Slain in the Spirit a Necessary Sign?

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You said that Manasseh is the USA english speaking well, what about the Puerto ricans which tribe mention in the bible says that its a tribe of Israel? People are destined to be born again as spirit, like Christ was, just as surely as they are born physically of a human mother, like Christ was how do you know that you are truly born again in spirit do you have to speak in tongues to prove? I am a catholic and I feel that I am born again in spirit but curious if I really am born again how does one know?One of the neighbors an older white women depressed and racist called me a blasphemer, drunkard, heretic, Devil worshipper,seditionist, bastard, ignorant, demon-possessed, false prophet! Because I am spanish Puerto Rican and that us spanish cant except God she said.I felt bad. she told me in a angry voice that you spanish speaking ignorant people have know right with the lord. An she told her children not to go by me she said get away from that colored girl I was hurt! An I had a few friends telling me to worship other Gods an I told them NO! I stopped being friends with them because there not true christians. I need christian friends. So when I was 9 years old I was called to become a sister of the catholic church a sister is a nun. but I was too young now I am 20 years old an I am sure now that God is calling me to be his chosen a saint so I am going to be a nun. Every true Christian has the Holy Spirit. Must all the newly converted speak in tongues to evidence this? Is this gift proof that one has received the Holy Spirit? Should you seek to be “slain of the spirit”?I recieved my confirmation “the baptism of the Holy Spirit.” does that mean in catholic ways I am born again in spirit and washed throu christ’s blood?

Puerto Rico is generally not Israelite. But, you don’t have to be Israelite to seek and be heard by God today, it’s just it’s more “in the blood” of Manasseh and the other 11 tribes to do so and he is actively calling them in their state of national amnesia.

On the other hand you may have some Sephardic Jew (spanish) in your heritage which could be why you want to seek God.

As far as seeking signs from God that you have his spirit, being slain in the spriit or other signs that you are “born again” this is not something you find instructed in the Bible to do. In fact it might be very futile to do so today.

If you study it out, it appears that the true “baptism of the Holy Spirit” has only been available at specific times for specific purposes. Moses and the seventy(-two) elders received it, Jesus gave to the Apostles and disciples on Pentecost and others in the First Century congregations had hands laid on them by apostles and received it as well.

Today there is no true apostolic or even prophetic authority from God. We await Elijah to restore this. This means there is no one to lay hands on us who fits the Biblical pattern and precedents for giving the baptism of the holy spirit.

And note that in the Bible, being guided by the spirit is different than being filled with it to the point that you prophesy or have signs around you. We can certainly be guided by the spirit today if we live a pure life and pray instead of quenching it but I would bet that anybody who is “slain in the spirit” has a counterfeit spirit. This is why we are told to “test every spirits to see whether they are of God.

If you want more information on why God has chosen to do it this way and withhold the prophetic leadership, the baptism of the holy spirit and even unity from us today, check out my book on the 144,000 linked below.

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