Street Healing Videos of Todd White and Pete Cabrera

A reader emailed me this week about his recent exposure to “street healing.” This is be the practice of operating in divine healing on strangers encountered in public who need healing. This is in contrast to typical venues of divine healing such as churches, healing revivals, and other meetings populated by Christians. I discovered this movement in 2011 after I broke my collarbone and searched online for healing ministers to help and discovered the healers named below. There are some great stories and testimonies among street healers of healing of non-believers, Muslims, even witches. If you watch these stories, it may change the way you think about God and his love for everyone.

This first video explains street healing, how it works and how to get started in it (and has the most remarkable reaction to a healing I’ve ever seen at 4:15-5:15):

Pete Cabrera

Todd White



Thought these might interest you.

Todd White, Pete Cabrera and Tom Fisher are probably the best known street healers. I also have Praying Medic’s book. I’ve read many books on healing, since about 1988. His is the very best that I’ve read.

I went to the Power and Love Conference 2 weeks ago led primarily by Todd White: 3 sessions per day for 3 days. People came from as far away as North Dakota. Between sessions, people were going to various shopping centers, malls, Books-a-Million, Subway, out on the streets, you name it and healing people. They lined up for testimonies before the next sessions began. There were so many people with so many testimonies of healings on the streets, that they had to cut the testimonies far short each time, because they would have taken up too much of the Session Times.

I now have about a 75% success rate at healing. The “patient” needs no faith; only the “healer.”

I teach a lot of Indian students on my job. A Hindu girl was healed in my office of a migraine she had been suffering from for about four days, with no relief from going to the doctor. The highest pain level in those four days was about a 9. She came to my office with about a 6. The pain was totally gone in about 5 minutes. She has used the term, “Praise the Lord!” with me twice since then and also has said, “I feel so blessed!”

Having had little experience up to that point, Jesus healed four people through me in one day: two in a medicaid office who were the only people who raised their hands for healing, out of about 20 in the office. I always try to get the patient to quantify the pain. On a scale of 0-10, a guy had a pain level of 10, a lady, a level of 6. After about 5 minutes with each of them, they were down to ZERO! Hallelujah! The lady was so shocked and thankful, she started to cry.

The third person that day, relieved of pain was a young girl wheeled into “Emergency” at a hospital, screaming at the top of her lungs, because of the pain in her stomach. I laid hands on her and she fell asleep twice, awaking with less pain each time.

A fourth person was a cashier in a BP station. She had a migraine that was healed in about 3-4 minutes. She is a naturally very pessimistic person, always complaining about something when I come in. After her pain level went down to zero, she looked me in the eye and exclaimed, “YEAH, IT’S GONE! BUT, IT’LL BE BACK!!!”

Street Healing does not involve any charismatic “spooky dookey”; just straight forward healing by Authority from Jesus and the command of the “healer.” Of course, Jesus is the REAL Healer and the Great Physician.


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