Slain in the Spirit a Necessary Sign?

Anonymous wrote:

You said that Manasseh is the USA english speaking well, what about the Puerto ricans which tribe mention in the bible says that its a tribe of Israel? People are destined to be born again as spirit, like Christ was, just as surely as they are born physically of a human mother, like Christ was how do you know that you are truly born again in spirit do you have to speak in tongues to prove? I am a catholic and I feel that I am born again in spirit but curious if I really am born again how does one know?One of the neighbors an older white women depressed and racist called me a blasphemer, drunkard, heretic, Devil worshipper,seditionist, bastard, ignorant, demon-possessed, false prophet! Because I am spanish Puerto Rican and that us spanish cant except God she said.I felt bad. she told me in a angry voice that you spanish speaking ignorant people have know right with the lord. An she told her children not to go by me she said get away from that colored girl I was hurt! An I had a few friends telling me to worship other Gods an I told them NO! I stopped being friends with them because there not true christians. I need christian friends. So when I was 9 years old I was called to become a sister of the catholic church a sister is a nun. but I was too young now I am 20 years old an I am sure now that God is calling me to be his chosen a saint so I am going to be a nun. Every true Christian has the Holy Spirit. Must all the newly converted speak in tongues to evidence this? Is this gift proof that one has received the Holy Spirit? Should you seek to be “slain of the spirit”?I recieved my confirmation “the baptism of the Holy Spirit.” does that mean in catholic ways I am born again in spirit and washed throu christ’s blood?

Puerto Rico is generally not Israelite. But, you don’t have to be Israelite to seek and be heard by God today, it’s just it’s more “in the blood” of Manasseh and the other 11 tribes to do so and he is actively calling them in their state of national amnesia.

On the other hand you may have some Sephardic Jew (spanish) in your heritage which could be why you want to seek God.

As far as seeking signs from God that you have his spirit, being slain in the spriit or other signs that you are “born again” this is not something you find instructed in the Bible to do. In fact it might be very futile to do so today.

If you study it out, it appears that the true “baptism of the Holy Spirit” has only been available at specific times for specific purposes. Moses and the seventy(-two) elders received it, Jesus gave to the Apostles and disciples on Pentecost and others in the First Century congregations had hands laid on them by apostles and received it as well.

Today there is no true apostolic or even prophetic authority from God. We await Elijah to restore this. This means there is no one to lay hands on us who fits the Biblical pattern and precedents for giving the baptism of the holy spirit.

And note that in the Bible, being guided by the spirit is different than being filled with it to the point that you prophesy or have signs around you. We can certainly be guided by the spirit today if we live a pure life and pray instead of quenching it but I would bet that anybody who is “slain in the spirit” has a counterfeit spirit. This is why we are told to “test every spirits to see whether they are of God.

If you want more information on why God has chosen to do it this way and withhold the prophetic leadership, the baptism of the holy spirit and even unity from us today, check out my book on the 144,000 linked below.

Already Past 6000 Years Since Adam?

Scott wrote:

I enjoyed reading your article 6000 Year Timeline.
I did a similar study but came to a different conclusion. I am using this email to share my findings with you because I believe they can help us both.

I counted the geologies from when Adam & Eve were expelled to the end of the Old Testament to come to 4,167 years or the 4th day since Adam & Eve’s expulsion. Jesus Christ appeared on this earth 2006 years ago which when added to the 4,167 comes to 6,173 years since Adam & Eve’s expulsion. Since 1 day is 1,000 years to God this would be day 6.

It’s important to understand that this day 6 is not over! I don’t know when it will be over but I can tell you it wouldn’t be any longer than 827 years. Jesus said the generation that sees what he describes in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21 would not pass away. I think you’d agree these things are happening now so we are the generation that is going to see those things. This means that since a generation lasts around 100 years maybe, this is just a guess the end is 82 years away?

What are your thoughts on this?

Thanks for comment and question.

Well, you may want to check your assumption that Jesus came 2006 years ago in 1 BCE. Most place it much earlier and my own conclusion based on the Star of Bethlehem (as you read if you signed up for my newsletter) is 3 BCE.

