Is “Prophet” Tom Deckard a True or False Prophet?

A reader sent me this request on “Jewish Prophet Tom Deckard”

Tim, I wanted your opinion on this Jewish Prophet Deckard’s warning.

I looked into Deckard around ten years ago when he was on The Prophecy Club. I even bought his Prophecy Club DVD since I was intrigued and didn’t want to make a mistake and miss a real prophet. Well, I had some big problems with what he taught (can’t remember now what). Then I spoke with someone who had him come to their church and they reported how unloving, abusive and egotistical he was. That may be hearsay, but it did help to reignite my waning interest in him. I was underwhelmed.

As for the claims of 100% accuracy, where is the link to the proof? If someone was really 100% accurate, word would get out that his words never fall to the ground (like it says of Samuel 1Sa 3:19) and everyone would know he was a prophet (next verse). Not so with this guy. Plus he ought to be doing signs and wonders as any unknown prophet does to establish himself (unless they had a special birth like John T.B.).

Finally, his word contradicts bible prophecy, in my opinion. Rev 18 tells us America the Babylon is still the world economic power with merchants flowing to it until the day she is destroyed by fire, not economic collapse. See for specifics.

Also, if he is really telling people to leave, where is the supernatural provision to do this impossible task? That’s what prophecy predicts in Rev 12 (eagle’s wings) when God’s people are told to go (Rev 18, “come out of her”). See for what that looks like.

When you compare Tom Deckard to the characteristics of true prophets in the Bible and in end time prophecy as my article on the Coming Elijah explains, I think you too will lose all interest in self-proclaimed prophets like Tom Deckard.

Update: A Former Deckard Cult Member’s Testimony

A reader who became a follower of Deckard (to the tune of $2000+) shared the following testimony about their experience with what he calls the “Tom Deckard cult:”

A short synopsis of my time with the Tom Deckard cult if you care to read as an example of something you might pass on to warn others.

One summer after becoming convinced I should give my life and material wealth to “The Prophet” I traveled the 500 or so miles from NY to Indiana for the quarterly meeting of the faithful. I spent three days and sleeping in my SUV and came home with a new Jewish prayer shawl, official skull cap, and all the tapes and CDs they had on hand, a total of over $2,000.00 worth. As I worked my way through the many hours of seminars and meetings, (they record every one) I became disillusioned and finally convinced there were too many serious deviations from scripture in this self proclaimed prophet’s teachings.

He claimed to be Moses and Elijah the two end time witnesses and prophets rolled into one. That should have been the first sign of something not “Kosher” though he claims to be Jewish. Speaking of his many miracles around the world and how he would lead the lost tribe “Ephraim” to the place of safety in the soon coming tribulation he has the look of a prophet and talks a good talk and has gathered a considerable following appearing on the Prophecy Club, It’s Supernatural and such.

I was looking for Elijah and thought this is the one. A big problem is the miracles all happened somewhere else in the world. I haven’t seen or heard of one here. At the meetings he first had everyone line up for exorcising the demons (everyone 500+ had them) then the next day they lined up for healing. As far as I or anyone there could see or discern nothing happened.

He had a clever way of masking the bit about chasing out the demons. Claiming to first have mastery over them he commanded they not cry out or make even a peep or he would send them to the pit. If any did not obey he said he would set those hard cases aside and deal with them privately so as not to make a show and disrupt the meetings. Very clever! I or you can make the same proclamations and slap every one in line on the head saying demon be gone. At the end we boast about how efficient and powerful we are as so many struggle for hours if not days and weeks getting demons to leave the possessed.

It was not so easy explaining away the complete lack of healing. One out was he did not do it in his power there are these two angels who may or not be present, they do the actual miracles. Then there is, “well it may not be instant,” lets go on with the offering  and on with the teachings, dinner is ready in the cafeteria.

Many things to tell, but keeping it brief, just a sample. Wondering where the place of safety is for the Tribulation? They bought an island in the Turks and Cacaos. The loyal are expected to sell all and buy a parcel and build a bungalow. At the time I was there, no electric, running water, crop land or grazing land. The island is a few feet above the ocean. Not to worry! The prophet will be there and rebuke the Tsunamis and hurricanes. Food will either come from the sky or a full dinner will appear on the table after praying, better than Manna from heaven.

