Is Obama the Antichrist
(or Even A Natural-Born American Citizen)?

Believing the Impossible

Last month I attended and spoke at my first Bible conference keynote. (Previously I had spoken at Borland Conferences during my previous career as a programmer). While researching for my keynote, I happened upon a profound quote:

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few”—Shunryu Suzuki.

As an expert on Bible prophecy, I can attest to the applicability of that principle in my field. I constantly hear beginners pose Bible prophecy theories that are frankly impossible. Usually there is a clear and plain verse that nullifies the beginner’s theory. One clear verse is all that it takes because of the principle Jesus taught that “the Scripture cannot be broken” (John 10:35). We are not to believe a doctrine that would contradict the Bible. The Bible is a big difficult book that takes years to become expertly familiar with so false doctrines are commonly passed around and accepted.

Barrack Obama Antichrist Rumors

Case in point: is Obama the Antichrist? Lately, this is the question I receive most frequently since he became President of the United States.

Besides questions, I receive plenty of emails from people trying to convince me that Obama is the Antichrist. I think people send them because of the article on my website that uses Revelation 13 to identify someone else as the Antichrist. Obama Antichrist theorists naturally view the article as wrong and just have to correct me. One person even told me to take the article down so people are not “mislead” by it.

The article is still up even though I admit it is possible that the suggested candidate is wrong. We just will not know he is wrong until that person dies or the real Antichrist appears, whichever comes first. In the meantime discussion on the topic is good and one of the best ways to get people to actually study the Bible for themselves.

As for Barrack Obama, we can disqualify him as an Antichrist candidate today. This theory is about as valid as the common Christian belief that “Jesus can come back at any moment” (the secret pretrib rapture). To the beginner both theories seem possible. An expert can tell you that both theories are contradicted by plain clear Scripture. Barrack Obama does not fulfill a single major identification requirement for the Antichrist, especially not from Revelation 13.

Moreover, he cannot possibly be the Antichrist because he is a national of the wrong country. As I have covered in my free newsletter (simply email to sign up), Daniel 9:26 tells us the nationality of the Antichrist is the same as those who destroyed the Temple in 70 AD: the people of the Roman Empire. The New American Commentary – Volume 18: Daniel 9:26 on page 267 confirms this is the meaning:

The “people” who would destroy Jerusalem and the temple were the Romans, but v. 27 makes clear that this “ruler” will be the future persecutor of Israel during the seventieth seven. “The people of the ruler” does not mean that the people “belong to” the ruler but rather that the ruler will come from these people. If the text is to be taken literally at this point, this future ruler will come out of the peoples and nations that made up the ancient Roman Empire. Daniel already had divulged in chap. 7 that the Antichrist’s origin will be from the fourth empire, Rome.

The country that Obama is from and rules did not even exist as country until 1700 years later. Therefore, a US Citizen cannot be the Antichrist because they are from a country that was not part of the Roman Empire who destroyed the Temple.

Proving Rumors With Conspiracy Theories

When I tell this to Obama Antichrist proponents, they usually ignore the evidence and invoke the “birther” conspiracy theory you may have heard in the news. It states “Obama was not born in the USA”. I suppose one wild theory deserves another to back it up. Anyone who would believe the first could easily entertain the second.
But even if this argument were true, it would make no difference because Daniel’s prophecy was not referring to the nation the Antichrist comes from. He was referring to what nation he is from. Making Obama a Kenyan does not help since Kenya was not part of the Roman Empire either.

Let’s be reasonable. If it were true that Obama was not qualified to be president, then the McCain campaign would have pounced on this Anyone who was willing to make the risky move of choosing Sarah Palin for vice president certainly would have used this angle if it had any solid evidence behind it. In fact, it recently came out that the McCain campaign did investigate this angle before the election. They found it to be unsubstantiated and the proof of Obama’s birth in Hawaii to be well-documented.

If only believers would consistently do likewise: investigate theories in the Bible themselves and only believe what is well-supported there. We would have a very different set of doctrines taught and widely believed if so. And we would have a lot more Bereans (Acts 17:11) than we do now.

Hope This Helps

Am I down on people who fail to do this and entertain or spread these weak Bible theories? Not at all. I remember some of the crazy doctrines I used to entertain when I was a beginner and had not learned clear thinking skills yet. I write what I do here to help those who want the truth and need a little help finding it just like I did when I was still a beginner. Although I am now an expert, I keep learning to grow in grace and knowledge and correct my own errors.