More importantly, the 7th millenial day starts at 6,001 years from adam’s rule, not 7,001 (since the 1st day is 0001 to 1000, 2nd 1001 to 2000, etc.). If we are already 6173 years from adam’s rule as you contend, then there obviously is a problem since Jesus’ rule should have begun 172 years ago. Most place Jesus coming much earlier than you do, perhaps around 3999 or 4000 years from creation, placing it at the end of the 4th millennial day from creation, just as the sun came forth on the 4th day of creation week (see Eugene Faulstich’s chonology).

Also, I’ve never heard anyone give a definition of a biblical generation that could possibly fit 100 years. The biblical generation seems to be just like we define it today, a few decades it takes for one to grow and raise children of their own. It’s not a lifespan, which is still much less than 100 years.

Hope this helps you.


Antichrist’s Image Statue

Bobbie wrote:

…I recall a South American country who honored Charlies envi ronmental work by erecting a statue that looks like a not so nice angel.
…And doesn’t the false shephard(antichrist), after his fatal wound end up blind in his right eye and have a withered arm?

Regards again

That amazing, seemingly prophetic statue of Charles is seen here: Image of the Beast?

The Prince of Wales is to be immortalized in bronze as a muscular, winged god dressed in nothing more than a loincloth. The inscription on the statue in Brazil will honor him as
“Savior of the World.”

It does appear that the Antichrist receives the fatal wound and is resurrected. This seems like the only way people would marvel after the beast and wonder who can defeat him if he has resurrection at his disposal as Revelation 13:4 says.

However it’s not completely clear to me that Zechariah 11:17 is a reference to the Antichrist. It probably is, and I have no better answer for who it refers to. I’m just saying that if the Antichrist does not have a blind eye or crippled right arm then I will not have a problem with it.

Mexico’s President “Vicente Fox” = 666?

Bobbie wrote:

Hello again Tim,

I sure enjoy your (in)site.

Months back, using gematra, I found (Vicenti) Fox being a 666. However when I did this I read it left to right rather than right to left. Don’t know if it means a thing. Many bad guys add up to 666. I was looking at the details of the flag of Mexico, curious as I am, and a part of their diadem is an eagle holding a snake in its mouth.

Have any thoughts on these thoughts?

Thanks for writing.

My thoughts are this: if you are finding “many bad guys” satisfying the Antichrist identification of Revelation 13, then I would suggest you are not applying it rigorously enough. There needs to be one correct method of gematria used on the one correct (official) version of each person’s name to be fair.

I’ve seen “Antichrist calculators” that will use dozens of contrived formulas from caculating the ASCII values of the letters, multiple methods of computing a Greek or Hebrew transliteration of the English name (something that can only be done accurately by hand really), etc, to enable them to come up with 666 for a high percentage of the names entered. This is amusing but it’s not scriptural.

Rather than using a contrived formula, the scriptural method of calculating a number from a name is the ancient Greek/Hebrew Gematria alone should be used. This is what the text itself employs in how it records “six hundred sixty and six” using gematria (three letters whose values add up to 666).

Then there’s the name used. You mention “Vicenti” as his first name but it’s really listed in the news as “Vicente” (e not i). So I wonder if you are breaking the obvious rule of only using the person’s actual name in official usage, not some variant just because you cannot get his official name to work.

Prince Charles of Wales official name works without changing it to Prince Chuck of Wales, etc. And I do not know of anyone else who this works for using their proper name (untampered with) and only the ancient gematria system used in Revelation 13:18 who. Therefore it’s all the more fascinating and significant that Prince Charles’ name does so in two languages, English and in Hebrew.

Rapture May 13, 2006?

Janet wrote:

I’ve written you before. I think the Rapture is May 13, 2006, Saturday….not just because it is the anniversary of the birth of Israel in 1948, but
because the mid-trib & Jesus’ Return all fit. You see, the Millennium MUST start on a Nisan 1 (see Ezek. 45:18 and Ex. 12:2), which it does. When Jesus
returns, the earth will straighten, thus ‘losing’ 23 days (the present earth-tilt #)ending up at Nisan 1. If the Rapture is May 13 of this year, +2520 days ends up at April 4, 2013 and backs up to March 12, which is
Nisan 1. Add 30 days mourning to arrive at April 11, the day Jesus enters the Temple from Bozrah/Petra for the exact end of 2300 days beginning the day after the 8-day Temple Dedication (Hanukkah) in 2006, which is Dec. 24. With the twisted Catholic influence from Rome in cooperation with the E.U. Peace Pact with Israel, Dec. 24 would please both the E.U. and Israel incorporating ‘Christmas’ and Hanukkah.

