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  1. I have read your book. It is interesting. I have always had an interest in Biblical Eschatology.
    What do you think of Joye Jeffries Pugh’s Book “Eden, The Knowledge of Good and Evil” in end time events?

  2. Have not read it. Sounds like yet another book making up an end time conspiracy from reinterpreting other passages that have nothing to do with the end times, like Jonathan Cahn’s interpretation.

  3. Found a forgotten letter from a friend 2006 Chris Peterson recommended Tim McHyde and like to comment.
    If a Christian wants to know ancient calendars encoded by a German scientist-inventor Herbert R Stollorz investigated bronze-gold-stone clocks in global museums found out what is suppressed worldwide in atheistic universities (Babushka egg concept book # 3) It caused a Hebrew calendar correction not aligned with Julius Cesar calendar calibrated on 21.December 2012 when our earth wobble came to rest suppressed in atheistic science.
    As a scientist was appointed to give warning to this civilization and ended to project Yeshua-Jesus return 11 April 2017 Passover 5777 unifying five global calendars needed in any world Court of Law. http://www.apocalypse2008-2015.com

  4. In this year,5,776 Anno Magnus ends the Great Precessional Year after 25,776 years,in accordance with the Hebrew calendar.(71.6 years x 360* arc degrees of zodiac)…In this year of 2016,and not according the Maya calendar… Brahma has 72 aeons and 28 expired: 72×28=2016…The Mormon Temple in SLCity,Utah,of Later Day Saints has 56×36 meters=2016 squared ones…The Maya calendar cycles were Lunar and Solar,culminating at 2012/13…Their Great Lunar Year has 25,627 years,and Great Solar,25,920 years…They both culminated in mid range,25,773(2012/13)…Their 20×13 wheeled and 20×18 wheeled Tzolkin and Haab have 5 years in between,2013 and 2018 for END OF THE REAL GREAT YEAR,in 2016…Ama-rica,the Milky Way copying continent,which is the Serpent/Dragon-Milky Way,FEMALE CONTINENT,you have been warned…Stay away from Russian George-the Dragon Slayer!!! He is armed to the teeth!!!

  5. Jacob/Israel(zodiac-Jacob’s Ladder) has 12 sons-houses of zodiac,and the 13th Layer of the Maya zodiac,is daughter Dinah,mentioned 8 times only,the Number of Christ and Resurrection(Galactic Double Center-the WOMB)…The reason for Octagonal Temples,such as St.Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow(WOMB CITY)…Jacob has 13 children with 4 women(2 are his wives):13×4=52,Maya Lunar cycle…The Black Hole in Mesopotamia of Milky Way is the Dinah-Judgement.She is the 13th house,where all the gold is,as describes Genesis 2:10-14, the Dark Rift/Mesopotamia,between two river-legs,Pishon and Gihon,encompassing Havilah=Havah-Eve’s Paradise in Milky Way,the Heavens Place and Gate…Havah/Eve is the Twisting and Coiling,Serpent-Dragon,WOMAN-Milky Way..That Mesopotamia copies also the Manhattan island,and into 9/11 was ENCODED END TIME!!!!

    You 1$ Bill has total of 52 Latin letters(Maya Lunar cycle)…Annuit Coeptis-Heavenly Conception=13 Latin Letters…E Pluribus Unum-Many in One=13 Letters…Novus Ordo Seclorum-New Order Secured=17 Latin letters…MDCCLXXVI-1776=9 Latin letters…Alltogether=52,Maya Lunar cycle…Plus,776 is tied to 5,776/2016,End of Great Year…The Codex Mendoza clearly reveals the Galactic WOMB where our souls departs,due to galactic gravity and of Black Hole which leads to the Double Centre-WOMB(#8)…Codex Mendoza reveals it as 9 starred JAR/POT/CHALICE with 11 stars inside! Hence,9/11(=20,the Maya vigesimal system)…Jar-Pot is Aquarian Age symbol,the Head of Zodiac,but also symbol of CREATOR-POTTER,as described in Jeremiah,chapters 18+20… Your US masonic flag has 9 rows of stars+11 columns of stars=9/11…And the 13 stripes stands for the 13th house of zodiac,the Black Hole-CygnusX1-SWAN,a sacred bird…The two planes whichhit the Twin Towers,had 9+11 crew members…The other two,6+7=13 crew member (all with pilots)… Visit Google: Masonic Fingerprints Left On 9/11…Ama-rica,once again,you have been warned!!!! Don’t mess up with Russian George-the Dragon Slayer!!!!

