Michael Rood Comes for an Unexpected Visit

Yesterday I posted to my Facebook that Michael Rood was coming to visit me at my home. I did so to give friends a chance to post questions they would like me to ask Michael. In response I had quite a few questions, some of which I was able to ask and will cover in this article.

My History With Michael Rood

I’ve known Michael Rood for ten years, almost as long as I have been living in Costa Rica. He came to Costa Rica in the Spring of 2000 and it was posted on his website (the old 6001.com). This was when he was on the Prophecy Club hosted by Stan Johnson and promoting his groundbreaking Spring and Fall Feasts of the LORD video tapes.

A bunch of us went to the hotel advertised for where he would have a get together and he never showed up. Not a great start to a great relationship. We missed him that time but we soon hooked up and invited him to stay at our home as he explored TV opportunities in Costa Rica.  He visited a few times in 2000 and 2001 and even wrote some of the original A Rood Awakening TV script at our home.

In 2002, when he announced his first tour of Israel, we considered it. Katrina and I had never been to Israel and to go with someone who would take you to Gomorrah where you could mine your own brimstone was hard to resist. We put down the deposit and my employer promptly cut my hours and then laid me off completely. I was short $5000 for the trip and had no way of paying it. Yet Michael and his then partner Jamie decided to let us go anyway and pay the balance when we could afterward.

Needless to say, we had a blast for eleven days touring Israel with them. I met Nehemia Gordon and made some discoveries as a result of the tour that later ended up in my book (such as the Elijah insight).

After that we did not see too much of Michael as he was filming A Rood Awakening in Israel. He only came back to Costa Rica for a few short trips, never staying with us like in the early years. He now stays with a couple who have a car and plenty of room. (We did not and still do not own a car because of the higher expense to own and maintain a car in Costa Rica.)

In fact, this visit from him is the first one since his ministry problems a few years back.

Withholding Judgment

Not surprisingly a few Facebook friends had negative comments about Michael Rood to share. One expressed surprise at me having anything to do with him. Do I follow him or believe the way he did? This person elaborated:

I put Michael Rood in a whole different category. While not being judgmental I feel it is important before you believe, follow ones teachings, or just read and study their materials you need to research this person. Their are many false prophets and teachers out there. I have serious reservations about Michael Rood.

I completely understand these sentiments and do not judge the person for feeling uncomfortable with Michael. I used to have similar ones for teachers, even including Michael himself when some of the events of recent years came out and hurt even my own friends and associates.

However, in recent years I have gained some perspective that helps me to embrace Michael for his good and the good he does and let go of the bad. We have had people live with us a lot in 2008 and 2009. If you have ever tried living with people for an extended period, you quickly have problems come up. Oftentimes you are the cause of the problem. If you are aware and teachable, you have to face the fact that you are not perfect and you do things that at best are less than effective and at worst annoying, insensitive or offensive to others.

From this, I see that I am really not much different than Michael or anyone else. We all are a mixed bag. We all have limited experience that leaves blind spots in our awareness leading us to make choices that hurt others. Yet nearly all the time, we are well-intentioned and feel justified in what we do. I have not asked Michael, but I have no doubt he felt justified in what he has done that has hurt others and feels justified in what he does and says today.

This is summed up in a quote I have heard from him a few times over the decade I have known him. He likes to say with a smile, “You know, I do not teach anything that I believe to be false….Think about that a minute.” In other words, people can accuse him of being a false prophet or leading people astray but in reality he is only teaching what he is sincerely convicted of from his personal diligent study. I can relate to that as I do the same thing. Yet every time I send out a newsletter, I get unsubscribe notifications with comments accusing me of purposely misleading people. People do not have the experience needed to realize that yes people can come to different conclusions on the Bible than they have and yet be good sincere diligent truth seekers like themselves. The Bible is just that way (on purpose, as I cover in my book).

So because of this perspective, I accept Michael Rood for Michael Rood. I do not agree with everything he teaches nor everything he does. To quote another face book friend, Jason Vick of www.JewsAndJoes.com, who expressed it well:: “I think most everyone puts Rood in a different category. Personally, I like him… even though I don’t agree with everything he teaches… nor everything he has done in his past.”

By the same token, I do not censor him completely just because he has said or done things I disagree with.

And, by the way, some might be happy or surprised to know that Michael Rood has been reaching out to reconcile with the people he has had his public controversy with. He has apologized to a friend of mine and now they are going to work together again in the future on A Rood Awakening, a definitely mutually beneficial reconciliation and relationship.

