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  1. Wonderful work. I thought I was the only one that thought the USA was Babylon. There are so many people that do not have any idea about the book of Revelation. They are fools and they write books as though they are experts

  2. Hi Tim,

    Some thoughts,

    Mystery Babylon the Great and Babylon apparently are one and the same. It is described as a she/rulership of some kind, possibly a queen?, a city, a blasphemous fornicator, sits on seven governments, with ten leaders that appear to reduce to seven fairly quickly. After doing a fairly thorough study on the Babylon question and some travelling, I could not find enough evidence that it is actually the USA. I felt England, Rome or the USA could all qualify in part, but fail to fulfil all the description given.

    The destruction is to happen in one hour, and ships surround the area who mourn, so it has to be a country that has a large proportion of sea surrounding it, and the merchants love the ability to trade with whoever it is.

    The level of destruction described could only occur through an incredibly well orchestrated terrorist attempt or more likely a very very serious natural disaster. (I favour the natural disaster as it is thrown down by an angel as judgement)

    The world lives deliciously off this place, and it hates YHWH’S PEOPLE AND KILLS THEM I don’t think this level of trade and social setting has been reached yet, though with a one world trade system it could, and then this system would obviously have to have headquarters, which would be a city.

    The disaster is said to occur on a city, not a country.

    At one stage Britain, (Britania ruled the seas) was even a motto and it extended its control and trade to every corner of the globe, but that is not enough to fulfil the hints.

    The USA is only young in comparison, though much of the world thinking comes via entertainment from the USA. The trade described appears to be more vast than that of the USA, and historically the USA is not known in this capacity.

    Presently Japan (after the war) Taiwan and now China are the trade giants.

    Rome has never been known as a powerful trading block of leisure goods, so we can rule her out.

    Another point – when the prophecies were written only the Jewish religious leaders were the actual killers of the prophets and saints, followed by Rome later. Britain nor the USA have not been known to kill the prophets or the saints in such a large capacity at least yet.

    I am thinking that the killing of the prophets and saints has occurred in part but is yet future and will come together with all the other hints, though it would be sensible to keep an eye on the laws being implemented in the various countries against true Christians.

    People might be running a little too fast in trying to make prophecies fit. It would appear when Apollyon is let loose by the fallen angel that things will move very quickly. We do have the clear voice of Yeshua warning us from the pages of the bible, and some might have disciplined themselves from their understanding, (those people I guess are pretty special).

    Hopefully when Elijah starts his/their work we will recognise, hear and believe their warnings and not regard them as the worst terrorists ever., because their credentials are backed up with some pretty heavy means.

    Presently there are no REAL dangers (ie spiritual persecutin in the Western world) outside of conspiracies to be frightened of. However, there certainly is enough evidence that natural disasters are on the increase, and we should be trying to make an effort to discern how and where we live in relation to these.

    You know, I have always thought Yeshua gave us a mind that we are to use, and He will back us up and even correct our mis understandings, but we must be careful not to become religious about any of this. (The spiritual side of things is not being discussed here) Following His torah is practical and is a means to better living. A person without Yeshua can follow a lot of torah successfully, and it has not been don away with.

    I recently had a person vehemently argue about the torah as being evil and a bondage. I love it when someone does this, as it gives me a chance to ask them two little questions.

    1. What do you think of the latest OHS policies on building sites of putting a railing around the roof when building – they always agree they are pretty good, so I say “well that’s torah”

    2. Have you ever had hens and chickens and your own eggs. They answer sometimes yes or no. so I say “well each time you take the eggs out of the hen house you have performed a torah”

    this gets them real mad, but we generally laugh it off. But you know Tim, mostly the Torah is very simple and gives us good clear ways to live more abundently. It is true those who try to live within YHWH’s instructions are blessed and have a personal relationship with their creator and His Father

    I would be interested in receiving and open to corrective feedback if you have any to offer.



  3. Although a lot of biblical scholars whom I highly respect think that the U.S.A. is Babylon, I do not agree. In keeping with the idea of interpreting Scripture according to the plain sense meaning as much as possible, I think Babylon means Babylon. It seems to me we are yet to see the ancient city of Babylon (or some child of it) be restored. It’s probably in the works right now; in fact, I recall seeing photos a couple years ago (although I know those can be manufactured). I cannot soundly argue the matter, though, so I just watch and learn. Perhaps we shall ALL be surprised!

