Safest Place in the USA from Wormwood

April wrote:

My question is: Where geographically in the U.S. is the safest? If scientist are aware of meteor locations and the estimated landing areas. And according to christian beliefs, the left behind theory. If left behind, what should I do?

The Bible only indicates one place where God’s people will be gathered to safety before the End Times catastrophes described in the Book of Revelation start. Joel 2:30-32 tells us the location of this place of safety from the same the blood moon and other heavenly and earthly signs of Rev 6:12’s 6th seal.

As you might guess, that place is not America, but the same place that the 144,000 will be gathered to and sealed (Rev 14). If you are left behind in America at that point, there is still hope as there will be survivors everywhere (Zech 14:16). However the best plan is to start understanding and accepting that you will one day be faced with the decision to listen to the call of the promised End Times Elijah to move to Israel from America (as Revelation 17-18 and Jeremiah 50-51 explicitly say).

As these things take long dedicated study to piece together I recommend my book Planet X in Bible Prophecy to help you understand.

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  1. Is Colorado a safe place from the destructions of what is to come? If not how should I go about getting to a safe place with chrildren?

  2. Yes and no. I recommend Americans stay put in the US despite the rumors they may hear of martial law, concentration camps, economic meltdown or another 9-11/dirty nuke attack. The reason is that there must be a prophet sent to warn all of God’s servants to flee (and provide help to do so) because most are asleep and not so paranoid and busy just trying to make it paycheck to paycheck and could not escape if it required being proactive and using their own meager finances now. Revelation 18 predicts this call to flee America will go out soon before she is about to be destroyed with (nuclear) fire.

    But I do not want you to rely on my opinion. If you are interested in prophecy and what God’s plan is for his servants in the end times (not a pretrib rapture) then my book would be the best resource to bring you understanding and comfort. With its numerous scripture references and literal exegesis approach, you can verify for yourself what I say is correct like the noble Bereans did (Act 17:11). My book only helps to put the puzzle of prophecy in order so you can see the picture properly and comprehend and believe your own Bible, rather than trust in my expertise.

    Keep in mind that I am the only prophecy teacher I know of who backs up his research with a money-back guarantee. This should tell you something. My research is the best on the market as my many readers constantly tell me with their glowing feedback. This is probably why only around 0.3% ever ask for a refund, an uncommonly low number even without considering this is the religious field where everyone has their doctrinal bias and pet beliefs that if you make a statement against in your writing will alienate them.

    Plus I am respond to all questions and believe in being transparent and open.

    • What about the people who didn’t live a life filled with the knowledge of a true God? Or have fallen away from believing in a God because of the traumatic experiences they went through life? I have so many questions and feel so lost. I am just now starting to research everything cause I didn’t know what to believe in or think. It feels as though my mind isn’t my own, if that makes sense?. Sorry for bugging you. And thank you for your time. ?

  3. I’m not sure why, but I know that God led me to come to your page to read your words, and I know nothing is by mistake. I’ve always wanted to go to Israel, that’s always been something on my heart for many, many years. But, I always wondered why, and how, since it seems I certainly don’t have the financial means, and never have.

    Well, eight years ago, I started chatting with a man who has become someone of great importance in my life. In fact, we were supposed to meet each other last summer, and something caused the meeting not to take place.

    This has a lot to do with what you’ve said on your site, and I’ll get to that. This man is from Lebanon, and we’ve fallen in love. I know Lebanon is near Israel. So, I’m thinking, even though you said that you don’t recommend Americans to exit yet…if I have the opportunity, like I think I might soon, it might be my time?

    • When the time comes for all to go, God will provide all the means for his servants, just like he did for Israel out of Egypt. He certainly can’t command us to leave per Rev 18 and not help us in any way we need in order to comply with this radical command.

      Anything is possible, and you have to have discernment to tell where God is leading. I would not go unless I had perfect peace that God is opening the door and making my way to go. If you find in any way that you are “kicking down” doors to make this happen or that you are anxious or want it to happen, then things may turn out very badly. Lebanon is not Israel, and even worse it’s an enemy of Israel. It might complicate your entry to Israel later. If God is with you in it, of course none of that will matter.


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