I hope my comments can help some of you to withhold judgment on our brothers just as Jesus/Yeshua said. We do not know what is in their heart and usually we do not know all the facts, or even both sides of the story. Someone like Michael Rood who goes out every day trying to wake people up from their religious trance cannot be all bad. He is still learning and always has a much to share that I find worth listening to, ten years later.

Now on to the questions and answers promised.

Questions and Answers to Michael Rood

Here are the questions I asked Michael Rood:

  • Q. Is The 2010-2017 Timeline Still Viable?
    A. His answer was that he has not ruled it out yet, however he reminded me that there is something yet missing for it to happen: global economic collapse. See, just as I teach, he does not see the attack on Israel that results in Damascus getting nuked being able to happen the way things are today. He believes that America has to be neutralized from being able to help Israel, leaving her isolated. Seeing this, the Arabs would have an opening to attack and fulfill Zechariah 12, Isaiah 34, and other parallel prophecies.
  • Q. Is Damascus’ Destruction Expected This Fall?
    A. I did not get to ask him this directly, but what he said was “Damascus could be nuked as early as nine months from now”. He is referring to a fulfillment in the Hebrew month of Tishrei, 2010, which is the month the 70th Week of Daniel begins (and ends, seven years later). This is what he calls the Confirmation of the Covenant. He has been waiting for this event to kick off the final seven years for as long as I have known him. Thus, the answer is that Damascus’ doom is not “expected” as much as it is “possible”. I presume he would expect it only if a global economic collapse happened this spring or summer.

Michael Rood’s Wheelchair Debility…and Recovery

Some of you may have seen that in recently years Michael Rood has been sick and even in a wheel chair. That is all we knew ourselves due to our lack of contact. Yesterday we finally heard the skinny on his illness.

It started with his trip to Rwanda. After coming back he started to have problems with pain in one leg. He had to pile on ice to keep the pain down in his hotel room. Next he had to be in a wheel chair. He was meeting people later with the same symptoms that was labeled as “Gulf War Syndrome.” The problem was that none of them including Michael had been in the Gulf War!

Then he kept seeing families with autistic children who last time he saw them the kids were fine. In each case, the children went bad right after vaccinations. Then Michael remembered that he himself had just had vaccinations for a recent trip to Rwanda that preceded his whole health decline.

Long story short, he found an amazing doctor (with a great story of his own) who specialized in conditions like Michael’s. He put him on a special detox program at the beach of (disgusting tasting) green vegetable juices for chelation, steam baths for sweating out toxins and other things I cannot recall. Over a long period of weeks and months he gradually got better. Today he is almost fully recovered. He expressed the intent to go back and detox more to finish his recovery. (I will try to get more details on this detox program because I know it is of interest to many.)

It will not surprise readers that he does not approve of the swine flu/h1n1 vaccination. He related stories he had heard of pregnant women having dead babies taken out of them after receiving the h1n1 vaccine.


Needless to say, Katrina and I enjoyed our visit. We honestly did not expect him to ask to see us this time with how busy his schedule usually is. That felt very nice. He shared some great insights as you can see. I look forward to seeing Michael again and helping each other in our passion for teaching the truth (as we understand it) to truth seekers like you my readers.

35 thoughts on “Michael Rood Comes for an Unexpected Visit”

    • Debbie, Yes, I give respect to all. There is no use in tearing down or attacking other people. Focusing on the error in teaching is as far as I go although people often cannot separate the critique of the teaching from being an “attack on a man of God” in their minds. I think Hal Lindsey has done a great job in creating a market for work I do with his LGPE book. I don’t think much of his pretrib teaching, but I think he’s done a good work in making prophecy popular. =)

      Terri, Michael is not making a prediction and even if he was it would carry no weight considering all his past failed “calculations” (he does not make predictions or say “thus saith the LORD”). So please go make your plans to see Israel. You will not regret it.

      • Well, it’s 2022 now, and I must comment that I learned a lot from Michael Rood through the years. God has used him in some amazing ways through the years, and I think it is because Michael always put in the effort. And he gave Ron Wyatt full credit for all his accomplishments. Michael just pointed out to me how amazing God is. I donated to his heart surgery, and was saddened that he had a stroke. I also had one about the same time. God loves Michael.

  1. Hi Tim,

    As for Debbie’s comment, it only takes a comment like hers to put doubt in one’s mind. I looked Rood up online and because of her comment…..I thought, should I trust this guy….even thought the site was very interesting. But, it is good to check and re-check. I’m sure Satan will probably loose his false prophets to go to work as never before.