A sample of false teaching: On CD Tom Deckard tells how he spoke with the prophets and saints in Heaven before he was born and volunteered to come down and be the end time prophet. Yes he believes in preexistence, if only for himself and a chosen few; unlike the Mormons. I still have all his material, it is not my word, his words.

If you read all this Tim you can see how many families are following this man to disaster.

I have to admit, if you gotta tell people the truth that they are not going up in a pretrib rapture to Heaven for the Tribulation, it helps to soften the blow by explaining next how God is protecting you at a luxurious tropical Caribbean island! That’s shrewd. Sure sounds better than what the Bible teaches about going to a radioactive desert country in the Middle East.

Seriously though, if even half of the testimony is accurate, then both Deckard and his followers are woefully deceived. There will always be false prophets to deceive believers. There will always be believers lacking discernment who get to learn the hard way by being fleeced by a false shepherd (or two).

Note that there’s no shame in being deceived by a false prophet. We all lack wisdom in some way that leaves us with our own particular blind spots. For some this leaves them open to falling for a con-man or two before they have the false prophet discernment that others already have. I personally have fallen for con-men (Costa Rica attracts them) but thankfully no false prophets.

If you want avoid that painful experience yourself, then learn how to recognize false and true prophets from the Bible now. Once you do, you never need to fear being taken by a false prophet or missing a true prophet.

15 thoughts on “Is “Prophet” Tom Deckard a True or False Prophet?”

  1. Tim, this is just so sad. Sad that those people were desperate enough to be led to this evil deception and sad that Deckard could be so completely consumed with his own delusion if not deception. However, I am grateful that someone gave you this information and that you shared it.

    • People should be more careful in their research and judgments. Everyone of us will have to give account of everything we did, including how we handled what God brought along.
      The accusations I’ve read here are taken out of context and half truths.
      I can understand how people turn this bitter against this prophet. Because this ministry requires much more effort of people that wanna stay around. Mostly in sacrificing our fleshly desires. For instance, we fast at least 2 days a week. For some even that is too much on a long run.. And if you don’t do all you won’t get all the results that you expected, that’s the way God set this up. Eventually they end up frustrated, and if they’re not willing to look at themselves in the spiritual mirror they won’t admit that they didn’t do all they knew to do. Instead they slander the ministry, because of course it’s their fault, not my own.

  2. Hi Tim,
    2 statements.

    1st I want to give you praise for all your diligent study in God’s word. I don’t agree with everything you say, but I do know God has revealed a lot to you and has blessed you and your family.

    In the new testament. the rich man died and went to “the other side of the gulf”. he called over to God and asked if he could go back and warn his brother so that he wouldn’t wind up there too.
    God answered and told him, NO! God said I have sent all my prophets already, and if one does not believe them, they would not believe a relative either.
    So, there ARE NO new prophets! All these so called prophets are just scammers.

    In Matthew after the olivet discourse, the disciples asked Jesus why He spoke in parables, and Jesus answered, because it is NOT for everyone to know, only to those that study Gods word will God reveal his meanings.

    I always say when I hear discussion on who wrote the bible, God “breathed” the words the bible, the people only got to hold the pen. God himself is the author, the people just wrote it as He spoke.
    The bible is written in a spiritual way that revelations are continuously revealing themselves as time goes by. Only God could write such a book as this.

    So I believe God when He said he would not be sending any prophets since the old time bible prophets.

    a friend, humbly…allan

  3. Thanks for your kind words but I think you are reading a little into Jesus’ parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man. Several prophets are predicted for the end times such as Elijah and Two Witnesses. God never says no more prophets are coming in the Bible. Jesus audience was of the nation who received all the prophets writing (Torah). They knew God’s revelation. They needed no more prophets to know God’s will and the need to repent.

    But the end time prophets are coming for a new generation and new nations who need to be told new revelation about what to do (repent) and where to go to escape the end times events.