We are dealing with 3 generations: 38.8 yrs from June 6, 1967 to Rosh, ’05 (14,000 days); 58 yrs 1948 to 2006 and 45.8 years from June 6, 1967 to Nisan 1, 2006 (mind you, 2013 will count as 2006 because the 10.5 years which are not counted (Jesus’ 3.5-yr ministry and the 7-yr trib). The remaining .5 are Rosh ’05 to Nisan 1, ’06 (which will be our Nisan 1, 2013). Remember too that in Matthew 1, the 42 generations from the call of Abraham in 1924 B.C. at age 70 to the Birth of Christ AVERAGE out to 45.8 years each. (A generation was of a different length when people lived into the hundreds). In other words, the avg. generation of Matt. 1 is 45.8 years and the yrs from June 6, 1967 to Nisan 1, 2013 is 45.8 years.

Realize too that 36 A.D. (really 34 A.D. because of the 2-yr calendar discrepancy from Creation) +1960 years is 1996, the end of all the awesome O.T. patterns AND 1924 (the call of Abraham) +1960 is 36 A.D.; SO, you have 1960 on each side of history. 1960 is not just a number, but 4 x 490 and 7 x 280. 2 x 1960 is 8 x 490 and 14 x 280. If you don’t know the significance of these numbers, then I cannot take the time to explain; surely you do.

1996, the end of all the O.T. patterns +7 yrs (COUNTED – because God must count the 7 years somewhere since the 7-yr WON’T be counted – Satan’s years) is 2003. Add 10.5 yrs to arrive at 2013.

SO, if all the numbers, dates and straightening of the earth are figured in, you have SIX MONTHS from Rosh ’05 to Nisan 1, ‘2006,’ EXACTLY AS IT SHOULD BE. Read Grant Jeffrey’s account of the necessary 6-mth shift in the calendar for the Milennium on pg. 61 of ‘Armageddon, Appt. with Destiny.’

As the scenario pertains to the zodiac (God’s ‘story in the stars’),the mid-trib is Scorpio 1, the death sign; Return is 14th day (Deliverance) of Aries (Lamb – 8th sign); Jesus’ entrance into the Temple is Taurus 14 (angry bull to rule with a rod of iron) and the end of the trib is Cancer 1 (11th sign, 11 = judgment) the ‘grip of the crab’ = Messiah – over the earth.

Note too that there are exactly 1967 years from 36 A.D. to 2013. 1967 is a number that God wanted the whole world to notice since it is the date Jerusalem was reclaimed, exactly 2550 yrs past 583 B.C., Temple

All the above seems interesting to me…..No one else seems to care about it, but maybe you’ll glean something from it……J.H.

Thanks for writing again. I do glean something from every letter I receive–even if I cannot get past the first paragraph before too many assumptions are made that I cannot accept. For example, the Millennium starting in the 1st month (Nissan) as you assert, instead of in the 7th month when the Feast of Tabernacles which pictures the Sabbath Millennium falls, is a problem for me. I expect Tabernacles and the Millennium it pictures to be fulfilled on the very same day (just as the passover was).

Personally, I think most other people are not showing an interest in your rapture date because your thesis is so complicated and full of these assumptions that they simply cannot follow it.

There is more I could say about some of these assumptions if you asked for more specifics, but to get to the bottom line (in case you have not already seen it on my site) I can guarantee you that the rapture will not be on the date you gave or any date this year. I base this on understanding the Sabbath year cycles, which the 70 weeks of Daniel are 70 instances of and tells us that Jesus can only return to reign in a Sabbath year.

Mystery Babylon: City or Country Like America?

Marc wrote:

I have to say, your analysis of mystery babylon seems to be most acurate. I have to question, however, whether it will be the entire U.S. If you’ll note, it says “city”. Obviously, in my opinion, the beast is the U.N., which was basically started by the U.S, as well N.A.T.O. Isnt it amazing how clear GOD makes it? “feet of a bear” we all know who that is, leapord, which I believe to be Germany, the lion, I assume to be England, and how could China not play a role in it? They have the largest head count of millitary personnel in history. I thank you for what may be the answers to my question, as to where I should go, and take my prescious family with me, perhaps it is Israel, as you say. One question, if I may. I will certainly take your advice and read the book you mentioned, by Rick Coombes.

