Jesus’ Coming: How Much CAN We Know (without “Knowing the Day or Hour”)

A question came up when I taught on Bible prophecy at a local church recently. I was speaking to the youth group – the teens – and one outspoken goth-styled girl was surprisingly confrontational with me.

I had been giving an overview of what end time events are ahead before the rapture. To avoid leaving them with any unnecessary anxiety, I made it a point to finish the talk by reassuring my young audience that all signs – or the lack of any of the real ones given by Jesus – point to Jesus not coming back any year soon. This meant time for teenagers like them to finish their education, get married and start a family.

In the Q&A session afterwards, this girl tore into me saying, “you can’t say that because no man knows the day or hour. You’re saying you know the day or hour!” It’s an objection I have heard countless times, but never in person nor so boldly. Her demeanor surprised me because this was my first time speaking there and the rest of the church youth were more shy and respectful.

Keeping my cool, I did my best to defuse the situation by smiling and calmly explaining a few points to back up my statement. I shared basic facts from prophecy that made my statement possible without knowing the time Jesus would come exactly–something I indeed do not claim to know.

So, what exactly did I point out to her? Read on to find out and understand what we can know about timing today and why faithful believers won’t stay in the dark about when Jesus is coming forever

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