Here are more articles debunking Obama Birther and Antichrist conspiracy theories from (BTW, Snopes is a great site to check before forwarding “Obama is the Antichrist”-type emails to avoid the embarassment when it turns out to be false as they usually do.)

6 thoughts on “Is Obama the Antichrist<br>(or Even A Natural-Born American Citizen)?”

  1. Hi Tim,

    You so quickly dispense of the notion that Obama is not a citizen (I don’t believe he is the anti-christ either) but I ask this simple question, as many have; why hasn’t he just produced the document?

    The electronic form presented on the internet is not legitimate.

    He is part of the final capstone on a hundred year effort to employ a “facist” form of government in this country (Saul Alinsky).

    This is indisputable if you only do a brief study of his history and who he has aligned himself with over the years.


  2. Hi Tim,

    WND’s staff has been developing stories that show that key facts of Obama’s story are untruths. I looked at the newsmax article and from what I saw, McCain’s staff didn’t dig very hard. They accepted the short form birth certificate at face value. Obama’s sealed a lot of key documents which tells me he has something to hide, but he or his subordinates have forced his competitors to disclose damaging information. Before Alan Keyes was imported to campaign for Senator in Illinois, the Republican candidate was forced to withdraw because a newspaper sued to unseal his divorce records. To my knowledge, no newspaper has tried to find out what Obama’s long-form birth certificate shows other than WND. We will find out eventually, maybe a year or so down the road, but a tremendous amount of damage has already been done and will be impossible to undo. The more time that Obama can buy to damage the USA, the better for him and our enemies.

  3. Hi Tim,

    I don’t understand why you said that the anti christ can not come from the US. Yes the anti christ is going to come from the former Roman Empire. However the US was started when people left Europe. and travel to what is know as the US today. Europe was part of the Roman Empire. And started their own country. So it seems quite possible for the anti christ to come from the US. So let no one fool you. I personally do not think Obama is the anti christ. I think he is the just getting things set up.


  4. Tim,

    ‘Britain was in the Roman Empire’ say many, not so, only England and Wales were, never Scotland or Ireland.

    What about the Balfour Declaration? He was Scottish.

    ‘Israel was part of the British Empire’ – not so, it was held under the “mandate” for 30 years, but that is not the same thing. Since Christ walked the Earth the holy Land has been under Rome/Byzantium (mostly the latter), Islamic rule and now independent, apart from a brief sojourn during the crusades when it was under a coalition but particularly Norman (Originally Viking) rule.

    ‘The European Union is the revived Roman Empire.’ – Not really, no. Estonia, Holland, Poland, Latvia, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland, etc NEVER IN Roman Empire. Whereas ISRAEL, Turkey, Egypt, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan all were.

    ALL the world empires in Daniel/Revelation ruled the Land of Israel – Assyria/Babylon, Persia/Medea, Greece/Macedonia, Rome/Byzantium. “Rome” is not Rome the modern Italian city but ‘new Rome’ – Constantinople (modern day Istanbul).

    The ‘far north’ is not Russia and the absurd so called connection to Rosh and Tubal, it is Turkey and the islamic states of the Caucasus and central Asia. The king of the ‘north’ – that is Syria, the king of the ‘south’ – that is Egypt. The Euphrates (in Syria and/or Iraq) is dried up so the kings of the ‘east’ may come – that is Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    The seven heads are seven empires that ruled the land of Israel – Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo Persia, Macedonia – Greece, Rome – Byzantium, and Islamic – Ottoman.

    And the toes of the statue of part strong/part weak rulers (‘kings’ not elected democrats) and their dominions. Arguably ten or arguably twenty of them. All from Israel’s enemies, in all the lands surrounding them, just as the empires were before.

    This is not the European Union, this is an alliance of Islamic States from the greater Middle East, that will include especially Turkey, but also Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran and numerous others.

    As for the antichrist himself, he need not be from any particular nation, the government will be run by a so called citizen of the world, but if he is to come from the former Roman Empire he is less likely to come from Europe than he is to come from the Middle East, possibly even Israel itself. The arrogance of Satan to have the antichrist born in the same land that spawned the blessed Saviour Jesus Christ should be no surprise if that is the case. However if he is from the Magog invasion source then look to Turkey as the most likely.

    Given the times it is interesting that the Muslims expect Jesus and the antichrist to appear in Syria.

    Keep watchful Saints.


  5. It would add to the enlightenment of his readers if Tim would respond to some of the above very reasonable comments. How about it? Please, Tim? I am an admitted “beginner.”


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