  6. The EU masonic flag has 12 stars-houses of zodiac,and the 13th house is the Circle-symbol of Creator-Potter’s Wheel and Black Hole…With it,our Sun,overlaping in Galactic alignment,happening right now! Even under Joshua(Jesus),when the Israelites crossing the Jordan river(copy of Milky Way-Cosmic River),they create in middle of Jordan, Gilgal from 12-ve stones to commemorate that event….Ama-rica,you are warned,don’t mess up with the Russian George-Dragon Slayer!!!

  7. Ama-rica in Kechua Inca and Quiche Maya languages means ‘Motherly coast,continent’…With woman is also associated the Dragon/Serpent and Antichrist,and the Scarlet woman…Ama-rica has female body shape,especially South Ama-rica…The solar Incas settled in her grotto and “enlightened” her with another great culture.She Old Woman with Grown Son,with the largest Statue of Christ in Rio…Can is in Native,also Semitic,lndian languages,Serpent. Canada is a land and people of Serpent/Dragon-Woman,copying Milky Way…There are Serpent-Dragon symbols from Canada,down to Mexico and down to South Ama-rica… Serpent/Dragon-Scorpio and Eagle is in reality the same symbol! The Antichrist will be without any doubt,female from Amarica! Perhaps, the Blue Lodge for her role prepared “Killary”Clinton…And the US masonic Flag,Great Seal and 1$ Bill are loaded by Maya
    gematria-NUMBERS(of cycles-calendars)! In a Bible,East is clearly identified as the place of New Sunrise,and Place of Rebirth/Resurrection,several times,Major prophets!
    All Russian Orthodox cemeteries and graves face the East! The Catholic basilicas are all build West-East,from the West,entrance and the altar in the East…The sheep face East and the priest West…In China,Holy Mountains are in the East,and the Dragon Mountains of ill omen in the West…From numerous layouts it is clear,the female antichrist shall arrive from the West(Ama-rica)… But no one American “pastor-prophet” never noticed the Great Seal of Russia,the Double Headed Eagle as Elohim-plural ,as is Jing and Jang,or even IHVH or ANKH in ancient Egypt,and the Magen David’s two triangles,as male and female…The Russian Double Headed Eagle claws grip on the Golden Apple(symbol of female/serpent sin) and the other claws on a golden Sword,the male star-gate of Creator-Potter… But in the center of the Russian Eagle is on the horse with a sword, GEORGE-THE DRAGON SLAYER !!! Yes,yes, Ama-rica is encircling militarily Russia for the Battle of Armageddon and will attack Russia,soon…But Russia shall slay the Serpent-Dragon-Satan(of Old in Revelation) and Antichrist!!! USA,the Great Satan is currently spreading super-lies about Russia,with a such massive propaganda,that only ‘Father of All Lies'(Satan) can do that!!! The East is always RED,and the West is BLUE,not only male-female colors,but also of Resurrection tombs in the East,in Maya or Egyptian tombs…And Blue in the West,usually filled with stars of Milky Way,where our souls will depart for resurrection…In BLUE USA,there is ONE PARTY SYSTEM divided on these two colors: Red Republicans and Blue Democrats…There is the RED LODGE of the East and the BLUE LODGE of the West…And both of them cooperate on the forthcoming Battle of Armageddon! It is synchronised with the current Galactic triple alignment…When our potent Sun will be aligned with the Black Hole,overlaping each other,hence the Sun “symbolically crucified” as Christ…The influence of it is big,we have ‘Jaguar Sun’ with hundreds of errupting sunspots…Causing enormous solar energy hitting the Earth,ionisying one side and depression on the other,causing Draughts and Floods,plus Global warming…Gobekli Tepe stelas reveals in its astronomical pattern,our END TIME around 2033…33 is the highest masonic number,plus Christ Age of Crucifixion,in 2033,2000 years anniversary… “Blind pastors-prophets” of Ama-rica,you have been warned! And you are warn by the 7 thorned Statue of Female Antichrist at New York Bay…The masons always knew and knows what that “Statue of Liberty” really means,once our souls are “liberated by her” from our myserable and always warring bodies against each other!!! Ama-rica,you have been warned…

