Can Christians Fight For Their Country?

An interesting question I received that brings up some uncommon thoughts I have which I think would benefit many Christians I come in contact with:
Dear Tim,

There are very few people I respect as I do you, which is the reason I’m asking you this question.  I’ll try to keep it short.

Without trying to prove everything here is the premise:

By virtue of immense wealth, a small number of people control most of the money in the world. (Illuminati)

They pool their resources for hundreds of years in a satanic plot to cause as much chaos as possible, with the ultimate goal of installing Satan as the world’s leader.

Through their power they install an American president, who is not even an American, and continuously lies to Americans, and breaks American law,   (I’ll call him barack obama)

Because he is a traitor to America, he sells America to the Chinese to give them an official reason to invade America.

Just for the sake of this question, please accept this premise-

Question: Is it, or is it not, morally correct to fight the invading forces using lethal means, according to the bible?  Or should we as Christians accept the rape and murder and pillage?

I sincerely thank you Tim, because I respect your opinion.


Biblical Pacifism?

The Bible, including Jesus (Lk 22:36), does not teach pacifism. Going to war was even commanded by God multiple times to ancient Israel. Therefore, it’s not forbidden to fight to defend your country against invaders in a time of war. (Killing when it is not war is murder as David commented about Joab’s revenge against the person who killed his brother in the battle – 1Kg 2:5).

That said, God commanding a whole secular nation to go to war is different than individual servants of God in a wicked nation electing to go to war. It’s their decision unless they are drafted. When I hear Christians get political, hate on their current administration or demonize the liberals, I do not understand it considering Jesus’ example.

Jesus Avoided Such Causes

Jesus was living under pagan Roman occupation. There was plenty of pagan idol worship, homosexuality, pedophilia practiced for him to rail against. Yet even when baited to say something political (in the case of the temple tax question), he declined and turned the opportunity into a way to emphasize serving God (“render unto Caesar…render unto God…”.

Jesus went about his father’s business of the kingdom. His food was to do work of God, spreading the Good News of the Kingdom. He’s  our example. Note that I’m not saying it’s wrong to be involved in politics or express opinions or even dislike for the other camp. I’m saying if you are one of the few today who know and practice  Jesus’ message about love for all and serving others being a light to them (how many even Christians do that?), these good causes or efforts can end up being a distraction from a higher or better calling and cause of service for God.

5 thoughts on “Can Christians Fight For Their Country?”

  1. The other half is what to do, if government comes busting to your house to arrest you or to confiscate property of yours (such as a gun etc., or food)? You could stop 1 or 2, but a crowd with bugger military weapons will over come you.
    You might try to defend your self, but it will be a bad scene either way. I do not know that they will do that, but from all the political gab, it seems possible. Thanks again.

    • Yeah, like Jesus said you have to count the cost. I think even in that case it’s not murder if someone is shooting at you and you’re defending yourself. You may not be in the right according to the law of the land and government, but I think you could die a saint…

  2. Hey Tim, these are difficult questions to answer. To make it simple, I think going to war
    or not is depenting. When you think it is the right cause to go to war you should go.
    But when you think it is not better go to prison like Ali did.
    This is a hard way to be that consequent. It is not for every person. In the end we are
    all responsible for our own doing.
    That is my opinion. Thanks for reading, Kurt


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