How Can Planet X Be Revelation’s star Wormwood?

Lou wrote:

Dear Tim,

I finished reading your book, and was very impressed. Thank you for writing it. I have a question:

You state “a rogue planet called Wormwood will approach dangerously close to Earth. Although it itself will not hit us, Earth will pass through its rocky tail or debris field.”

Yet the Holy Scriptures, in Rev 8.10-11, tell us differently: “.. there fell from heaven a great star, burning as a torch, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of the waters; and the name of the star is called Wormwood ..”

How do you account for this?

This is a common question so I’ve added it to the FAQ and am pasting here as well:

The first answer is that “Planet X” is a misnomer. It is the term coined by NASA for any as yet undiscovered planet orbiting the sun after Pluto, the 9th planet (X of course being the Roman Numeral for 10 or tenth). However, the little information leaked from NASA and other scientists that we have says that Planet X is actually not a classic non-luminous planet (except only by reflected light) but a red or brown dwarf (a small star). This fits with what Revelation says about Wormwood as a star that “burns like a lamp” in the sky.

The second answer is that the 3rd trumpet does not say Wormwood directly hits the earth but only that it “falls upon 1/3 of the waters.” If you want to see Revelation describe a direct impact on the earth from an extraterrestrial object, see the 2nd trumpet, or even the 1st trumpet for multiple where each time the complete collateral damage is itemized. The language there is much different. Its impossible for an impact to affect only 1/3 of the waters and not also damage land, people, crops, etc. as you see described for the major direct impacts of the 1st and 2nd trumpets. Also, if an object large enough to shine on its own hit the earth, all life would be over right then (or even if our own moon hit us). A direct hit is clearly then not what is being described given all of this. Instead, it must be referring to the tail (that we must be passing through) raining down and poisoning the waters. If we are not passing through a tail of Wormwood, then there is no way to explain the progression of tiny to large objects impacting the earth from the 6th seal through the 3rd trumpet while Wormwood is described as seen shining in the sky after it all (instead of lodged in the side of the earth!).

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  1. Tim,

    I agree with your assertion that we need to use the 7 Feasts and the Old Testament Lunar Calandar to see future events in Prophecy and there fulfillment. That said, you also need to have a understanding of what Bible Salvation is and is not. While you may help people to survive Wormwood, you have not brought them to a place of conversion or Bible Salvation.

    Martin Luther began the revolt with the Protestant Revolution, thus ending the Middle Ages. Jesus said the Chruch would have a falling away and then with the Pearl of Great Price said that it would also have a revival. The problem being Martin Luther only recovered 2 doctrines. Grace and Justification by Faith. No other Protestant Church Father recovered any more than Martin Luther. With that point said, that means no Protestant Church ever got back to full truth. The Catholic Church started the Dark Ages in 313 AD when it made a deal with Caesar Constantine. In 325 AD the Catholics and Caesar Constantine consolidated their power and the Church went into darkness. The 1st Century Church and its descendants the Apostolic Churches are the only Church to ever have full truth. And the 1st Century Apostolic Church wrote the entire New Testament. That said, we should only look at the Bible thru Apostolic Eyes. That means we need to lose all the Catholic and Protestant garbage that has been added to the word of God, which makes of no effect in the lives of men, women, and children.

    Jesus had a conversation with Nicodemus in John 3:1-9 and talked to this man about a future plan of Salvation. Jesus told Nicodemus that you could not “SEE OR ENTER HEAVEN IF YOU WHERE NOT BORN AGAIN OF WATER AND SPIRIT.” The Bible says there is one Baptism of Water and Spirit. This is Born Again. Many today say simple say a prayer or believe (John 3:16 the most misquoted verse in the bible). While a person must believe and have faith, these alone do not save you. So lets discuss being Born Again of Water and Spirit. John the Baptist said that Jesus would Baptize people with fire and the Holy Ghost. God being literal must have a fulfillment. On the Day of Pentecost one of the 7 Feast Days of Israel God institutes his Church (begins it). In a upper Room 120 people are gathered and have been fasting and praying for 10 days since Jesus ascension to heaven. In Acts the 2nd Chapter we can read the story for ourselves. The Holy Ghost/Spirit descends on the People and they all speak with tongues (a unknown language) as God gives them the utterance. A great crowd gathers and Peter steps out into the street and preaches the very first sermon to them. With many words he convicts them of their sin. The crowd in Acts 2:37 ask him what they must do to be saved. Peter in Acts 2:38-39 responds to them.

    1) Repent (tell God your sorry for the sin you have committed, put the sin down at the altar of Repentance, don’t pick it up again, and change your mind set/thoughts for God’s).