    Now for the info on Damascus possibly being nuked 9 months from now. I was thinking about going to Israel Sept. 6th. That is the week of Feast of Trumpets. Seriously, would you recommend not going……since you have that information? I was wondering that before seeing your review here.

    Thanks for all you do…..God be with you greatly,


  2. Tim,
    Your response to this man and all others is very wise. It is hard for our human flesh to realize that we don’t have the whole loaf so to speak. I have always thought that we should glean what we can from each person. Take it to the ultimate Truth to check it out or put it on a shelf until we have a better understanding. I think the best picture of this that we have is the teaching of gifts and the body of Christ. No one has all the gifts except the Father. We all carry what the Father has bestowed upon us. Does that mean we listen to false teachers and people who are opposed to the gospel? No…but even in mercy, if we were to look at that person with the Fathers eyes, they probably started out right and their own flesh perverted the truth they were given. What is it that Leonard Ravenhill used to say…..What is it that gets the men of God? Gold, Girls or Glory. That is what causes most people to stumble and fall, one of the three G’s. May we all walk humbly before our God and in love for our fellow man. Blessings

  3. I was in the Marines during Gulf one. Remember Gulf War disease? Everyone who got it did NOT go to the gulf, i promise.

    However, everyone who got it DID get the vaccines required to go to the gulf.

    vaccines are bad news.

    My husband had gulf war and he’s never been to the gulf. He has been to somolia tho.

  4. I can understand peoples problems with vaccinations, however coming from the days of whooping cough and polio and diptheria, I can say these are so necessary, and the side affects if any at all are minor to the disease concerned. As far as Mr. Rood, I have not read his material or even heard his name before I logged onto Tim but I will now read his ideas, I also think that 2010
    is the year Israel gets attacked by Iran, The economic collapse you talk about is just about to happen as Greese, Portugal and another country I dont remember, cannot pay their debts, they owe more than their countries have in assets, this will tip things over the edge, allowing the rest to happen, Israel will attack Iran first this will stop America helping them, and the rest of the world for that matter, may Yahova God be with you all, those who have an ear let them hear the words of the prophets, biblical and non biblical.

  5. I have seen Rood’s teachings in the Jonah Code and he presented evidence that 2009-2016 is Daniel’s 70th Week, the same as in your 1st edition of “Know the Future” which later you changed your view. I believe that Sabbath cycle is still valid… with the nuclear war erupting in the Middle East possibly this year and also the natural disaster of Trumpets 1-4 resulting from the passage of the brown dwarf star Wormwood to happen in 2012!

    • @Wil, Actually two corrections:
      1. I did not change my view. My timeline has always had multiple windows for the 70th week that each would expire once the year started and nothing was happening. 2009-2016 expired, just like the next one probably will.
      2. Michael like Dewey Bruton is fixated on 2017 as the fulfillment of the 70 Weeks prophecy. That’s the Jonah code “third layer”, 1947 + 70 = 2017.

      I know it’s hard to let go of it, but I ruled out this window in 2008, a good year and half early. Why? Nothing prophetic is happening or building up to happen. Mark my words, this year will pass without what Dewey or Michael projected. How do I know? Again, nothing is happening. Something different must happen than just more “wars and rumors of wars”.

  6. Mary, i have WAY too many stories about vaccines poisoning my family & friends. my daughter looked like a war victim, covered in boils some the size of quarters, with yellow oozing out of them. as far as your whooping cough story, my friends told me this: the parents were fully vaccinated. they are now 50ish. oldest daughter was at least partially vaccinated, if not fully. the 5 remaining were never vaccinated. a round of wh cough hit their house. guess who got it the WORST?? all who were vaccinated. alot of good that did. another friend had a child who got a bad cough. the dr 1st asked if the baby had been vaccinated. he said they have to ask that. if the baby WAS, then it is called bronchitis. if it was NOT, it’s called wh cough. i could go on & on & on…. but DO NOT GET VACCINES. i believe they are against YHWH’s intention anyway. He gave us an immune system (& natural herbs & kosher diet) to combat sickness. vaccines interfere greatly with that. i had a dr tell me once that we really don’t need vaccines anyway.

