Jesus Said Obama Was The Antichrist: Not

Several people have emailed me about another, “Is Obama the Antichrist?” theory. A “Christian Theologian” posits that Jesus spoke Hebrew words that sound like “Barack Obama” today recorded in the Greek Luke 10:18. You can read all about the theory and listen to the video at WND.

The nicest thing I can say about it is that it is highly original and provocative. The convoluted reasoning it employs is authoritative-sounding enough to the average Christian. Since they cannot disprove it, it leaves them wondering if it could be true or not knowing what to make of it. So they forward it to a friend to see if they know.

Then read this rebuttal in case several things do not jump out immediately at you when you hear his reasoning and after you read the verses in question yourself like a good Berean (Acts 17:11). Reading the verse alone (Luke 10:18) should suffice since you can immediately see it has nothing to do with the Antichrist nor is it a prophecy:

Luke 10:18 (HCSB) He said to them, “I watched Satan fall from heaven like a lightning flash.

If the sound of Obama’s name did come off Jesus’ lips, it would only be an insignificant coincidence. It’s not the proper way to build accurate doctrines. See my previous post as to why no American can be the Antichrist.

6 thoughts on “Jesus Said Obama Was The Antichrist: Not”

  1. I know that the Jews are getting very ready to rebuild. But they want to build where the Muslims already built. If I were to launch a preemptive against Iran from Israel, I would certainly also get Mecca and Medina, ending Islam. A small ‘clean’ micronuke in the West Bank, and also cleaning the area for the temple to be rebuilt, are also possibilities.

  2. Concerning the Obamanation, I have discovered that Bush, Gates, Soetoro (Baraq), and other top officials are all interrelated. Perhaps Nephilim? We can’t tell, and it is not our job. And Baraq, born in Kenya, is a British citizen, not American at all. Kenya was a British colony at the time, and Britain was a Roman colony. So technically, he is more Roman than American. We know that Satan gives power, money, and all kinds of goodies to whoever he chooses. And with the richest, most powerful country in history, it is not like America is ignored.
    The Word says CITY, not empire or domain. I suspect DC or New York, perhaps LA. China is preparing to invade the US thru the Panama Canal. If they are going to nuke everywhere, why? I don’t buy it.

  3. Obama not American at all? The whole world views him as American. That matters more than what the conspiracy theorists say.

    In the Bible nomenclature, city is synonymous with country, just as we refer to countries by their chief city such as “Moscow is breaking the nuclear disarmament treaty”. New York is the greatest city of America. On the way to the port of NY, ships see Babylon, Long Island, New York. See here for more proof for the USA as Mystery Babylon

  4. II do respect both the simplicity and depth of the scriptures of Tim Mc Hyde. Ever since I read some of his positions on escatology l have had peace.

  5. We need to remember, it was Jesus who saw Satan fall from Heaven and not anyone else on earth have seen it. Jesus made it clear, that he’s from above and not of the earth. No Men of the earth can see heavenly things unless it is granted by The Father.

    I believe this could be a metaphor to something symbolic on earth that will take place somewhere in our time. Example: Heaven could mean on earth in symbolic tearms: Government at the highest order, the White House…etc.

    Satan = Deceiver,Lier,Murder,Theif and Destroyer…etc. All this is in a Person’s character, who’s agenda is an Abomination. The AntiChrist could be someone with these qualities to infiltrate not the worldly nations, but the Christian Nation, America.
    Why, because it’s the greatest Nation on earth today, the highest above all nations on earth. Because, Jesus Christ is the cornerstone to our foundation and He reign over it.

    This is the only two nations that believe in the Living GOD strongly.
    America = Kingdom = Christian Nation
    Israel = Kingdom = Jewish Nation

    God bless


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