Already Past 6000 Years Since Adam?

Scott wrote:

I enjoyed reading your article 6000 Year Timeline.
I did a similar study but came to a different conclusion. I am using this email to share my findings with you because I believe they can help us both.

I counted the geologies from when Adam & Eve were expelled to the end of the Old Testament to come to 4,167 years or the 4th day since Adam & Eve’s expulsion. Jesus Christ appeared on this earth 2006 years ago which when added to the 4,167 comes to 6,173 years since Adam & Eve’s expulsion. Since 1 day is 1,000 years to God this would be day 6.

It’s important to understand that this day 6 is not over! I don’t know when it will be over but I can tell you it wouldn’t be any longer than 827 years. Jesus said the generation that sees what he describes in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 would not pass away. I think you’d agree these things are happening now so we are the generation that is going to see those things. This means that since a generation lasts around 100 years maybe, this is just a guess the end is 82 years away?

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for comment and question.

Well, you may want to check your assumption that Jesus came 2006 years ago in 1 BCE. Most place it much earlier and my own conclusion based on the Star of Bethlehem (as you read if you signed up for my newsletter) is 3 BCE.

More importantly, the 7th millenial day starts at 6,001 years from adam’s rule, not 7,001 (since the 1st day is 0001 to 1000, 2nd 1001 to 2000, etc.). If we are already 6173 years from adam’s rule as you contend, then there obviously is a problem since Jesus’ rule should have begun 172 years ago. Most place Jesus coming much earlier than you do, perhaps around 3999 or 4000 years from creation, placing it at the end of the 4th millennial day from creation, just as the sun came forth on the 4th day of creation week (see Eugene Faulstich’s chonology).

Also, I’ve never heard anyone give a definition of a biblical generation that could possibly fit 100 years. The biblical generation seems to be just like we define it today, a few decades it takes for one to grow and raise children of their own. It’s not a lifespan, which is still much less than 100 years.

Hope this helps you.


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  1. Tim:

    I agree with you that the 7th mill. day starts 6001 years from Adam’s rule and a generation is certainly not 100 years. I have never heard of a generation being given as 100 years anywhere before.

  2. After the ark of Noah, the generatin periode is 120 years, so if you make an enumeration from 1948 when the state Israel is gegun til now you have the year 2068.
    And if you have the dubble star in virgo with an rotation of 169 years than you have the year 169*12=2028

    say this numbers something in the timeline?

  3. When it comes to calculation of a generation, it has already been given to us in Psalm 90:10. This verse tells us that a generation is 70 years or, if by strength/good health, 80 years. This average has held since well before the birth of Christ. As for the 6,000 years, we could be in the final year right now. Please note that I said could be. To keep this brief I will just say that the Star of Bethlehem is documented as having been 3 years earlier than what has been thought (between 1 B.C. and the zero year). Going through geneologies (etc) and taking this 3 years into consideration would put the birth of Jesus at about 3997. If we add 3997 to 2008 we have 6,005 years. If we are couning the time of man or from creation (as most do) then the count should have begun from the 6th day of creation. After all, how can we justify starting the count until man is created or creation is complete – both occurring on the 6th day. If we then convert the 6 days to days of years (just as Daniel’s 70 weeks) and subtract that from the 6,005 we have the year 5,999! I’ve done a considerable amount of study on this and other markers of the timing of the end and while it would appear that we could very well be in the final year, part of these counts are according to the counting or reording of years by man. As a result it could easily be off a year or more; but we are certainly living in the very last of the end of days. Keep looking up!!

  4. Psalm 90:10 does not tell us how long a generation lasts. It tells us the typical life span, something different that has changed throughout time. A wicked generation is witnessed a few times in Scripture as 40 years.

    The Bible does not teach that at the end of 6000 years from Creation that the Millennium will begin. It implies that after six millennial days of man’s self-rule, God will rule through his glorified sons for a Sabbath Millenium. Since we do not know when Adam left the garden to begin his self-rule, we do not have a date we can add 6000 years to to know when Jesus will return.

  5. Psalm 90 gives us the answer for a human generation. There are basically 2 generations to be aware of. There is the Hebrew Royal Generation of 40 years and a human generation is 70 years, unless the person is very strong. For the purpose of a prophetic generation, we have to look at the Royal 40 Year Generation and the Human Generation of 70 years.

    End Times’ Prophecy didn’t make sense until Israel became a nation in 1947, and was recognized as a sovereign nation in 1948. This began the human generation of the timing of Messiah’s return to rapture His Church. He said that the generation that witnesses Israel’s restoration will not “pass until my return.”