  7. i also encourage all truth seekers to look at laydownlife.net
    there is ALOT on there, but it is soo good. it
    takes a long time to digest, so just grab the
    most recent. BUT if you don’t understand something,
    DON’T just write her off. it might have been explained
    in an earlier newsletter. & that site is NOT hers, so
    you can’t write to her there. i have found her stuff
    to be VERY helpful. shalom

  8. My husband and I had the privilege of hearing Michael Rood last summer for the first time. We just recently started reading and listening to his messages and were spiritually awakened to much YHWH has in His Word that we never understood. He is very much human, just like I thought, and he reminds me of John the Baptist almost totally, from the description in the Word of God. We are soaking up and are praising God, and we recently returned to Ecuador (this summer) where God allowed us to plant a church and were able to share with the many many believers there the meat of the Word.

  9. “And, by the way, some might be happy or surprised to know that Michael Rood has been reaching out to reconcile with the people he has had his public controversy with. He has apologized to a friend of mine and now they are going to work together again . . .”

    Having met Michael in 2006, I would expect nothing less from him.

  10. Without labeling Michael Rood, I suggest each of you before you give credence to anyone look up what is said about them by others. I believe my their works and words we shall know them. We are told to discern, we are told false prophets are already here. Please do not listen to me, take it upon yourselves to research and test their words by the Bible. Goggle Michael Rood read several articles about him, if you see more than two that are postive I will be surprised. I do not expect all to feel as I do, I just do not want people to blindly follow whether that be Michael or others. We know how blindly following has brought about false teaching over the past couple hundred years!

    • Debbie, thanks for the comment. To be clear, nobody here is advocating following or accepting any teacher blindly. Even Michael does not want that as nor do I for those listening to me . But on the other hand, I do not think listening to the many detractors to his unpopular provocative message is a wise way to discern either…again you’re listening to a man and substituting his judgment for your own. I say listen to what Michael says firsthand and then judge it yourself against the Bible and decide.

    • There are a lot of hypocrites out there with websites naming false prophets and berating the good works of many of God’s servants. These people may receive a worse punishment for publishing their assumptions. And God’s prophets are not to be mocked. It is 2022 and God’s prophets are strong in agreement.

  11. I love learning from Michael Rood by watching his DVD’s, but get a little edgy about his barbed comments about the local churches. I try to share with them his teachings. Most get turned off by his disregard of the church today. I am trying to influence those that I meet at Living Hope Church in WA that YHVH has in His care. I have not given up on the local church yet. Especially when I see Abba’s hand at work there. Every time I am in doubt the preacher boy preaches in the name of Yahweh and His Son Yeshua. I see lives changed, hundreds baptized and something is going on and it is not the enemy.

    Michael has been the catalyst that has brought about changes in me to where I am becoming Torah observant and I have yet to prove him wrong in anything he teaches. I have not proved him right in everything he says, but that is my job now isn’t it; to prove all things?

    The day Michael first taught “The Beating of Balaam’s Ass” (awesome) was the last day before Yom Teruah 2008 according to Michael’s calendar ( I think I got this right) That same day one of the financial papers posted a headline that read “Dow drops 777 points” (Balaam’s prophecy?) The largest single day drop ever. (verified) That evening the first crescent of the new moon was observed above Lake Michigan. The day of announcements? The question is; was this a sign that the US has been found wanting and this was the stamp of the Almighty or the Writing On The Wall! I planned to go to this Feast of Trumpets celebration in Detroit but could not afford to.

    I was however; blessed to be able to go to the Feast of Tabernacles in Candy Oregon this past year. I made some good friends and I was able to spend time with Michael over coffee for three days and talk shop. I spoke with him about Walid Shoebat’s “God’s War On Terror” and your book Tim; “Escape all These Things” and the possibility of Wormwood being a collapsed star. I apologize for not remembering what he said but I believe he just listened.

    I tell a story that believers are like pieces of a huge puzzle that no one has seen a picture of. Our only clues are the pieces that are similar to ourselves that we somehow connect too. We then see a bit more of the picture and as others like us but different make a connection we see even more. As we draw closer to other believers more multiple connections are made just like in a puzzle and we get a glimpse of a small section of the whole picture. We also notice that there are other sections but can not see how they connect to us because they are different.

    I cannot and will not judge another believer. How can I when I don’t have all the answers? I have been a saved by works, then eternally secured, pre-millinialed, mided, and posted enraptured idiot. I have fallen so far that I did not believe I could find forgiveness. ain’t He great? I am glad that I am not Him who created us all. That really would be a mess. He however; has a plan! Each day more pieces of the puzzle are added as more people become set-apart and start guarding the Torah. I pray that I fall not asleep on Watch!