    2) Be Baptized in Jesus name by full Immersion. (3 things happen in Water Baptism when the name Jesus is spoken over the person)
    (1) Remission of sins.
    (2) Blood is applied.
    (3) You are sealed with the name of God. Jesus!!!!!!

    3) Receive the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in tongues. (Remember the Rapture/translation of the Church on the Feast of Trumpets is the withdrawing of the Holy Ghost, so no Holy Ghost Baptism for the person and they don’t get Raptured)

    What Peter preached in Acts 2:38-39 is what Jesus told Nicodemus in John 3:1-9. And what John the Baptist prophecied of Jesus. Also note the Book of Joel says with stammering lips and another tongue will my people speak. The Bible also says the tongue is the rudder of the ship and the last instrument we yield to God. So it is easy to see why God chose tongues as the sign that he had entered the Hearts (temple, body) of men. Do not confuse this with Corinthians. You can not have the 9 gifts listed until you are Born Again of Water and Spirit, for these 9 gifts listed in Corinthians are for Born Again believers who have Repented, been Baptized in Jesus name by full immersion, and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, evidenced by speaking in tongues.

    One man once said thats fine, but that is not the Gospel message. I said really? Mind if I give it a shot. He said give it your best. I said, ok, but first we have to agree on what the Gospel is. The man replied the Death, Burrial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I said, perfect, you are right. He said give it your best. So I said fine.

    DEATH = REPENTANCE (We die out to sin, the old man must be crucified, so that the new man can live) Repentance is a lifestyle, so that we keep the old man in the grave.

    BURRIAL = JESUS NAME BAPTISM BY FULL IMMERSION (The Bible says I am burried with Christ in Baptism, Baptism in Jesus’s name is a type of Burrial where the Blood is applied to the believer) Note: You only need to be Baptized in Jesus name by immersion ONE TIME. If you sin after that, you simple repent and God places the sin back under the blood.

    RESURRECTION = BAPTISM OF THE HOLY GHOST (The Baptism of the Holy Ghost in Acts 1:8 gives me power to live over sin, in the Old Testament they did not have that power and had a animal sacrificial system to roll their sins ahead until messiah would come and forgive them)(That said, the Rapture of the Church is the whith drawing of God’s Spirit, the Holy Ghost from planet Earth, those filled with it will leave this planet in the twinkling of a eye on some future Feast of Trumpets day, those not filled get left behind) Remember the 10 virgins? 5 where wise and 5 where foolish. 5 had oil in there lamps and trimmed, 5 had not enough oil and there lamps need trimming. The 5 wise virgins where those who where prayed up in the Holy Ghost and the 5 foolish virgins where those who where not prayed up in the Holy Ghost. The Oil is a type of the Holy Ghost, the trimming is a type of speaking in tongues. You need both to make your lamp work!!!!!!!!

    With that said the man had tears coming down out of his eyes, I instructed the man to fully repent, then to lift his arms in praise and worship calling on the name of the Lord, in just a few minutes the man received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues. I then drove him over to the Church and Baptized him in Jesus name for the remission of sins.

    Let me ask you one last question that the Apostle Paul asked a group of John the Baptist’s Disciples 35-40 after the crucifixion. Turn in your Bibles to Acts 19:1-9.
    Paul asks these 12 men if they have received the Holy Ghost since they first believed? They respond that they have not even heard of the Holy Ghost. The Paul lays hands on them and prays them thru to it. Then Paul rebaptizes these 12 men in Jesus name. Why because John the Baptist’s Baptism was unto repentance. Jesus is the only name in the New Testament that saves. Jesus is the New Testament name of God. Title won’t save you (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). Only 10 days seperates Jesus command to the 500 to go into all nations Baptizing them in the name of the Father, the son and the Holy Ghost and Peter’s command in Acts 2:38 to baptize in Jesus name. You see Peter knew who the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit really was = JESUS.


    a servant of the most high God,

    Rev. Todd

  2. Hello, Tim! Long time no talk! I wanted to ask you when you believe Wormwood/Planet x is going to get here? Do you think they will announce it soon? I want to be open minded about it, because i know that it is what you believe, and even though I have my opinions, I would still like to hear more of what you have to say. Brandon.
    There is actually another person who has written a book about the return of planet x, and his name is Jaysen Q. Rand. I am not sure if you have heard of him or not.

  3. Hi Brandon,

    Wormwood won’t be announced but people will feel its effects first and panic as the 6th seal of Revelation describes. As for when Wormwood can and cannot come, prophecy does give parameters on that which I describe in detail in my book. You would probably enjoy it greatly if you are curious about these questions.

    Yes, I’ve been in contact with Jaysen.