  8. And today,I let you think why there is G8 and G20…Furthermore,there is SQUARED New Jerusalem in Revelation 21:16…In the following verse,21:17 is New Jerusalem described as a CUBE…Lenght-Width-Hight…Many Bible students are ignorant of this fact,that the Bible has only 2 perfect CUBES:In 1Kings 6:20 as Holy of Hollies;and in Revelation 21:17…
    CUBE is depicted in Codex Zouche-Nuttal,in fact, TWO CUBES in the middle of the Dragon-Serpent body of Milky Way(our Galactic Double-centre),where all races stands in front of dragon mouth.Enters the Red Man,and right after the Purification process in this galactic WOMB is born the YELLOW Man for the Golden Age to come,Krita-yuga,Christ Age…(Codex Zouche-Nuttal,page 36).The CUBE was known by the Quiche Maya as Kab and Kabah…Cab/Kab and Kabah also means CUBE-EARTH and GOLD…There is Kabah,the holiest town oh holiest,in Maya Mexico…There is Pura Keba Edan-PURE CUBE EDEN, in Indonesia,as the Holiest Place of Holiest,in local confluence of two river-legs,Mesopotamia/Dark Rift…Of Milky Way…I just remind you,Number 8 is symbol of Double Center of our Galaxy,as is Number 9/11,hence 20…Cubical Temples are around the world,even parliament building in Myanmar/Burma…Rangoon/Yankoun is famous for its Shiva’s DaGoN(DGN)-Shwedagon…So are the CUBICAL-SQUARED church towers of England….People,the so called “Sacred Architecture” goes with its KEY NUMBERS and Bible,the Book of the Books,but other Sacred Books as well…Reminding to you tahat the TWIN TOWERS were almost perfect squared-cubes,and it means 8,Resuurection from the Double Center of our Galaxy…Today,the Ground Zero have two squared cubes…But in close architectural look,with the artificial waterfalls it is 8+8=16,the Sixteenth Chapel of Vat-i-can,and not “Sistine-deliberate lie”…The Sixteenth Chapel(in all other languages except English)is CUBICAL and carries on left side DEATH AND CRUCIFIXION of CHRIST,and on the Right side,RESURRECTION…Just like in ancient Egypt: West of Nile,mastabas-tombs-necropolises(Necro=5 letters)..East of Nile-cities of living,Acropolises(acro-4)…% Bokks of Moses and 4 Gospels…In fact,this lige is a lie-illusion…The real life is in Galactic WOMB-Jar/Pot/Chalice-spiritual life… I warn you Ama-rica,stay away from Russia-the Dragon Slayer!!! But your Satue of Antichrist is clear,carries TORCH and Laws…She will set our world ABLAZE,and set the new laws of life…Ama-rica,I warn you,don’t start WW3!!!!!! Ye shall be burned as First….

  9. I have read your book and found your writing most informative and specific literal interpretation liberating. This type of interpretation does in fact unlock the entire Bible, with thorough investigation of the hebrew meanings for clarity. I would draw your attention to the book of Ezekiel with regard ‘flat earth’ and to the work of Nicola Tesla for consideration. This link puts together valid points (not the most succinct ever made but definitely worth the time. (IMHO) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIqsYvLo6Ts

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