    Sorry for the second book; you can tell I don’t get out much or get to talk to adults

  12. Tim, I appreciate your article about Michael Rood. When I saw the link on your site I thought, “Oh no, here we go again. Another Rood-basher.” I’m glad I was wrong. I have really had my eyes opened so much since being exposed to Michael’s teachings. Strangely, much of what he teaches I’ve known and heard before, especially regarding the Pagan influences in our faith, but it never really evoked a response from me. Growing up in a family of seriously God-loving, bible reading folks and going to seminary and serving in missions for a number of years, I somehow couldn’t see the wood for the trees. But I considered myself someone who knows a lot of “stuff.” However, on MR’s last trip to Cape Town I went and listened to him and suddenly something clicked in my spirit. In that sense I do believe he is a prophet, telling FORTH the heart of the Lord as expressed in Scripture, and not tickling any ears in the process. However he doesn’t claim to be a prophet in the sense that he FOREtells events to come. He states “if I understand YHWH’s timeline correctly, then this will happen…” Note the “if.” And I agree with you. We need to test all things and keep the good. Even if you find a great teacher, there will still be some things where they are in error, thus one needs to confirm/ test all against the Word. On the converse, it could be tempting to ignore all teaching from someone you don’t like, but they likely will at some point express some truth that may be mind-blowing in terms of revelation, and you could miss it because of a previously held prejudice or pride.

  13. I too have met Rood personally, he even met with our group on the Galilee for a short visit. I camped with Jamie in Oklahoma for Succot, more than once. I was disturbed by the way the battle happened between them, but I believe that Abba will repair their relationship. We’re in the last of “The Last Days”, so it makes sense that these spiritual battles are going on around us all! I recently lost a beloved friend because of that spiritual battle too. I trust Abba to heal it also. Tim, keep up the good work and your witness to others! We are all part of “The Body”, should we attack different parts of our own physical bodies? Neither should we attack the different parts of the spiritual body. Things are gonna get alot worse, so we better seek Abbas’ face and pray His Will be done in all our lives! Blessings, Les

  14. Never heard of Michael R. However, I have met Tim McH. and know him to be a gentle teacher and voices himself without arrogance. I had a Bible Prof in Texas and would always say – With the light that I have Now , I believe this is how it plays out – As revelation is opened we can honestly change our stances. Nothing wrong with that. We all know Who our Creator is, the reason for salvation, and all know He is our Hope for eternal life. It is that simple. I LOVE hearing all the various thoughts. God bless us and cause us to seek Him with a clean heart and love others with their blemishes and scars.

  15. As for michael. I don’t understand the long hair unless he claims to have taken a nazarite vow. Yet he is a very interesting teacher. It is people like him who open the narrow minds of people to study the scripture.

    I don’t agree with everything he teaches or believes just as many would say about me. Yet many people are brought up in believing contrary to the scripture and unaware of what is really being said.

    It is people like tim and mike and others who want to know the truth and live the truth, even if it is against the masses and we find ourselves stranding alone and challenge people to open the bibles and study to show themselves approved.

    For most peoples lives we have been taught many false doctrines. It is up to us to study to see if what we have been taught really holds up and is in agreement with the bible.

    May we have errors, yes. The true test of a man is 1. where do we stand with what we believe. Do we teach and do otherwise or do we do as we teach and 2. what we do with it when we find out or are shown our error. Do we make it right. Or do we hold to our pride and continue in it. That is the true test of the men we are.

  16. Thanks Tim. I remember being with you and your wife at that trip to Israel. It was a WONDERFUL time. I REALLY like Michael but yet AGAIN he seems to be in trouble with someone ripping him off. The guy teaching the Torah was very good. My problem is Michael is ALWAYS asking for money, ALWAYS. That in itself makes me stand off a bit. I really would like to feel I could stand with him or what to do. Love you both always JZ

    • We had a wonderful time and made great memories in Israel, too. How great it is we have stayed in touch with you all this time. We love you and Michael even though we wish he did some things differently, too. But we all test each other with our blind spots and shortcomings.

  17. I just came across Rood. Where have I been? There sure is troubling information. But anyone who sets dates and is wrong is a false prophet. In O.T. times they were stoned. In the best of cases, he should not be listened to further.

    • This is not OT times and the education on and accountability for thinking you heard from God is not the same. Michael never said he heard from God. (That would be Monte Judah who said thus saith the LORD.) If you had to not listen to further every teacher who made a mistake you would have no one left to listen to. With all teachers, I listen to their teachings and ignore their date setting which will always fail. (See http://www.escapeallthesethings.com/doomsday-date-setting.htm )

  18. Hallo all, I would only like to ask you to consider this option that is provided under this link, i.e. that the 7th week was already fulfilled. This changes all, does it not? Here is the link (http://www.beholdthebeast.com/mathematical_precision_of_prophecy.htm. There is plenty of materials to ‘chew’ there. I’ll appreciate comments here.

