcry over health concerns which the public believed was caused by the vaccinations, claiming the government did not perform adequate testing. Which was true, it was created and released with extreme quickness, however it seems that those health concerns were not directly related to the vaccinations.

    • Right, Tony. I was aware of that myself. I think the safe side is to disbelieve wild rumors lacking in any proof. Past incidence only shows it is possible, and is not proof of the current rumor. If anything that event could make a future mass vac less likely due to the negative results it had.

  3. Tim, don’t you agree that Our Creator made our human body PERFECT?

    Then don’t you agree that what our Creator made does not need to be injected with the Pharmaceutical Cartels bio weapons? It is very ture that the Doctor’s are pushers for he Pharmaceuticals and that the Pharmaceutical Cartels work for the Government?

    your opinion?

    • How God made our body originally pristine and pure and with complete DNA is different than the DNA with gaps and toxic bodies and environment we have today. Also people are ignorant of, or unwilling to adopt natural heath practices like fasting and proper living food diet which are extremely effective as 1913 proved. Vaccines have saved lives in this modern depraved environment. Personally I have never taken one and never will but I’m glad the option is available for those who need it. I simply disagree with the logic of mandatory vaccines which lines the pockets of the manufacturers.


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