Once you read Rick’s book you’ll understand why all of America, not just Babylon, New York fits the entire prophecy found in Jeremiah 50-51 which speaks of a “land of Babylon” as well as the “city” falling. Here are some excerpts on this topic:

From page 14 of Volume 2

The final end-time Mystery Babylon is described in Jer. 50:12 as being THE LAST OF THE NATIONS. Revelation 17 & 18 tells us further that she is a Super-City/State/Nation or i.e. the Last of the Super-Powers, or the Last of the Super Nations of History. The usage of the word “city” is used to describe a nation not just a city only. Those who hold to the Rome concept would have to agree with this because. Rome had little power but for the other cities and nations in Italy…for which Rome was simply the Capital city. This verse clearly tells us that it is not the UN or N.W.O. or any other organization. It is a city/state/nation or what we today call a nation. At times the focus is on the chief city while at other times the focus is on the nation as a whole.

Page 15

The final end-time Mystery Babylon is: A LAND OF AGRICULTURE
Jeremiah 50:16… speaks of it having its planters (“sowers”) and harvesters of the crops. This again refers to a nation …and there is no organization to match this character trait.

Page 47

Jeremiah tells us in chapter 50: 32b… (Quoting the Lord’s own words)…”I will kindle a fire in his CITIES and it shall devour all round about him.”

Jeremiah tells us in chapter 51:43 of the description of Babylon after the judgment… “Her CITIES are a desolation, a dry land, and a wilderness, a land where no man dwelleth…”

There is much more. If anyone wants to understand the secret identity of Mystery Babylon (which is why its called “mystery“) they will not be disappointed by Ricks two volumes of research on Mystery Babylon.

End Coming on December 21st 2012?

I thought you might be interested in reading the article entitled, “The REVELATION Revelation”, which can be found at (click on “The Revelation Revelation” in the Articles menu on the left). The author purports to have found “confirmation” of the December 21, 2012 end date encoded in the Bible.


While December 21st is the solstice and perhaps the end of the Mayan calendar as that site claims, it is completely insignificant on the Biblical calendar which I believe is the only reliable source of prophecy today. The Bible does not even mention equinoxes and solstices on its calendar, let alone prophecy about any significant events on these days. Those days were only important to the sun-worshipping pagan religions. In contrast, the Biblical calendar is reckoned by the moon and agriculture, ignoring the sun except for starting the day (at sunset).

More importantly, December is nowhere near any one of the prophetic Spring or Fall Holy Days of Leviticus 23 on which significant prophetic events in Revelation will happen. There are no December or winter holy days on that prophetic calendar.

For example, if that site is expecting the “End of the Age” that Jesus spoke of on that date, that would be the Battle of Armageddon and the “Day of the LORD.” The clues in Revelation 19 about that event point to it happening on Yom Kippur (Revelation 19 = Leviticus 16 where the scapegoat banished = Satan banished), which is nine days after the Feast of Trumpets, or the day when the “Last Trump” Paul referred to is sounded and the resurrection and rapture occur. These days are both in Tishrei (seventh moon) which falls in either from about mid-September through about mid-October every year…never in December. Therefore, I would not pay any attention to any claims for the End of the Age coming in December of any year as they are at odds with the prophetic framework laid out in Leviticus and Revelation.

However, 2012 may indeed be a significant year for the start of things leading up to the end of the age. See my timeline research for more on this.

Antichrist In Power on 06/06/06?


Just read your article on the False Prophet and Antichrist and why they are thrown into the lake of fire before the Millenium. Very interesting. I noticed you mentioned the fact that they could be hybrids, which perked my interest because I was at a prophecy club meeting the other day and listened to a fella named Bill Schnoebelen talk.

Mr. Schoebelen was in the Illuminati and supposedly they already have the antichrist picked out. He was supposedly born in 1966 and was supposed to come on the scene in 1996 but for whatever reason he didn’t. The reason I mention this is because Bill said that what he was told is that this “antichrist” must come to power or by 06/06/06 or by the end of 2006 or he would start to “decompose”. The reason he would start to decompose or whatever is because he is a hybrid from a fallen angel. I thought this was pretty wild and outer limits type stuff but after reading your article now it kinda makes a little more sense.