    As to the person under discussion. He has been shown a lot, but as far as I can see, he seems to have fallen prey to a boasting attitude, just like most humanitz before us. He claimed that setting dates in not right and yet he does just that. There are things hidden to prophets. Everyone of us is chastised and tested. No one is heaven-ready-made. But one is responsible for what one teaches, it is not the same as sharing. It is responsibility assumed, along with the reckoning for the outcome. I guess it is bad anyone provides suggestions of times and events without adding that it only seems so, and is not a God-given. Our understanding is limited. Let us never forget that. We here have a saying that the man is wiser after the loss. I think it can also be spiritually taken. There is much loss when things are presented AS IF carved in stone. Maranatha!

  19. Wondering if Michael is connected at all with the Masons, Free Masonry, Masonic Temple Worship, etc.. Some of his DVDs seem to make references to what is in the Masonic Temple, so I’m wondering as to how he came upon this information? Is he a member or does he just happen to know someone who is? I’ve been sharing many of his DVDs with others & somewhere along the way I will be asked what his connection is to the Mason’s.
    I too, want to be sure of this. I called the number listed on their website but all the lady told me was to go to the website for more info., I did but couldn’t find anything about it. I understand that the Mason’s are steeped in Satanic Worship, please correct me if I’m wrong. Out of all the teachings I’ve listened to I haven’t found anything that seems to be Satanic or cultish in nature. In fact I’ve found them to be very enlightening. I also would like to know about some of the scripture references he uses, I don’t know if they maybe were taken from the Apocrypha or are some of these just the Hebrew names. I’m not familiar with Hebrew, nor do I have the Apocrypha, so I find it hard sometimes to find his references unless Michael specifically references to them also by their English names as found in the KJV or other Bibles, or if he specifically references for instance “The Apocrypha”. Please email me back with an answer if you would?

  20. I was wondering about Michael Rood’s prayer at the end of his broadcast on Shabbat live Nov. 8th when he raised both hands and gave the sign of Spock I heard that was a masonic symbol, I have followed Michael for a few years and this was the first time I witnessed such an action,please feel free to comment to justify or condemn as I thought it very odd.

  21. Masonic Temples are Luciferian for fact. Link referenced below…believers in Yeshua and YHWH should not be with them…they practice the art of deception and swear secret othes to their members. All 33rd Degree Masons are obliged to swear oaths to Lucifer…Angel of Light…this is the secret and no one will tell you at that level…even the early initiates are unaware of it…though Yeshua’s name and name of Jesus is never specifically mentioned…they are influenced at the highest level by Rome and the Jesuit order ( not Yeshua’s order for He has His Father and doesdoes not need the Jesuits with their false “father ” in Rome…all of this is from Masons who told everything before death or YHWH saved them thru his miracle of sending His Spirit and men were receptive….btw…all oatheset can be broken in faith with Yeshua as the oathes were given in falsehood and deception…most initiates are not allowed to know the truth…just that they are on a journey…”Illumination” is not “Inspiration”…This is one of the oldest most deceptive secret societies available to men…see “The Secret behind Secret Societies”…YouTube…enjoy…awake…and “Come out of Babylon…walk away from the mystery schools…it is no mystery…it is a powerful deception…keeping in mind it is harder to discern falsehood when men you trust invite you into a system which also does good works…it is a front and deceives many…you will never hear them exhalt Yeshua by name, so for sure…you know it is not a Temple of YHWH…The Most High…btw…check it out…every Masonic Temple (Christian Countries) must have KJV Bible…King James was a Mason in 1601…and The KJV is the only bible forced on people and YHWH was removed from it’s Tehach portion 6828 times!…it also is the only Bible to falsely include the name of Easter not Passover…download a free copy of 2009 “The Scriptures” from within “ISR -Institute for Scripture Research”, for a free copy of the Scriptures without all the Pagan names of God injected in place of “The Name”…YHWH most likely pronounced YaHoWah with emphasis on the YAH- like YAH’hua Hallelu “Yah”… This is why Yeshua received His name given to Miriam by the Angels…YaHoShua… since “YAHUA will saves his people…the name Jesus was a translation and transliteration and when you see a “J” it is really a “Y” sound as J was not in tge alphabets till late 1700 I believe and was originally placed after “Y” in the alphabet same a Y like in the German “Jorgensen” pronounced Yorgensen…later the J as in “Jelly” was adopted as the popular sound from the French way of pronouncing it…French dominated for a period after the Germanic influence waned.

