Gaza War: 70th Week or Psalm 83 Near?

In the latest edition of my book Know the Future (printed September, 2008) I made the bold move of ruling out the next Sabbath year period as a candidate for the start of the 70th week before it even began (leaving the following Sabbath year cycle as the next candidate). People have been asking me my reasons for this ever since, especially now that Israel has gone to war with Gaza. Here is a typical letter about it:

Hi Tim,

While I’m fairly certain you’ve already been asked this by someone, I haven’t had the privilege of reading the response. A friend has loaned us your book, so I don’t have access to your message board. Here is my query:

In the paragraph preceding ‘The Revelation Roadmap’, you state that it is already too late for the next cycle. I realize that this was written/printed prior to the start of this latest Gaza conflict. Given the current events in the Middle East and the possibility that this could end up developing into the first entry you’ve described in your timeline, I’d like to know your thoughts on the issue.

Also, any other thoughts on current US economic stability? Or the upcoming president Obama?


Hi Brian,

Thanks for writing your question. The answer is no, no change. I do not see the prophecy of Psalm 83 is materializing yet, even with the Gaza conflict. The Psalm 83 prophecy speaks of all the Arabs being unified in war against Israel to wipe her off the map. Some thought this was premature of me even before Gaza flared up, but I am confident it is not. Here’s the explanation I wrote to someone by email who also thinks Psalm 83 could still happen soon and that we should not expect the extremists to act rationally but act once they have a nuke or two to destroy the small country of Israel:

It’s not simply a matter of one nuke. The Arabs need an arsenal and the capability of delivering it reliably. And these are not a few extremists we are talking about like religious fanatical suicide bombers. Psalm 83 talks about all the governments of Israel’s enemies joining together in a united attack on Israel. They are not going to make such a suicide attack and trigger the Samson Option unless they have some hope of winning through their own option. There is a very good reason that the Arabs have not done an unified attack since 1967 and 1973 to wipe out Israel and threaten her existence. It was rumored in those wars they prepared their fledgling nuclear stockpile to retaliate against the Arabs. Their first bomb produced had “never again” inscribed on it. That’s what the nukes are doing for them and will continue to do as the Arabs know Israel will use them on their capitals if they have nothing else to loose.

Of course I could be wrong and only time will tell. But in my experience this Gaza action is nothing new and not enough to end the 45 year quiet from the Arabs trying to do what they have desired since day one in 1948.

As for US stability, I addressed that in the new last chapter already that we can only expect the US to recover as she always has from economic setbacks because of what Revelation 18 predicts about her continued hegemony on the day she falls.

Regarding Obama, in the next free newsletter (to be posted here for those who have not subscribed yet) I will address why he cannot be the Antichrist. Sign up here or below if you have not already.

Hope this answers your question. And thank you for reading my book.


Tim McHyde

6 thoughts on “Gaza War: 70th Week or Psalm 83 Near?”

  1. We are in the birthing pains of the end times, but not as close as I once thought we were. Right now the spiritual war that is going on is between Satan and all of the chosen elect of God. God’s “Champions” are being attacked, and God is raising warriors to counter those attacks. This will last for quite some time. Once this battle is completed, Satan will focus on ushering in the Anti-Christ and his kingdom. World events will stall as this battle is going on.

  2. We are not close until prophecy milestones begin to appear. I recently discovered that the beginning of birth pains/beginning of sorrows Mt 24 talks about refers to the sixth seal of Revelation 6:12. See Luke 21:11=Rev 6:12-8:13

  3. The Bible is very precise about what it says. it says that on 10-10-09, the USA will use a nuke on itself and that same day, Russia, China, and the SCO will destroy us. The war will be ended when Nibiru flies by and erupts Yellowstone.

    Russia has been threatening to nuke us for 2 years now over Iran and they have put the hardware in place to do it.

    All the news is in this document:


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