I don’t know if any of this stuff is true or even relevant but felt compelled to share it with you.


Yes Bill Schoebelen has some great information, we have a few of his tapes in fact.

But the thing to remember is that not everything he learned from the dark side is as accurate as the Bible. The Bible says that the Antichrist comes to power at the Abomination of Desolation, for 42 months or 3½ years of Great Tribulation. It’s impossible for that to happen this year as there are a number of prerequisites we’re still waiting for, such as (in no particular order):

  • The 6th seal – 4th trumpet (Wormwood must arrive first)
  • The antichrist cuts off the sacrifices at the Temple Mount but here are as yet no sacrifices yet started for him to stop, let alone a temple or an altar
  • The Middle East Conflict between Israel and her neighbors spoken in Isaiah 17; 29, Psalm 83, Zech 12, et. al. This for sure a pretrib ( pre-antichrist) event

Once you know the framework of Revelation and sequence of events it’s easy to discern the many false ideas repeated even by good teachers like Bill Schoebelen (and admittedly I surely have some errors of my own that I have yet to examine and ferret out, which is why I enjoy receiving questions like yours that continually cause me to reconsider my ideas). The Illuminati have many plans but only the plans that fit the outline in Bible prophecy will come to pass.

24 Elders In Heaven Before Christ?


I have been trying to figure out who are the 24 elders and I came to your article. You make some good points but something doesn’t add up for me. If the 24 elders are the firstfruits that were redeemed when the Messiah resurrected, then why are they mentioned in Revelation chapter 4 and the Lamb that was slain isn’t mentioned until Revelation chapter 5. I don’t know, maybe I’m just nitpicking Thank you for your time,

May YHWH bless you and keep you,


Well, the more disturbing part for me is not the chapter separation but the fact that at first no one was found worthy to open the scroll, then suddenly a slain lamb is found worthy. Is this to denote a time gap or is it just to emphasize the importance of Jesus’ sinless and sacrificial life ? If so, then that means the 24 elders are present chronologically before Christ and my theory about them rising together after the Jesus’ resurrection cannot be right. But it’s hard to say that Revelation 5 intends that meaning for sure.

However, when Paul talks about everyone falling in one of three resurrections and that the first one Christ was in included “firstfruits” (plural), that’s to me is much clearer and would point to Messiah and the firstfruits with him coming together:

1 Corinthians 15:22-24 (HCSB) — 22 For just as in Adam all die, so also in Christ all will be made alive. 23 But each in his own order: [#1 – 1st century] Christ, the firstfruits; [#2 – post trib] afterward, at His coming, the people of Christ. 24 [#3 – post mil] Then comes the end, when He hands over the kingdom to God the Father, when He abolishes all rule and all authority and power.

I have to go with what the clearest scriptures say when a less clear passage could be taken to have a contradictory meaning.

Psalm 83: When?

Richard Spendiff wrote:

The ten nations of Psalm 83 are the ten kings that have not yet received power but shall reign one hour with the beast. They are the ten toes of the statue of Daniel chapter 2.

It’s great that you notice Psalm 83 is an unfulfilled prophecy. Few people have. I was lucky that I had a very wise pastor who pointed it out to me in my early 20s as a prophecy that seems to fit the 10 nations of the Beast’s kingdom.

I went for a while still believing this was the case until I began to study prophecy on my own daily with a foundation in the Torah. Then I noticed something: Psalm 83 does not fit Armageddon when the Beast and his army of all nations assembles to fight the returning Jesus at Jerusalem. Psalm 83 shows Israel repelling its enemies whereas Zechariah 14 = Revelation 19 shows the Beast armies (including “even Judah”) overcoming Jerusalem and putting half there into exile (apparently the Jewish half).

Psalm 83 is Pretrib, not Post-trib

Instead Psalm 83 fits a pretrib event when the sons of Ishmael and other surrounding nations one last time try to wipe Israel off the map, also described in Zechariah 12, Isaiah 17, 29, et. al. They will fail, but not without bringing a needed sea-change in Israel which I believe will herald in Elijah the Prophet of Malachi 4 who will gather God’s servants to safety before the 6th seal.

This Middle East war seems to be brewing now with Iran’s nuclear aspirations and is the next major prophecy expected in my timeline, especially now that Gaza has been given back to enemies so it can be judged with Damascus as Amos 1 = Isaiah 17 portrays