If Bible Prophecies Worry You (or a Loved One), Read This

This past week, I had a young mother practically living on my Facebook wall. She’d ask a prophecy question, then I’d answer it, and then she’d have another one minutes later.

For three days she covered practically every Bible prophecy topic you can name, pretrib vs. post-trib rapture, the 144000, the mark of the beast, and of course,”What about the four blood moons, aren’t they in the Bible?” referring to the holy day lunar eclipses starting up next month.

Also, “What about how everything is getting worse? It can’t go on much longer this way…”

I’d answer each question with one of my many articles that address  these common questions. Yet it seemed like none of my answers could satisfy her or bring her peace. She confessed she was not sure of my answers because she did not know who to trust on any of these topics.

Nevertheless, she kept on asking. Finally on the third day after dozens of Q & A, it came out why she was so inconsolable. “I have a baby boy and it does hurt me to think I will not get to see him grow up…”

Aha! The one article I did not give her would have addressed that very fear of the end coming too soon to live out your life,
including raising your kids.

Read on to learn what my answer to her fear was and the answers to 6 other common end time …


5 thoughts on “If Bible Prophecies Worry You (or a Loved One), Read This”

  1. Tim, Ive been reading your site for several years. Glad to see the discernment on the 144,000. You see, Ive known for 3 years I am one of the 144,000 and will be sealed at the timeline of 1335 days (rapture in Rev 12.5).
    Abomination is set up at 1290 days and happens at 1260 days. The rapture is in April 2014. Prophecy is being
    fulfilled at an alarming rate. May everyone stay close to
    Jesus and God bless. Patty

    I’m sure this will not make the comment section on your site. And I centainly understand.

  2. why yeshua has not returned for all to behold is because it must be an acceptable year,a year of jubilee,this not til 2016 i believe if smiehtah year in 2015 .but all mashiach is present before the end as isaiah writes but not yet the end ,mashiach is on earth but the time is not yet .shalom

  3. Why Jesus Can’t Come Back in 2014 (or even this decade?)
    Hi Tim. I read your article.
    And sorry to say I was not convinced. Ok maybe the second coming can not happen before most of these things happen. and that then gives us a 7 year time frame to His return and reign. But as for the rapture?
    Isaiah is like a time frame of Gods. I remember asking Him 10 years ago.Lord what will be the sign of your coming in the clouds? And i can not remember weather i read the verse Isaiah 17:1 or He just said. ” damascus will become a heap of ruins? He also said, ” strange lights will appear in the sky. Now thats been happening for a few decades or more now. But.
    But I have yet to fully understand this, and why he said it to me?
    weather once again I read it in the bible? ( yet to find that phrase)
    But still fill its unfulfilled. in the context of What The spirit may have be trying to say.
    Any way. My question to you is. now that damasus is on its way. ( maybe a strike from israel through the palms 83 war.
    Do you believe That the rapture could happen just before such. as dose damasus have to fall before we r taken?
    and Now with up and coming elections in egypt. and possible new cruel leader, Isaiah 19:4 and possible enemy to Israel.

    Would these things bring the rapture date a bit closer? depending on the movement of such political games in the east?
    I like to watch perry stone and chuck missler , to name a few. which give us the understanding that Christ could take us up any time now. But I would like just a basic understanding on ur point of view. Cheers and may Yahweh bless you and ur work. Gerald

  4. Thank you Tim. Bless you in your work. And Thank you for being a watcher on the wall. Cheers from down under (Australia)


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