  22. Tim… ran across your web site today… just thought I’d send a quick note and say Hi…! Conversed with you for a while many years ago [10-12]. Glad to see you are still hanging in there as we all should, and not giving up… you commented on Michael Rood, we to have had a connection with him. Met him and Nehemiah at a seminar he was giving when he was selling his ‘mystery of the Ages” book… and I completely agree with you about Michael… he is a great teacher, a tad rough around the edges, but I think that’s the Marine coming out of him… when he is right he is “dead on” but at other times he, in my opinion miss the mark, enjoy his ministry but don’t always agree with him… and again as you said we all don’t understand everything the same at the same time… are you still down in the Panama area…?
    Well have a good one… “keep on keeping on”… Jerry in Washington State

  23. Michael Rood – why I don’t follow him or his teachings.

    Sorry I just can’t follow him or his information because of the following

    1. Michael Rood claims to be a Levite. Living as a Torah observant Levite, although he is not Jewish, nor of the Levitical lineage. He claims to be a Levite but refuses to provide DNA for testing to prove he is Jewish, or from a Cohen line. BTW there are no records of Rood converting to Judaism nor are there any Yeshivas or Rabbinical schools that awarded him this title. IOW there is not one disinterested third party to support any of his claims.

    2. Rood claims to perform Levitical rituals in Israel but according to Torah he is too old to be conducting these rituals but he still claims he did. He also stated that he illegally broke into a holy site in Jerusalem and performed a Levitical ritual (wearing Levitical priesthood garments) with another supposed Cohen. He even claimed that he and this other person were the only ones who ever correctly performed this ritual (all others have it wrong). Last time I checked, breaking the law of the land (breaking and entering) and breaking the commandments of YHWH (as a non-Levite who wore Levitical garments) in this manner is sin which Rood has not repented or asked forgiveness for.

    3. Rood calls himself Rabbi, however no Yeshiva, college, seminary or Rabbi can be found that awarded this title to him and he refuses to produce the smicha (the ordination which can only happen in Israel and witnessed by three Orthodox Rabbis). Rood has no documents that can be verified – IOW there is absolutely ZERO way to prove what he says. This is a problem because he REFUSES to let anyone validate his claim/s.

    4. Speaking of claims, Rood claimed to be a chaplain in the U.S. Navy but his rank was that of an enlisted man who served in the infantry then supposedly made sergeant. Interesting note is that chaplains in the U.S. Armed forces are ALWAYS officers (captains and above). Rood does not say how he went from from sergeant to officer; nor does Rood’s timeline of service reflect any possibility of him completing the required college/seminary courses and meeting the requirements set by the Dept of the Navy. BTW Navy Chaplains must be a U.S. citizen at least 21 years of age; hold a B.A. or B.S. degree, with not less than 120 semester hours from a qualified educational institution; and hold a post-baccalaureate graduate degree, which includes 72 semester hours of graduate-level course work in a field of theological or related studies. At least one-half (i.e. 36) of these hours must include topics in general religion, theology, religious philosophy, ethics, etc. The problem is with all these requirements is that Rood’s timeline does not support the time it would take to get a BS or BA degree! There are ZERO college transcripts supporting Rood’s claims. I don’t know anyone who refuses to provide college transcripts – the only people that refuse are those who do not have them.

    5. Rood claimed that he was the in “the Navy Chaplain Corps as the ONLY full time teacher and ministry training in the history of the U.S. Marines” and that “The Captain of the ship radioed to the Flagship Admiral, “I need a Chaplain over here ASAP. We’ve got some kind of ‘revival’ going on over here with the Marines – The whole damn Battalion is sitting on the deck right now with some NCO teaching them about the return of Christ.” Within the hour a chopper landed on the fantail. Two days later on a small island, the largest number of Marines since WWII were baptized in the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.”

    That are HUGE claims and I have tried to verify these claims but not one person I talked to can substantiate his claims. I hope to get Rood’s military record through the Freedom of Information Act and finally get to the bottom of it.

    6. Rood has claimed the title of Rabbi, Messianic Rabbi, Jewish Messianic and even a Karaite (btw Karaites do not believe in Jesus/Yeshua as the Messiah – perhaps that is why later on Rood stopped using this title?). Opps. BTW Rood’s own son said that his Dad just one day started calling himself “Rabbi”.

