Newsletter: The Rapture – Are You Old Enough?

Despite all the discussion and debate about the rapture among Christians, several important aspects of the rapture issue are still not widely understood. Besides the important timing question, there is also the question of the purpose of the rapture (it’s not what you think) and the fact that not only the wicked will be “left behind” but some of the righteous will not make it either! Learning these finer points of the rapture will deepen your understanding of God’s plan.

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  1. Tim,

    Hello. Read closely your article about timing of the Rapture, and some of it I agree with, such as the Resurrection and Rapture coincide. BUT I have problems with your claim that only mature, waiting and ready christians, will be Raptured after the Trib.,leaving behind ‘immature, unready’ christians and unbelievers on the earth to endure God’s wrath. Then LATER ON, after the Wrath is ended, the weak believers will also become part of God’s Bride. For one, if there will only be weak, immature christians and unbelievers left on earth AFTER the Rapture, then who is going to help them (both groups) get ready for heaven? How is it possible for these ‘weak’ ones to get themselves fit and ready for Heaven during the cataclysmic period of God’s wrath? This doesn’t make sense to me, it’s hard enough to walk right and to seek God,when life is easy! Also, it doesn’t fit with other scripture: Mt 25 – Parable of Virgins. Take note, the 5 foolish virgins DO NOT MAKE IT INTO GODS KINGDOM AT ALL, there is no second chance ONCE the “DOOR IS SHUT” (verse10-12)even though they “knocked on it” afterward, the Lord says to them: “I never knew you.” Same thing in Gen when the wicked wanted into the Ark; after the “door was shut” it was TOO LATE. This is why Mt 25, Lk 12:36 and other passages, warn us to not become careless and carnal, but to be ready, waiting and watching for our Lords return, because once the “door is shut” there is no more TIME to get ready!


  2. Tim,

    Just want to add another verse which I think refutes your claim that some Christians will be ‘left behind’ after the Rapture of the ‘mature Christians’, to endure God’s wrath during which time, they’re supposed to get themselves ‘ready for heaven’ – 1Th 5:9 For God appointed us not into wrath, but unto the obtaining of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ,

    Pretty clear I think – how can you argue with that? ~ Debra

  3. This is definately a mystery of God. That is why there is so much confusion with it. The only way to get the truth is to see what has been revealed to the prophets, because that is how God will reveal these mysteries. Eventually the true prophets will be revealed unlike what we are finding in the church now.

    First, we all need to be corrected. It is true that we use the word rapture, but the word we should be using is the Resurrection. Rev. 20:5 But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished. This is the first resurrection. Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years. This says to us that there is a second resurrection, 1,000 years later. We all know this. But the only thing that we missed is that the first resurrection is for the elect that are chosen out of the body of believer’s. The manchild that is caught up to the throne of God, who will rule and reign with Christ. Also, these are the 144,000 who are sealed for this election. These have been chosen from all nations both Jew (Religious) & Gentile. The rest of the dead, both believer’s that were not chosen and the wicked will resurrect after the 1,000 years, at the second resurrection. We have been taught that the first is for all believer’s but it is not true. The elect in the first resurrection are caught up with Jesus to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, for 7 days where we become “One” with Christ, receive our work to do and our spiritual body. and then after a week, come back to earth with Jesus as it says in Rev. 14. The believer’s who are not among the elect are not left behind and have not missed heaven. But they will be ruled over by God’s kingdom on earth, and they will not be in a resurrected body. They will continue their life in a body of flesh and die, until the second resurrection. As long as they are found in the book of life at the Judgement, then all is well. This group is the great multitude that came through great tribulation and washed their robes. They will also be before the throne of God in heaven.

    Tim is right about the Parable of the Ten Virgins, because they are all believer’s. The wise virgins are the Elect. I believe that if we receive these truths from the prophets that God uses, then this will be the oil that fills our lamps. Remember that if you receive a prophet in the name of a prophet, you will receive a prophets reward. The reward is the First Resurrection, and chosen to rule and reign. It is a race to strive to win. It is available to all who make themselves worthy. Jesus defines what is expected of a servant in order to be worthy of Him. Read it. Luke 14:25-35. Matt 10:32-42.