    The Royal Generation didn’t come in to play prophetically until the 6 day war of Yom Kippur of 1967, which began the Time of Messiah, and ended in 2007 with the end of human rule and began the Rule of Messiah. Human rule began in the year 7, according to the Hebraic Calendar, when Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden.

    When Israel was 20 years old, the same age required of all young adults of Israel, according to the Laws of the Torah to serve in the Israeli military, she became of age “Militarily” to defeat her Arab enemies and restore Jerusalem as her capitol city. End times’ rabbis and theologians declared this to be “the time or generation of Messiah.”

    This Time of Messiah ran in tandem with the 6000 years of man’s rule in these last days. Human Rule on this planet ended in 2007 and the Rule of Messiah began in 2008 during this year of renewal. Every 8th year of the Hebrew Calendar announces a new beginning after the 7th year of Jubilee ends.

    Looking at the Feasts of Israel as guides for Prophetic Fulfillment, with the last 3 about to be fulfilled on the Hebraic Prophetic Calendar, we should experience the Rapture of the Church during Tishri 10, when the 2nd and Final Trumpet of the Almighty is sounded that calls us into Assembly with the Lord Jesus in the Clouds. This is supported by 1st Corinthians 15, 2nd Thessalonians 4 and Revelation 4:1.

    • Reverend all such calculations and schemes have failed in history and will continue to fail because Jesus said no man knows the time of his coming, including himself. Since he was the Word of God, we can’t use a subset of that (the Bible) to do better than him. Besides, Jesus said “this generation” he was speaking to, not “that generation”. Finally, the parable of the fig tree is not a prophecy. It’s telling you that watch for all he said to know when he’s coming just as leaves tell you summer is coming. He did not say to watch or count “a generation”. Hope this helps you see the error and futility of doing such calculations off years and generations. Instead watch for the signs he told us to just as the parable of the fig tree instructs:

    • He said that the generation that witnesses Israel’s restoration will not “pass until my return.”

      I was trying to find where this Passage is in the Bible

  6. Tim, throughout prophetic scripture the Fig Leaf has always been a reference to Israel. In the Greek, the emphatic statement that “this generation will not pass away until all things take place” was referring not only to the rebirth of Israel, the Fig Leaf, but all of the things in that context, such: wars, and rumors of war; oceanic flooding; cataclysmic changes in the atmosphere; and, famines and earthquakes will be the beginning of birth pangs for His return to this dimension of space and time.

    As for the “day and the hour” no one knows refers to the beginning of the Jewish Civil New Year on the first day of Tishri, when the civil new year can’t be called into reality until the first sliver of the new moon has been sighted. That was Jesus’ hint to His return. Western thinking theology believes we can’t make predictions on His Second Coming, but all prophecy centers around the sovereign state of Israel which has never completely existed as it does today, even under Kings David and Solomon which as kings of Israel were establishing her until Rehaboam became king and fractured her as a fledgeling nation with over taxation.

    We have seen 50 prophetic jubiliees since Israel’s fall in 70 A.D. which was destroyed 40 years, a royal generation, after she rejected her Messiah, King Jesus. When Israel became a nation in 1947, and was recognized as a Sovereign State in 1948, she started fulfilling Ezekiel 37 and at the same time started the End Times’ Time Clock.

    It is not my “error” in reconing, but the Western mindset of prophecy. When we look at the Prophetic Calendar of Israel and take a closer look at the Hebraic mindset that Prophecy actually manifests, then we can see prophecy more clearly. Most Christians misuse the statement “no man knows the time or the hour” as an excuse to not be rapture ready, because they love their lives here more than wanting to be with Jesus. That’s why Paul said that the “Crown of Righteousness” is reserved only for those who in love with Jesus’ Return. That’s also why the Western thought of the doctrine of the Rapture is incorrect, that all Christians will be raptured. Only those who remain “Rapture Ready” will be removed from this dimension of darkness and into the Heavenly one when Jesus comes back in the clouds to snatch His Bride out of this world.

    We as Western thinking believers miss out on rich understanding of Prophecy because most of us don’t understand the Hebraic viewpoint behind prophecy. Daniel said that those who are wise will understand the times of the end. Taking on the Hebraic viewpoint to prophecy adds to our knowledge and gives us revelation of Wisdom concerning the times we are facing.

    • Reverend, none of those theories matter here. You simply seemed to have missed that the parallel in Luke 21:29-31 says “the fig tree and ALL THE TREES”. This means it cannot be about watching Israel alone as some prophetic marker as you imagine with your “Hebrew mindset”. It means that “Just as ALL THE TREES that sprout leaves do so before summer to let you know it is near, likewise, when you see all these signs and events I described, know I am near”. Any person of any mindset can see that. End of discussion. (please).

