Rapture Series Coming

I am writing a series of articles this month to teach enough of the Bible so you can understand the timing of the rapture. The Bible gives enough clues to make this goal possible, and to even be sure that you are right in your understanding. The trick is to learning how to accept the plain sense mean of the prophecies rather than replace them with symbolic interpretations that ignore the plain sense. Once you do that you can begin to fit all the pieces together like you would a big jigsaw puzzle.

To get started you first need to believe that there is a rapture and that we can and in fact should know the timing of it (a couple of things that are not granted these days).

Read these articles to address these doubts. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss the announcement of the new articles as they are completed.

You can find the homepage to the series here: Rapture Year Timline Series

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