    • So sad, my sister and her family is following this false prophet and she even moved to Chicago for one year to follow or be closer to that cult,she now came back but this man is saying his Elijah heard him say it on his everlasting covent CD’s … Please pray for my family member to see the truth,don’t want to give their names but God knows Maria’s sister,brother in law nieses,niefew … 🙏📖💒❤️

  4. Dear Tim, brother in Christ Jesus,
    Thank you for your newsletters and explanations of the end time etc. I am an older Swedish lady and I have been a born again Christian for 30 years. It seems I am meant to do research too. I am always reading on Internet and look up things from the Bible and whatever come. Sometime I “hear” a sentence or a word. Two nights ago I heard “the synagogue of Satan”. I have spent day and night trying to find out who they are and where they are coming from. I have been reading about the Kahzars and the story how they became Jews.
    I have been reading about it before but thought it was anti-Semitic propaganda so I did not pay more attention to it. This time I looked at it again and found many more sites and even DNA research who they are today. They are the Ashkenazi Jews.
    Well here I am and wonder because I have been a friend of Israel for many years. I feel very uncomfortable when I read about Israel, the Illuminati and NWO. I know well about the Illuminati and the NWO. I have been studying about them for a few years. What is your opinion and what does your research say about it?

    Another thing I do not see or hear about in your newsletter or research is about “the 10 lost tribes of Israel”. I am very interested to hear your opinion about them and God’s plan for them in the future. Where will they fit in in your timeline?

    God bless you,
    Mona Duke

  5. The Khazar Jews is an anti-semitic myth already debunked:

    Even better, Bible prophecy tells us that the Jews are indeed in their land today, the end times. In both Zech 12 and 14 we read that “Judah” (the real Jews) will be inhabiting Jerusalem where they fight two wars.

    Zech 12 speaks of the last regional war with the Arabs next ahead in prophecy Zech 14 speaks of “even Judah” being present at Jerusalem to fight against Jesus at his Second Coming there. This means the real Jews are in the land today ready for the these fights.

    As for conspiracy theories like the NWO, they tend to make people scared because of the predictions of the NWO coming and plans of the Illuminati. Whether true or not, there is no need to pay attention to these things as they are predictively useless. We have Bible prophecy that tells us what to watch for and that’s all we need:

    The Lost Ten Tribes will be regathered along with the other scattered Jews and joined with the Jews in Israel when Messiah comes. You can read about this in this article

  6. Ephesians 4:
    11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
    12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:
    13 Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ:
    14 That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive;
    15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:
    16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.

  7. My husband (who is mentally ill) was convinced by this group, first to separate our bank accounts, then to file for divorce because I wouldn’t join them, abandon his wife of 41 years, 3 sons and 7 grandchildren to save his skin when God pours out his wrath on America. They forbid him to listen to, read or study other teachings, require they attend quarterly meetings in Illinois (while living on social security), mandate that he tithe only to them, ask for additional offerings. This list goes on and on…

  8. nup…no more prophets are coming except the few the Bible mentioned… what is coming is more and more modern day “profits” Copeland and benny hinn and joyce myers.. and so on… modern day profits are in the game for the profits….haha..

  9. Hello,
    My name is Becky. My mother and sister are wrapped up in this prophet. Apparently, this Tom Deckard guy died, but my mom and sister are still following another man named Mark, who still are under this “cult” as I call it. My mother lives in Illinois too. and they go to these quarterly meetings, etc. I’m so worried about my mother and sister. They feel they will be going to an island soon to be “safe”. My mother has become a hoarder of foods also. I’m sick to my stomach over all this. all i can think about was Jim Jones and how he killed all those people who followed him years ago. Is he another Jim Jones? All I know to do is to pray they come to the truth of God, not him! And I pray their eyes be opened! Can someone send me more info on this cult, so maybe I can convince my mother and sister to leave?

  10. Becky
    Thank you for leaving the comment that Tom died. I didn’t know!!?? I find it a little odd that there is no mention of that on the Cradle of Hope website. I had no idea he passed away.
    I bought a few DVD’s from that ministry – especially one on fasting that he did. It was very informative and I really appreciated the fact he made that DVD since I had found …. exactly zero videos on the topic up to that point. There are no other ministers teaching on it.
    Also was interesting to hear the comments / experiences people have had with that ministry. I wanted to go to one of the meetings and it never worked out. Now, I’m glad I didn’t go.
    Thanks to all of you for this additional info on Tom and thanks (of course) to Tim for the meeting place on line to talk about it. 🙂


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