  4. Okay, that does make sense. Does Jaysen seem to be legit and credible to you; judging by you talking to him? Would you know how I might contact him, like what is his email address and so forth? This is interesting stuff. Brandon. Yes I am considering purchasing a book on this kind of subject, but I want to do my research and stuff before I invest money into something I know nothing about.

  5. I have not read his book but he seems legit and serious. I don’t know offhand his site, but I’m sure a google search would yield his site.

    BTW, my money back guarantee is real, so you have no risk in trying my book out if you have any doubts it will be good. My readers constantly send me glowing feedback on the book, such as “very interesting” and “not being to put it down” which I just received today. =)

  6. Yes, I have already seen his site. He did interviews with people at a California bookstore. Tim, the one thing that strikes me about this whole planet x scenario, is the fact that all these authors writing about it, Hazlewood, McCanney, Rand, and even yourself; don’t have a single copy on the bookshelves! They are i stock, but not available on sight! Now, you can find all sorts of other prophecy and end times books on the shelves, like the prophecies regarding the year 2012, but nothing on planet x! Doesn’t this strike you as odd! I know this because this past Sunday evening I went to the Books a Million and couldn’t find the book on the shelf. I looked it up on their computer, and it wasn’t in stock! Brandon.

  7. Hello:

    It seems as if I am about 2 years behind the last poster. Oh, well. I still have some things I would like to say.

    First, I believe that your first poster went a little off-topic by asking if you “had the Holy Spirit.” I’m sure you do, or you would not have been given the gift of prophecy. I am an author and editor, and 2012 / “Planet X” is my speciality.

    I disagree with Jim McCanney’s estimation of the location of “Planet X,” though. We (my friends and I, including our own scientist) have talked to quite a few who have the gift of prophecy, and they all seem to agree that “Wormwood” is coming up from the south. In fact, I’m sure you have heard of the Learmonth Observatory on the westernmost point of Australia. It is operated by an American research project called — you guessed it — Project Wormwood. I’m sure you are also aware of the practice of NASA of naming space bodies after their discoverers. So, this object or objects, as it now seems, comes up from the south. Learmonth spots it, and, well, you have Wormwood.

    I also edited a book called The Kolbrin Bible, much to Jim McCanney’s chagrin. His argument was that we plagiarized the book from a group in New Zealand, which we did NOT, not unless the group in New Zealand wrote it (we got ours from India). Yet, he, himself, says it is an ancient book, written at the time that the Bible was being written. As the editor of our version, I agree with him. I was able to discern at least 200 ancient “writers’ voices” thoughout the work. That is impossible to fake. Because the text is ancient, it is impossible to copyright, which eliminates the plagiarism charge.

    The Kolbrin Bible is also full of sound wisdom where Planet X is concerned. It shows how God used “Planet X” to bring about the Exodus of the Jews from captivity in Egypt. However, it shows it from the position of the Egyptians, who in The Kolbrin Bible admitted their sins and attempted from that point to follow The One True God after their pantheon of gods failed them.

    As you know, Revelation will be an “updated” and intensified version of the Exodus, and the cataclysms and wars described there are unimaginable without the valuable insight of The Holy Spirit. It will be to the betterment of all involved to gain knowledge and widsom from as many corroborating sources as possible, and I am finding that, with “Planet X,” The Kolbrin Bible corroborates the Holy Bible very closely.

    Finally, to anyone who becomes upset at my use of the term, “Bible” in connection with this book, this book comes from writings that originated in the Middle East and were transported all over the known world by the Phoencians, whose home port was Byblos (sp) in what is now Lebanon. We chose to add that appellation to honor their efforts, not to belittle those of the writers of The Holy Bible.

    So, Tim, whatever you have to say about “Planet X” / Wormwood, please bring it on. Your audience is larger than you think.

    Thank you for allowing me to speak.

    Yours in Service,
    Janice Manning

  8. This is a common misconception when someone explains the prophecies that were already given as I do. I don’t claim the gift of prophecy. I just have wisdom and skill in researching, understanding and teaching the Bible.

    I thought McCanney said the body will come from the South pole as well, yet you state that in disagreement with him?

  9. The closest thing on earth to a star is a nuclear reactor the last disaster was in ukraine the word for wormwood in ukrainian is chernobyl(look it up) all the 1/3rd of this and that to the world won’t happen til the isotopes decay (half-life) which will be in 2016.

    • Trudy, sure we all are. But that’s salvation for the next life, after you die. The salvation referred to in my article and Joel 2:30-31 is about not dying prematurely in this life and fulfilling the will of Jesus when he said: “But be alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place and to stand before the Son of Man.” (Luke 21:36)


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