    This is the best I can explain what has been revealed to me. Meditate on these things in the book of Revelation, and see if the Holy Spirit will confirm them to you.

    God Bless You, Nicole

  4. The Second Ressurection has already happened is happening Look to the Skies they will tell you…
    As for what He wears as far as being modern He is and does set Himself apart with diet and excercise not only of the body but of the Spirit Mind and Soul… Drives a meager car of Aqua color, Resides in an Orange room, can Heal Afflictions with help, Loves to read enjoys art and Also is a Perfectionist… hope that Helps u…

  5. That was also for who posted what the Body may be of he may ressurect in and in might the Body reside with the Father for through Him only is this possible…

  6. The difficulty I see is that neither Paul or Jesus are specific enough about the “last trump.” There are MANY trumps in the OT. The trump was used to muster the troops (with a series of trumps), to call for worship and other things as well (also with a short series). Feasts were often started with a series of trumps.

    Which trump are we referring to here? Paul does not clarify at all.

    To say that the trump Paul speaks of specifically references the 7th trump is a stretch in my opinion.

    I realize some do that without difficulty, but they are nonetheless making a jump.

    One other thing…regarding being educated with respect to a “cemetary” education. You indicated that you are just like Jesus and the apostles. No, Jesus was educated as was Paul (who was also an apostle).

    I get a bit tired of all the harping on those of us who pursued a course of study because we believe this is what the Lord would have us do.

    I also believe that Jesus specifically chose Paul BECAUSE of the amount of education he had, which made it infinitely easier for him to rightly divide Scripture. He was well educated and very well versed in the Scriptures.

  7. Tim, my wife asked me a question that I can’t answer, perhaps you can. Are the women in the elect group be raptured?

    My wife thinks it is possible only men will become saints to rule as kings and priests in the Millennium, so the women like the children in the safety of the wilderness, will not be in the gathering of saints?

    In this context, what about the women in the great multitude who are martyred, isn’t it unfair if they are not given crowns to rule?

    • I don’t know what you are referring to exactly by elect and what verses. It sounds like your wife is too focused on the 144,000. It’s natural when reading Revelation to think they are the only ones saved, the only elect. And they are apparently only men much like the 12 and 70 Jesus sent out were. But there is the Woman of Rev 12 referring to the greater group of which the 144,000 are named as only “the rest of her offspring.”

      But whatever she’s referring to, no, all are raptured at the end who are Christ’s at his coming male and female (minus children who are not counted as Christs because they are not of age of accountability yet…see:

  8. Tim,you say some of the righteous are not going to be raptured.You need to look up the word.All christians are going to be raptured.Oh yea it’s pretrib also.How do you compfort and edify by telling the church they are going to have to endure the Tribulation period. The church is called the body of Christ when it is raptured it will be whole. In Christ

    • I’m sorry but Christian does not mean “righteous” it just means a follower of the religion of Christianity. So not all Christians will be raptured. Actually few of them will be left then who are not offended and turned away from the truth once they realize they were lied to by their religion that there is no pretrib rapture.

      Some righteous youths won’t be raptured. You have to be mature and righteous to qualify to rule in the kingdom.

  9. I agree, but all the righteous Christians will be raptured. Do you have scripture to back that last statement up? In Christ

    • Barry, yes, I would not conclude anything like this without Scripture. The article shows that there are precedents of age requirement of 20 for serving in the army and for accountability for judgment in the Torah. God does not change and if he is going to reward people with rulership (which is a much greater responsibility than serving as a solider) then likewise he will require a certain degree of maturity and age. It might not be exactly 20 but I think it’s much sillier to believe 5 or 10 year olds are going to be raptured as Jesus’ bride and made kings and priests than to believe there is an age cutoff for the rapture.

  10. Tim, If you can take Numbers 1:20-45 as proof for young Christians missing the rapture, then you could also say that Numbers 32:10-12 proves that everyone 19 years and younger are the only ones that are going to be raptured.What about Matthew 19:14?


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