1500 Year Old Bible Says Jesus Was Not Crucified?

1500 Year Old Bible Says Jesus Was Not Crucified

If you want a provocative headline that inspires worry in Christians, then that news headline will do it. Since that news came out, I’ve had several readers ask for my opinion. What I have told them is the following:

From what I understand it is the Gospel of Barnabas in that Bible from that the claim that Jesus Christ was crucified is based on. I came across this comment on that, “The Gospel of Barnabas is well known – the 1st copies date from the 12th to 14th Centuries, and it’s a forgery. As Mr. Gold points out, the script pictured above is Arabic, placing it towards the 14th Century ( those from the 12th are written in Spanish).”

In other words, just because a Bible version includes an extra book does not mean that book is Scripture or even authored by who it is claimed to. I have not found a single pseudepigraphical book yet (including Barnabas) that belongs in the Bible as Scripture with the rest of the books.

If you search there are many articles explaining why this Bible is nothing that should shake your faith. For example:

Gospel of Barnabas Fake?

Hope this helps.

4 thoughts on “1500 Year Old Bible Says Jesus Was Not Crucified?”

  1. Sadly we as a Christians has been blind. It was the Vatican who translated our Bibles! They hide part of the truth from us. Wake up and know your father.

  2. You wrote: “I have not found a single pseudepigraphical book yet (including Barnabas) that belongs in the Bible as Scripture with the rest of the books.”

    What are your thoughts on the Book of Enoch, which is quoted in Jude 1:14?

    • Enoch is good to read and quoted in the NT, but at least the version we have today seems to be by multiple authors and not Scripture. It’s a good Jewish book they quoted like many other books quoted in the Bible. But that does not make it Scripture.

  3. Hello Tim
    Christ had to be the unblemished Lamb of YHWH that was slain for our iniquities. Right form Adam and all the way through the Holy Word of YHWH it points to YHWH’s redemptive plan.
    Some examples:
    1.The innocent lamb that was slain to clothe (cover their iniquities) Adam and Eve. It tell us in Psalms that the innocent animal was a lamb.
    2.Abraham tying Isaac to the wood and raising the knife – YHWH then said that he would provide Himself a lamb. The lamb provided there had it’s horns caught in the thicket
    which made it an unblemished lamb. All pointing to The Perfect Lamb to come.
    3. Everything about the Tabernacle points to YHWH’s redemptive plan. The people could only approach YHWH through a Blood Atonement for sin and a mediating High Priest which also points to Christ who became YHWH’s provision of a perfect sacrificial Lamb and Redeemer and High Priest.
    Need we say more??? So, that 1,500 year old so called bible is all heresy!!!
    I wouldn’t have bothered blogging about it; but then you do have some without faith in their creator who maybe need to know.
    May YHWH bless you.


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