    • Connie, if you really serious about following the plain sense then you will need to change your opinion. See, you appear to have missed that Revelation 17-18 do not refer to “Babylon.” It refers to MYSTERY, Babylon THE GREAT. Also Babylon the Great does not have a deep sea water port and merchants coming in ships to trade in goods that make them rich.

  4. First, I believe brother Tim means well and will be in heaven one day. That he is probably a fine person and Christian.

    Second, he is so far off the correct basis for prophecy in the bible he might as well be in another universe.

    Third, The apostles believed, taught, and wrote that it was their generation that would see the return of Christ so either they are right and Christ returned then or else they are wrong the bible is not inerrant. Once you establish it is not inerrant then all Christian doctrine unravels. Hence Preterism is the correct model of eschatology. If you believe the bible is inerrant in its original language as I do and Tim does then logically you can’t escape this fact.

    Fourth, I’d be wiling to debate Tim on the subject on a neutral site where he can’t edit out comments of mine if he doesn’t want them seen. I’ve learned my lesson. Every time I debate it with someone and they soon start losing they edit out of my comments what they don’t want anyone to see or delete them all together.

    Best wishes,


    • Will, I perceive you are a preterist. I’m glad you are learning the pitfalls of debate, too. I have learned that there is no point in arguing with someone who has a different (non-literal, non-careful) approach to reading the Bible than me. We’ll never agree and might even use the same verses to prove our contradictory views!

      P.S. Do your homework on the word “near”. The apostles mostly said that it was “near” or “soon”…subjective relative terms. They saw the possibility and had a useful sense of urgency from it but there is no problem if it did not happen with the terms used to couch their expectation.

  5. The Babylon referred to in Revelation is Jerusalem. It is the place where the saints were killed. Verse 17:6 Then I saw that the woman was drunk on the blood of the saints and on the blood of the witnesses to Jesus…This ties in with what Jesus said about Jerusalem in Mat 23:37 Jerusalem, Jerusalem The city who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her. And it ties into verses (Mat 23: 29-36) Where Jesus addresses the scribes and Pharisees and accuses them of killing the prophets he sends to them and says all the righteous shed on earth will be charged to them and says all these things will be come on this generation.

    This is developed further in ch. 24 when his disciples ask him when is the end of the age Your coming. (Notice the conjunction “and” it ties these two events together.

    We see here Jesus’ second coming was not a visible bodily coming but a Day of the Lord type coming of Judgment against Jerusalem. His second coming and the end of the age (Old Covenant age) was in 70 A.D. which brought the Roman Army to Jerusalem to destroy Jerusalem, dismantle the temple brick by brick, and close the Old Covenant Age and bring in the New Covenant fully.

    • Will, my preterist friend, if the Second Coming and New Covenant are past/here (Jer 31:31), then I want my money back. Preterism is the Moon Landing Hoax Theory of Christianity. ‘Nuff said.

  6. Tim, here’s a thought about the rebuilding of the temple. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in my reading of Rev 11 I don’t see the building of the temple, merely the measuring of it. This could refer to a blueprint so as to know exactly where the altar should go. To start the evening/ morning sacrifices you don’t need a rebuilt temple, just an altar as we see in Ezra 3:1-6. There is actually now currently in Israel an altar that has been built according to the specifications in the Torah (unhewn stones, etc.) and it has been built in such a way that it can be moved to it’s place on the temple mount right away if given access. Everything else is also ready for the sacrifices to begin when the time comes. I agree with your view about the 2nd advent not happening for at least the next few years, however it is possible that the tribulation may indeed start this year.

    • Mornay, that’s an interesting take I have not heard before. However, you would not need a measuring reed for a blueprint. Blueprints have the units already written on them. Plus, it says to “count those who worship there”. No, there is no mistaking that John sees a real end time Third Temple that has been taken over by the Beast. How long it is built before the Antichrist takes control, the Bible does not say. So while you are right you do not need a temple for sacrifices, only an altar, Revelation 11 and 2The 2:4 do require a temple.

      So without the Third Temple already built and a slew of other prerequisite events (not the least of which is Wormwood!) rest assured the Great Tribulation cannot legally come or our Bible is unreliable. If you want to see all these prerequisites, my book is available to save you the time of studying this out for years yourself as I had to =).


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