Why a Third Elijah is Coming

Many people claim to be Elijah so it’s not surprising people ask me now and then if so and so is Elijah. My short answer is now this:

If you find someone on the Internet and wonder if he is Elijah, don’t tell me about him to find out what I think. There’s no need. When the real Elijah comes, we won’t have to tell each other about him or ask strangers what they think. We’ll all already be hearing about him and he’ll give all the convincing proof that the faithful need to confirm he is a prophet of God from our own Bibles. In other words, if you find an ‘Eljiah’ that everyone is not already talking about at least as a prophet of God (as they did the last Elijah/John the Baptist – Mark 11:32)–then he is not Elijah!

If you want to know why I say that and where in the Bible it implies that John the Baptist was not the final Malachi 4 Elijah, then read on.

2 thoughts on “Why a Third Elijah is Coming”

  1. this Elijah you all speak of,saying this and saying that-I can tell you my friends that he will come a go and many of you will not see him,because you miss read the scriptures,he has only a short work to do for the Lord-he knows what it is and so does the Lord.you say he will come and speak of the law,some say he will make the road straight by removing the stones and list goes on and on..so you load all these burdens upon his shoulders,painting him into a corner..and when does not fill your ideas,you will say he is not the Elijah!..but i say to you all he will come and go and many of you wont see him,because he is hidden by the hand of God his father..he knows what the Lord wants him to do-you see you do not know what the Lord wants him to do!..in rest my case…thus saith the Lord…


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