    • My simpler calculations seem to agree with those you presented.
      Mine (sort of): –
      1. Jesus born in 6BC (Jonathan Cahn)
      2. Jesus began His ministry at age of 30 (Luke 3:23)
      (i). Year Jesus began His ministry, 24 AD
      3. Jesus’ ministry lasted for 3 and a half years until His crucifixion
      (i). 24 AD + 3.5 years = 28.5 AD
      4. Plus 2000 year dispensation takes us to 2028.
      (i) 2028 for the return of the Lord, 6 years away.

      Also, if a bible generation is by chance 80 years (Ps 90:10), then 80 years from 1948 is 2028.

      And, by what things we see happening in the world in this year 2022, it just may be!?

  7. Now that Adam is only about 6000 years, it is nonsense to to call him the first human being. We have a lot of evidence to support the fact that there were people in Afrika so many thousands of years before the supposed Adam. Adam must be an imaginery person. Pyramids in Egypt are a lot older than Adam. The bible must be telling lies about this story.

    • The pyramids are not older than Adam according to the Bible’s timeline of around 6000yrs. The pyramids are 4500 years old.
      Secondly the evidence they have bought forward is still not conclusive. Many scientists are disputing the fossil fuels bought forward to say there were cave men and that we evolved from apes.

  8. I think a lot of people worry about events in the bible
    when all each person need do is love God and treat each
    other with kindness. Course in Miracles says this world
    is already over, helping each other get through it is
    what it’s all about. Edgar Cayce says Jesus was here before the Bethlaham trip, the first time he was Adam.
    And I love reading Emanuel Swedenborg, just reading,
    not debating. Thank You God, I know I have a long way
    to go, I send you all a smile of encouragement~

  9. This generation shall not pass away until all be fulfilled.Vast majority of Jesus prophecies fulfilled during His generation. His generation saw the persecution,imprisonment n martyrdom of His followers, As prophet Agabus prophesied they all went through famine, saw the Roman army surrounded Jerusalem,went through starvation being surrounded by the Roman army, they saw the war, destruction of the temple. What Jesus has been talking about was that His own generation shall not pass away till all these(many of them) fulfilled though rest of the prophecies will fulfill in the future.His generation has seen much of the prophecies fulfilled. That why Jesus waited 37 years for d destruction of the temple.

  10. Has anyone considered that man’s true generation with Adam’s generation could have been possibly 1000 yrs. 1000 years fits the different themes of time in the Bible also. A day to God is like 1000 years, well that is how the Bible generations have divided it to also (Adam-Noah/Noah-Abraham/Abraham-David/David-Jesus/ Jesus-The Church and Holy Spirit/The Church and Holy Spirit-Israel and Jesus return/ Jesus return- Millennium. Seven true generations, the last is the best in the Millennium. Think about it, the Trees that we are suppose to live as long as ,live in this time frame. 1000 years supports God’s time line, and helps support what Jesus was saying to us about end times. 7 would equal rest, which we can all say Amen to.. 1000 years of rest for the earth with Jesus’s reign. So let us keep seeking God’s wisdom through his Holy Spirit, and continue to seek His Face. I am sure that we are not that far away, and I am sure it will be in each one of ours generation, because they all belong to the one we serve. Thanks be to God that we live in the time that Jesus covered the believers with his life, and now we can rejoice in his resurrection. We are just a breath away my friend’s, continue the good living sacrifice through the abundance of Love he shares.. Timothy K.

  11. I think a generation is the number of years from father to first son. In our times, that is about 25 years, the age of the father when he “begets” a son. The average is 35-40 years from the early days of Adam until our times. Back then men began to beget at about 100 years of age. (Genesis 5)