    7. Rood has used the word “Theologian” to describe himself but again there is no record of him attending any seminary or receiving any doctorate in theology. Why would he refuse to give out the school he attended and graduated? Hmmm…

    8. Rood’s old claim of once being an “ordained non-denominational Christian minister” are interesting too – what denomination did he belong to? He was a follower of The Way International (TWI – a dangerous religious cult). His biography claims that he is an “ordained nondenominational Christian minister,” for Capitol Hill Christian Fellowship but does not state that it was with The Way Int. which ordained him. By implying that this ordination gives him credibility, he misrepresents his background. TWI taught many non-Christian teachings, including that Jesus Christ was a perfect man but not human and divine, that the Holy Spirit is not a personal being (an “It”), that the filling of the Holy Spirit just amounts to people regaining their own spirit which was lost at the Fall, that many verses of the Bible are untrustworthy because they were altered hundreds of years after they were written, etc. etc.

    I could go on but you get the point.

    Yes Rood does teach a lot of truth but it only takes a little leaven to ruin the whole lump. I know my words probably don’t mean much but consider the following…

    Dr. Michael Brown, the author of “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus” who is a published Semitic scholar who holds a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages (Hebrew and Aramaic) and Literatures from New York University evaluated Rood’s book “Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed” including Rood’s language abilities wrote the following…

    “”…Michael J. Rood, The Pagan-Christian Connection Exposed (Gainesville, FL: Bridge-Logos, 6004[2004] sic!, xvii, 123 pp.)
    This is a shockingly poor book with almost no redeeming qualities, and it is best dismissed as a mere sensationalistic curiosity. If taken seriously, the extreme rhetoric and exaggerated statements that dominate the book could prove dangerous to unsuspecting readers. … it bears several marks of cult-like teaching, something which is especially unfortunate, since it is published by Bridge-Logos.
    … Each chapter is clearly based on Rood’s TV shows …Pictures of the author, depicted in full priestly regalia, appear a dozen times in the book, including the front and back cover, and the message is simple: Michael Rood alone has the revelation. Others – meaning the great majority of believers throughout the world, especially in America – are in darkness and willful ignorance, blinded by their “Western Gentile mentalities” (pp. xvi, 59; see also p. 69)…. Actually, it is his calling other parts of the Body “cults” that is cultlike, and it should be recognized as such …

    Space forbids me from citing other, similar examples – and there are many – but it should be noted that Rood, who claims to think Hebraically and who somehow claims access to otherwise hidden and secret information (see, e.g., pp. 43-44), cannot even get simple Hebrew names right, using non-existent forms like Yahshua (instead of Yehoshua, p. 77) as well as Azriyah and Haninyah (instead of Azaryah and Hananyah, p. 54, and see Dan 1:7). He even makes the wildly inaccurate claim that the Greeks “called all their gods, from Adonis to Zeus, Christos” (p. 76), while in reality, in the Greek, Gentile world, christos had virtually no spiritual significance and was normally misunderstood as a proper name.

    …there are a few good points that Rood does make, they …are not new at all, while the new points he makes are anything but good. Bridge-Logos would do well to consult with biblical scholars who are sensitive to the Jewish roots of the faith before publishing more books of this kind. The inflammatory rhetoric, often based on wrong information, will certainly not promote truth.” …” 4.”

    Dr. Michael Brown is a recognized and vetted PH.D scholar but Rood, not so much.

    IF Rood was a sincere man of God THEN he would submit to testing and proving his claims but he always refuses. If he is telling the truth then why does he have to refuse?

    Failed prophesy – no repentance
    Michael Rood has also had some failed prophesies. It is interesting that Jamie Louis, whom Rood once worked with, stated concerning the breakup of A Rood Awakening!, and his role in supporting Rood since 1998 that:

    “…We produced various products, including a 10-hour video production called Count Down to 6001. On this video, Michael was predicting that in September 1999, the 7th millennium would begin. He predicted that this day would be Tishri 10, 6001, which would be the Day of Atonement and the start of the last seven years before Armageddon….

    As we all know this never happened – according to scripture Rood is a false prophet. This again makes me question Rood and his motives as he never stepped down from ministry.

    I think people need to do some background checking on their favorite teachers – I used to watch Rood’s videos and read his books but then I found some questionable information. Hence I started digging. The more I dug the more questionable and damaging info I found.

    I hope you take this into consideration.

  24. Tim — Are you still a support of Michael Rood? I find the Jonah code and feast teaching a must for all Christians, but just learning about some of the past issues on the last few weeks. Always been a big support of your works — thanks, Howard


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