  12. Can any one actually tell me what day it is or what the date is? According to all the Wow factors of time counting, star tracking, and calculating when the end comes, when does the end come? When Jesus returns or the one one thing that everyone might be missing; the deceiving spirit that is called by many names in many books is released for a second or in a sense a third go at the world before the eight day of creation appears. So what day are we all think is the end? The day of rest when the deceiving spirit of many names and all the others are locked up; giving our souls a rest from their interfering? Because that is not the end. Wait almost forgot how about the short time before Jesus’ return that the deceiving spirit rules. I am confused by all the wasted time in calculating end times. There is a reason for statements made in regard to such things one is so old it goes back to the book of Enoch. man will mess up time; (So just noticing in my studies that man has skip time twice so for once when going to Julian calendar and again going to the Gregorian calendar and we wont add in the additional days from all the leap years) then Jesus as previously stated, Not even He knows. There is the statement that states to keep the Jubilees? why? Well don’t ask me, I just have noticed everything happens on Jubilee years. Noah was on the ark during the jubilee year, the crossing of the Jordan happened the year of 2500. What day are we in again? And if I follow the Word of God in saying love Him with all your heart, soul and mind and teach the Word during all times bedtime, eating, and walking; even tie notes on yourself to remind oneself of the Word and commandments, statutes, and judgments does it matter when Jesus comes or when the eight day arrives? When that day comes If I do all these things; I will stand in front of the congregation and God the Father on the eight day of creation with the High Priest Jesus Christ while he claims me clean or unclean. I hope God has mercy on my spirit. Please stop wasting time calculating time or stars or the end, it will come and those who learn and teach the Word to their sons/daughters manservant/maidservants will have God’s mercy. All has been written. As Jesus always said, “Is it not written?” Amen (Let it be So)

    • John, if you think trying to figure out end time prophecy is a waste of time, you might complain to the One who felt it worth giving and preserving down to our time. Would you really like to throw out one quarter of the Bible as not worthy of study and discussion? Do you not know that there is no such thing as a waste of time when every endeavor, even failures, develop our minds and experience? It’s OK if you don’t want to study these things, but perhaps you can appreciate others who do want to study 100% of God’s word, not just 75%?

  13. As much as I would like to know what year, month and day it really is or how old the earth really is, it’s not possible to calculate. You have to come the realization that Adam and Eve didn’t eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil literally the next day. They were told to be fruitful and multiply. How long after generations of children did they succumb to the calling of the tree and Lucifer’s lies? Unknown. This is why no man will know the day or hour of God’s return. One more point, in the Book of Enoch we’re explained that we are on a 364 day cycle and if it were ever changed it would throw of all the days including the sabbath and holy days. Lucifer has messed up everything because that’s what he does. This is just my opinion tho not to discredit anyone.

  14. There are time dated human paintings on cave walls 35,000 years ago.
    How do you explain this with a 6-10,000 year ago human start per the Bible?

    • God created the earth with age…meaning the vegetation, the first animals, the rocks, etc. This is also why he created Adam and Eve as fully grown adults, and not infants. All of the man-made dating techniques that have been devised are fruitless attempts to try to outsmart an infinite, omniscient, and Almighty Creator. When “science” agrees / proves what is contained in God’s Word, it’s true…when it does not, it is false.

  15. Friends, Science indicate that humans have existed for only the last 2.5 million years. We also know the age of the Earth. How is 6000 years after Adam ( The first human being) compare with reality? Why is Israel at the centre of everything when the history of the Eastern societies were there? God created the whole world , not only Israel.

  16. A parable of Jotham Judges 9:8-15

    `The trees (Gentile nations) have diligently gone to anoint over them a king, and they say to the olive, Reign thou over us. And the olive saith to them, Have I ceased from my fatness, by which they honour gods and men, that I have gone to stagger over the trees?
    The olive tree represents Spiritual Life of Israel—-Their privilege/access to God. I Kings 6:23,31,33. Jer 11:16. Ps 52:8. Rom 11:17.

    And the trees say to the fig, Come thou, reign over us. And the fig saith to them, Have I ceased from my sweetness, and my good increase, that I have gone to stagger over the trees? `
    The fig tree represents the religious life of Israel—-their own effort/works. Gen 3:7
    Matt 24:32—this verse is mistaught as the fig tree being national Israel, making people think the Trib will commence within a “generation” of 1948. Wrong! In Matt 21:19-20 Jesus basically says the religious life of Israel is barren. The Old Covenant withered away never to return—replaced with new. Antichrist attempts to resuscitate the old —Dan 8 Matt 24:32 is describing the revival of temple worship (religious life) when covenant is made with Antichrist!

    Luke 12:
    And the trees say to the vine, Come thou, reign over us. And the vine saith to them, Have I ceased from my new wine, which is rejoicing gods and men, that I have gone to stagger over the trees?
    The vine is national Israel. Ps 80:6. Is 5:1-7, John 15:1-6 most expositors mix up this John passage and take the vine here to be spiritual Israel but it’s national.

    And all the trees say unto the bramble, Come thou, reign over us. And the bramble saith unto the trees, If in truth ye are anointing me for king over you, come, take refuge in my shadow; and if not — fire cometh out from the bramble, and devoureth the cedars of Lebanon.
    The bramble is apostate Israel.

    This parable illustrates the refusal of the first three trees to function in the position God gave them. Instead apostate Israel rises to rule in the form of the men of Shechem over Abi elect etc.!


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